What Makes The SWISSPEAK Resort in Meiringen Switzerland so Popular?

snow covered alpine huts in Meiringen and the SwissPeak resorts

What makes the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen Switzerland so Popular?

  • guide to the SwissPeak reports in Meiringen
  • Isn’t a self catering accommodation with the option of enjoying a meal in their restaurant a great combination?

    Or for another night, maybe a take away pizza within the comfort of your SWISSPEAK Apartment is what the whole family would love?

    And for all the working parents, having a special “Home Office” set up where you can be productive yet enjoy the Swiss Mountains with your family?

    This and more are exactly what you can expect at the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Switzerland.

    Beautiful accommodation apartments with the facilities of a great family hotel.

    Here in this blog article, I will talk about the Meiringen SWISSPEAK Resort in the Jungfrau Region in Haslital.

Why choose a SWISSPEAK Resorts?

images of the SwissPeak resorts in Meiringen

Swisspeak Resorts in Meiringen

All of the SWISSPEAK Resorts offer great flexibility. Within the comfort of the residence you have different facilities which you can use as much or as little as you wish.

  • Restaurant within the Resort
  • Inside and outside kids play areas
  • Gaming room for older kids
  • Child care (selected SWISSPEAK Resorts only)
  • Spa facilities (each of the SWISSPEAK Resorts has different spa facilities, kids are not allowed)

artificial fire at the SwissPeak resorts Meiringen le bistro

Le Bistro at SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen

food served at le Bistro at the Swisspeak resorts in Meiringen

The Bistro at the Swisspeak resorts in Meiringen-Haslital

One of the NEW features for ALL working parents, is that SWISSPEAK Resorts offers a “Home Office”. In some resorts this is even in a separate room! This allows you to concentrate a few hours per day to fully concentrate on your work in peace and be productive. The rest of the day you can be with the family knowing that all the work is done.

  • High speed WIFI even in the alps
  • Coffee Machine
  • PC screen connections if needed.
  • Easy connection from your Laptop to Desktop (if you have a MAC and need a screen, check with the resorts if they have the proper connections)

The SWISSPEAK Resorts Apartments

  • Meiringen-Halsital SWISSPEAK Resorts is set up in 6 residences with 82 comfortable and modern apartments accommodating groups from 2-8 persons.

    Perfectly located close to the train station and within walking distance to the Meiringen-Hasliberg cable car station. The Swisspeak Resorts is perfect for a car free holiday for your entire stay.

    Watch our Reel to get a virtual feel of the Swisspeak Resorts in Meiringen.

Where is the SWISSPEAK Resort in Meiringen?

Meiringen-Haslital is in the Bernese Oberland and it is also the door to the Jungfrau Region. Which includes the famous Grindelwald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen and of course Junfraujoch “Top of Europe”.

The beautiful lake Brienz is close by, which makes a boat ride a nice option for a day trip.

As Meiringen-Haslital is so central within Switzerland, it can be reached from many places within a short time.

  • Reaching Meiringen-Haslital by Car

    from Basel in 99 minutes :: from Zürich in 77 minutes :: from Bern in 66 minutes :: from Luzern in 44 minutes

  • Reaching Meiringen-Haslital with Public Transport

    You can reach the Brünig Pass by train from Interlaken and Luzern and from there take the postal bus to Hasliberg.

Great things to do in Meiringen-Haslital

Tourists often make a quick stop at Meiningen – Haslital to pick up the “Worlds famous and BEST Meringue” from the Frutal Bakery, and continue with their journey to get to the busier Jungfrau Region destinations, but let me tell you they are missing out.

We spent two nights at the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen during March and had an amazing time with winter activities but also some early spring walks within the village.

This was our Weekend at the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen-Haslital

We had time before check-in and as it was a nice March afternoon we opted to get to know Meiringen Village a bit better. And the best way to do this is to follow the “Krimispass” trail inspired by Sherlock Holmes 😉

section of the krimispass walk in Meiringen with the family

On the Krimispass walk in Meiringen-Haslital

The next morning, I needed to do some important work. During this time the rest of the family enjoyed the SWISSPEAK family facilities.

  • woman in SwissPeak resorts Meiringen working

    Home Office in Swisspeak Resorts Meiringen

  • children in kids play area in SwissPeak resorts Meiringen

    Kids area in SwissPeak resorts Meiringen

And then it was skiing time! We were super lucky, as it was just a few days after the whole of Switzerland had a massive snowfall and it looked like the Hasliberg got most of it. The whole Hasliberg was one beautiful winter wonderland.

family skiing at Hasliberg with view to Lake Brienz

Skiing at Hasliberg when staying at Swisspeak Resorts

  • snow-covered Swiss mountain chalet at Hasliberg

    Winter wonderland in Meiringen-Hasliberg

  • family sitting at snowy mountain hut in Meiringen

    Lunch at Meiringen Hasliberg

An evening stroll to the Restiturm which could easily be reached on foot from the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen.

  • View from a old Touwer in Meiringen the RestiTurm

    View over Meiringen

  • A stone tower in the forest in Meiringen Haslital. the Restiturm

    Restiturm in Meiringen

Not only skiers will have fun in Meiringen-Halsiberg. And if you’re staying at the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen, you will have  quick access to Halsiberg’s winter wonderland where many walking trails and sledging runs await.

family sledging in Hasliberg Meiringen

beautiful winter wonderland at Hasliberg in Meiringen

Our Thoughts about the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen

This was not our first stay in a SWISSPEAK resorts, we also had the luck to test the beautiful SWISSPEAK Resorts in Vercorin. We love the whole concept and the simplicity. The fact that you can add different board options is so helpful and makes a stay even more comfortable.

We would have loved that every SWISSPEAK Resorts in Switzerland would have a jacuzzi that the whole family could use and not just the adults. But I also understand why kids are not allowed.

One point though was disturbing, the SWISSPEAK Resorts do not supply any kind of toiletries, not even a hand soap. I found this a bit strange. So when you stay at one of the SWISSPEAK Resorts bring your hand soap ;). But other than that we will definitely stay again in a SWISSPEAK Resorts without hesitation.

I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your stay at the SWISSPEAK Resorts in Meiringen-Haslital.

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Note: We have been invited to stay at the SWISSPEAK Resorts - Thank you for this again.
As always, you can sure that we will express our views and enthusiasm here.

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