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Hi & Welcome to Packed Again

Hi, my name is Corina, a mum of twins, a wife, a business owner and a passionate traveller.

I grew up in Switzerland, studied Photolithography and always dreamed of discovering the big wide world.

My dream came true and I left Switzerland when I was 23 years old. Planned was a 6 month trip to Thailand, but this turned into a 3 years life experience before returning home, albeit only for a visit.

I stayed and lived on a tiny island, learned to speak Thai and totally fell in love with scuba diving which lead to becoming an Instructor.
On the way I met my husband who had also made Scuba Diving his passion and part of his life. So together we dove and instructed in many places, mostly Asia, of which nearly 6 years in the Maldives alone.

Fastforward, here we are 16 years married, with 2 amazing children, a small family company providing holiday accommodation in the Swiss Alps, and still a massive love for travelling.

Diving has been put a bit on hold for the last few years, but many other exciting new things have fulfilled our lives.

This site is dedicated to my children who have inspired me to go ahead and try to become a family travel blogger. Ha ha exactly “trying”, it is daunting, scary and at the same time exciting, questions like “who will read my blogs?” – “will anyone find my site?” – “will our travels inspire other families with young children to pack and go out there?” Well I really hope so. Thank you to all who use my site and share my photos and posts.

I do not know everything and have not been all over yet, so please if you do have some great suggestions feel free and share them with me!
Get in touch and follow us!

Never forget to travel!

Thank you Corina