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This section will grow with the years of my Blogging and carry on travelling with the kids. All travel tips & resources you will find on this page are all based on our experiences.

On this page you will find great Tips and Resources on, where the best family-friendly accommodation is, safest beaches for the kids, how to best book your flights and help in organising your first road trip with kids.

I hear quite often, “oh no the hassle to go on holiday with young children, rather stay at home” Or things like, “ we cannot go hiking, as the kids are too little”
It kind of makes me sad, as I can tell you, you are missing out!
Yes, the way you are going on holiday with children is different than when you were just a couple or maybe even a solo traveler.

Day hikes which crosses some areas where you need to be tied on to a chain, going from a-b in a local bus, whilst sitting on top of the roof between all the chickens and pics, are all memories from when you travelled solo or with a crazy friend.

With children you are more likely to find out where the great playgrounds are situated, which park has some toilets and what is the most comfortable bus time and company to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.

The whole "TRAVEL EXPERIENCE" is changing, but believe me it is so worth it. The children also feel that they are on holiday and adapt, no matter which age.

As we’re a family that travels a lot and the sentence Packed Again…. is very frequent, whether it is for a small trip, a day trip or a longer holiday, I can honestly say we have had some of our best trip experiences together with the kids.

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  • Accommodation

A nice and comfortable accommodation is key for us on all out travel plannings.

At the moment we prefer to stay in houses/villas rather than in hotels. It just gives us as a family more comfort and freedom. Our kids are not really good at sitting at the table for a whole meal. Even though, believe me I dream of the holiday where I do not have to cook, and we can stay in a cool family hotel where the kids can select their own food.

When travelling, every so often you need a “normal” day to keep the routine the children are used to from home. And if the chosen accommodation is a nice place, with maybe an outside garden, maybe gene a pool or playground near by, nobody minds to spend time at the house.

We also make sure there are enough bedrooms. Our kids do not sleep in the same room at home and never have when on holiday so far. We feel they are still a bit too small and a good night's sleep is vital for the whole family.

Even if by the morning we are all in one bed.

Where to book your accommodation.

We book a lot with Airbnb, you love it or you hate it. So far for us it works perfectly.

But we do have a few key points we look at

  • Make sure you can rent the whole property
  • Have a good look at the photos. You can normally see if it is a dedicated rental property or if someone actually lives there and just moves out when a booking comes in. We prefer to avoid this kind of property.
  • Read the guests comments! Negative and Positive. Quite often they give you good tips on restaurants, on where the property is located, if it is quiet and ideal.
  • Always check if parking is available and for us WIFI is vital

But before we book an accommodation with Airbnb or any other providers, try to google the name of the property and see if someone else is offering the same property maybe at a cheaper price or with a package deal included.

I also check if I somehow can get direct to the owners, either via Facebook or any other social media. This way the 3rd party in the middle is removed and nobody has to pay commission. But again, do this only if you feel comfortable with everything. If you are unsure use the booking platforms which bring a certain security with them.

  • Travel Children’s Equipment

Ask the hosts/hotel as many questions as possible with regards to facilities and kids equipment they have available. This may save you bringing certain equipment with you, such as bed guards, baby beds, highchairs etc.

If you do not want to bring bed guards have a look at the photos of the bedrooms and ensure you can push the beds against a wall. This may solve the problem with the need for bed guards.

  • Travel Road Trips

Travelling long distance in a car can be tiring and quite daunting.

For us we set ourselves a maximum 6 hour driving day. Halfway through the journey we stop for 1 h. I normally investigate to see if there is a large park nearby, so we can just run around, get crazy and let all the accumulated energy out.  If we stop on the motorway, before you park up, check if there is actually a safe place where you can also let the kids runaround a bit. Quite often, especially in Italy, we found that they are not ideal. If it is not suitable, just carry on to the next one. For sure sometimes you have to stop as it is crazy in the car and the noise level coming from the back seats is unbearable. 
I have spent hours sitting in the back between the kids and singing all kinds of songs, just because they both wanted to hold my hand.

To keep the peace and quiet, one does a lot!

  • Book Your Flights

If you know your dates well in advance book your flights early. You can get some really great deals. We paid 24 dollars per person return to fly to Madeira. I call this a real bargain. Search around as there are a lot of options out there. If you do not have a specific airport you need to fly, check if it is maybe cheaper to fly to a neighbouring airport. For long haul flights with connections we have sometimes found it cheaper to book each flight separately than all together but pay attention to destinations and arrival/departure terminals if considering this option.

  • Car Rental Abroad

Shop around, and see if booking a package together with your flight is cheaper. Sometimes it is but not always.
Car seats, ask your airline, if you fly and can bring your own. Car seats are so expensive when renting with a car rental company and not always in the best condition. Also this way you guarantee to have your seats, which you can trust.

  • Travel Car Hire Excess Insurance

Car hire companies will try to charge you a small fortune to upgrade your rental accident excess to zero. We recommend to use Questor Insurance Services LTD.

You can get a single trip or an annual insurance (if you know you will hire a car several times throughout the year), Europe or Worldwide at a fraction of the price of the car rental companies.

  • Travel Insurance

We use Zurich Relax and have a European break down service as well.

I leave this choice up to you, but since we have the kids we definitely keep the annulation insurance, as you just never know.
It is also important to ensure you are covered for emergency medical expenses whilst travelling. Also check out this great article about Long - Term Travel Insurance

Great travel gear for the whole family.

Without these articles we would be lost on our travels & adventures.

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