Ämpächli Elm : A Kid’s Paradise & Downhill Scooter

fatherland child on the downhill scooter trail in elm

The Ämpächli – A Kid’s Paradise We have been to quite a lot of mountain stations with playgrounds, but so far, the Ämpächli in Elm – A Kids Paradise in Elm – has by far impressed us the most. Carry on reading and judge for yourself. And you also find the Riesenwald Theme Trail up there. For more hikes in …

“Der Riesenwald” Giant Forest – Theme Trail in Elm

father with child looking through a peak finder

Riesenwald in Elm The “Riesenwald” in Elm – Giant Forest – is an adventure theme trail about the legend of Martin’s Hole, a 22 x 19 metre sun-rock window high above the valley. The story is that the Shepherd Martin drove a giant away and threw him his stick. The stick made a huge hole in the rock wall through …