Best Travel Gifts for a Travel loving Family

Travel Gift ideas for a travel loving family

How many time have you had the moment of ..." OMG it's mum's birthday next week? What would she like?"
I have the answer. With this amazing list of travel gifts for the whole family, you will never again be in such a position and the success of your choice of gift is guaranteed.

Most of the suggestions are travel based but can easily be given to non travel loving families also, and best of all, these are presents that can be given at any time of the year! You might even find some cool stuff for you.

Travel Gifts for the Kids

Let's start with the kids, so below you will find the best travel gift ideas for your children. Most of my suggestions are perfect if your child loves the outdoors or if you want to encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors.

Olympus waterproof camera

We've had a fair share of cameras already and honestly none of them were really worth the money. If you wish to  give a good camera that makes great  photos, can take a hit or two against a rock and is waterproof, then this is the perfect choice. The whole family will be happy.

Fold-up Scooter

You will be popular with this one! Our kids do miss their bikes or scooter when we travel, so this amazing fold up scooter fits in your suitcase. No more moaning when visiting a city, just let the kids take them and the whole family is content.

Black Dimond Head Lamp

Kids love a flash light. So why not buy one which is both good quality and super useful. A bright headlamp is an endlessly useful piece of gear that you should never leave home without, when travelling or going on an adventure.

New Fire HD8 kids edition

Now this is one that we received from the grandparents, and at 1st we were a bit skeptic as the kids were still quite young. But we changed our minds very quickly. It is all about what you do with it. Our kids draw, build lego villages, and have other arts applications on them plus some of their favourite kids TV shows.

Snug Play + Kids Headphones

We love these as it has a volume limiting feature, it’s so much safer for  little ears. Perfect for kids from 3-8 years old. And how nice it is on a road trip when you don't need to listen to their favourite music on the repeat button.

Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids

Packed full of information and easy to follow. The perfect gift for any kid that is an outdoor enthusiast or wants to become one.

Scratch the world Map

We absolutely love these maps, and what a great idea for the kids to get to know the geography of the world. A gift that grows with the child and your travel adventures.

Scrapbook to keep memories

A great way for the kids to show off their creativity. This cool Vacation Scrapbook is a great idea for the kids to draw their days and make notes. And in a few years time the whole family can look back through the book and probably have a giggle.

Travel Gifts for Mum

We, the mums always think first for our children so they have everything they could possibly need and that they are happy. Sometimes during our travels, I wish I would have thought a bit more for myself and what I would really like to have whilst travelling. Below you will find my suggestions which any mum would be happy to receive  but are also super useful when out and about.

Nomatic Travel Bag

I searched for a long time for a great day back pack that fits in all our essential belongings when we're travelling or are out on an adventure. This waterproof Nomatic Back bag has it all

Packing cubs

When packing for the whole family these cubes are just a wonderful invention to have it all organised and staying that way. Especially if you are like we, a road trip loving family. Your suitcase or bags will stay in order for the whole trip.

Nikon Camera

Yes phone cameras are amazing, but there is nothing better than a good SLR to capture the spontaneous moments with the kids. For a special birthday, this is an amazing gift and the whole family will love the results.

Microlight Travel Towels

I absolutely love these towels. On holiday but equally when going for a day hike or just to a lake with the kids. They fit in any bag, weigh nearly nothing and dry instantly. I could not do without them.

J-Travel Pillow

Now this is an amazing travel pillow. Super soft and it actually keeps your head in place, so even if the kids are lying on you during a long haul flight, you will get some sleep.

World Map

This is a gift where you need to be sure the recipient has the space to hang this beautiful world map. Why not link pictures from a trip with strings and add them to the frame to personalise.

Travel Gifts for Dad

Men love their gadgets, no matter which category. But here are some special travel gift ideas which you may not have thought of.

Portable Phone Battery Charger

This is a great choice for a gift as one of the worst things that can happen is to run out of battery on a trip. This charges your phone super quick and can easily recharge it up to 3 times.

Anker Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If your man is a music lover and enjoys listening without headphones then this is the perfect gift. A mini portable Bluetooth speaker.

Cool Lay Bag

We have 2 of these and they always travel with us. What a great invention. Needs a bit of getting used to on how to fill them with air, but once inflated they are super comfortable and you can take them on the water as well.

Swiss Army Knife

This has got to be the classic gift which every man would love. We have at least 2 knives with us at all times as they are so handy and practical.

Nikon Monarch Binoculars

This is certainly a special gift, and like to have binoculars with us on our travels. We have found them so useful searching for whales, dolphins, game on safari drives and mountain wildlife.  The view is amazing so it's money well spent.

Stylish Toilet Bag

This is a great idea and a thought after gift. You can make it even more special by filling it with some luxury toilet articles ready for travelling.

Travel Gifts for the Family

There are so many travel gift ideas which the whole family can enjoy together. I have listed below our top few which travel with us most of the time.

Uno Card Game

A classic gift which every family will be happy with. We play UNO at least once a week if not more, and we all love it. It can be played anywhere.

Family Talk Card Game

This is a good laugh and can be played at any time. But I feel when playing on holiday it is even more fun. With silly, fun and educational questions this is a great family bonding game.

Inflatable Foot Cushion

This pillow can be taken on the plane and when blown up it squeezes between your child's seat and the seat in front. This creates a seat extension which allows your child to lie flat. This is worth its weight in gold on any long haul flight. We have 2 of them... a dream.

Mira Thermo Drink Bottles

These Mira bottles are a dream whether you need to keep the drink cold or warm for a long time. A great gift to anyone who is out and about a lot.

I hope you have found at least one gift for a family member or a friend here on our amazing travel gifts for the whole family list.

Pin it so you do not lose it and tell a friend about these great travel gifts for the whole family list. We do appreciate it.

Thank you, Never forget to travel!

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