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This site is for those who..

LOVE to travel and discover new areas and new cultures.

The world is so large and has so much to offer that I believe it would be a shame not to go out there every day and explore it with my family.

This is for those of you who are travelling or thinking of travelling with kids but are not quite sure how or where would be suitable. Most importantly, if it would be worth the whole hassle? Believe me, it is so worth it. Don't hesitate any longer, pack and go explore. 
With this site I am trying to help you as much as I can, with travel itineraries, travel advise on what to pack and some other useful information, such as where you can find the playground areas, the best supermarkets and best of it all, the best ice cream shops!

If, like us, you love to discover new places by hiking with kids /walking with kids, driving through unknown roads and trying to find new areas which are not written in a guidebook, then this is the perfect Family Travel information site for you. 

Remember, the kids are happy wherever you are.

If you cannot find what you're looking for then please do get in touch and I will try to help. This is a new site so much more information will be added as I go along.

Our Motto " the easier & simpler - THE BETTER"

We pack again and again and again….. Find out more about us.

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