Swiss Hiking & Activity Map

So glad you have found our Swiss Hiking Map! That means you are definitely on the right path!

On the map below you will find the location of all the hikes we have done with our kids. The hikes are listed on our blog with detailed maps, arrival information and other useful things you love when hiking with kids. You will find the link to the blog post, here on the map location. This will make it easy for you to select a hike according to which area you are.

How does the Swiss Hiking & Activity Map work

If you click on a hiking icon or any other ones, you will get some quick information on the area and I have also stated the age of the twins when they hiked it first.

But please bear in mind that each kid is different and their hiking abilities vary a lot, like they do in adults. We do a lot of hiking and I believe our kids are good little mountaineers for their age.

Enjoy your days on the mountains