Visit the Hammetschwand Lift from Lucerne – Bรผrgenstock

Hammetschwand lift

There is no doubt that Lucerne and its neighboring Cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden and not to forget Obwalden are stunning, breathtaking and gorgeous. I had to add all three expressions as this is what we felt during our visit. We came for a 2-night stay in the city and had to choose carefully amongst all the attractions offered …

Activities for Families in Nendaz, Tracouet Station

Tracouet in Nendaz Switzerland

I think once you have made the choice of visiting the Valais in Switzerland on your next holiday trip with your family we can presume you are an outdoor loving family. Great, then this is the right place for you. This particular post is all about a mountain station called Tracouet in the village of Nendaz in Valais Switzerland. There …


Things to do in Valais :: Swiss Alps with Kids

Things to do in Valais with Kids

The featured things to do in Valais activities for families can be changed and adapted in many ways so it is suitable for your outdoor loving family. Whether you have toddlers running around, younger kids that need to be motivated or even teenagers that need a bit more of an adventure day, all is possible and this is why we …


22 Switzerland’s scenic viewpoints :: reachable with ease

Egishorn - Aletsch Glacier

I am so excited to finally publish this amazing collaboration post. Since our beautiful little twins joined us, we had to put our passion for mountain hiking a bit on hold. Wherever we go on holiday I am searching the web for easy hikes suitable for toddlers and viewpoints that one can reach without a great climb. It is not …