Vercorin in Valais – The Ideal Family Mountain Escape

family sitting at Crêt-du-midi in Vercorin Valais

Vercorin in Valais – The Ideal Family Mountain EscapeAre you an outdoor loving family? Then the mountain village of Vercorin in Valais Switzerland, is the perfect family mountain escape for you. Vercorin in Valais – Val d’Anniviers – offers everything you could wish a Swiss Alpine Village to give you on your family holiday in Switzerland. It is without a …


Spectacular Lac Bleu in Arolla – A Magical Swiss Hike for Any Season

winter summer collage of Lac Bleu in Arolla

Spectacular Lac Bleu in Arolla. A Magical Swiss Hike for any SeasonDo you love alpine lakes?  Do you love blue alpine lakes? Well then this is the alpine lake not to be missed when visiting Valais in Switzerland. Lac Bleu in Arolla is one of the most spectacular alpine lakes there is. Not only is its colour true to his …


Hiking to Delicate Arch with Kids – Tips and How To

The Delicate Arch arches NP Utah

Hiking to Delicate Arch with Kids – Tips & How ToWithout any doubt, hiking to Delicate Arch will be top of your Arches National Park visit to do list. And rightly so. It is iconic and known all over the world. Hiking to Delicate Arch should not to be missed when visiting Arches National park with kids. A Few Facts …


The BoBosco Trail – In The Beautiful Verzasca Valley

children showing the Bobosco ball in verzasca

The BoBosco Trail – A Family Theme Trail in the Beautiful Verzasca Valley.This family theme hike in the Verzasca Valley is, without doubt, an amazing family activity. It’s called the BoBosco trail.  You need to purchase a wooden ball and along the hike there are 11 different obstacles/constructions to use the ball. Sometimes it rolls over wooden beams and into …


Landwasser Viaduct in Filisur – Best Time to Photograph the Viaduct

sunset at the landwasser viaduct best time to photograph

Best Time to Photograph the Landwasser Viaduct in FilisurWho has not seen the famous photograph of the Landwasser Viaduct in Filisur when the red train of the Rhätischebahn is passing over? I have wanted to Photograph the Landwasser Viaduct in Filisur for quite some time. But every time I had a small opportunity, something came in between. Either we had …

13 Best Things to do in Zermatt – The Ultimate Guide for First Time Visitors

family standing at Riffelberg with view to the Matterhorn

Best Things To Do In ZermattZermatt, yes the pretty idyllic mountain village tucked away in the Matter-Valley in the Swiss Alps. I am sure you have heard of it, and if not of Zermatt village, then for sure about the mighty Matterhorn.   The Matterhorn is that mountain that dominates the skyline, creating one of the most unique alpine landscapes …

Gelmerbahn & Gelmersee – Hiking in the Beautiful Grimsel Valley

family crossing a bridge at Gelmersee

Gelmerbahn & Gelmersee HikeSome places simply look like they are cut out of a storybook, and the Gelmerbahn & the Gelmersee hike in the beautiful Grimsel Valley is one of these places. For us, without a doubt, the Grimsel Valley belongs to one of the most beautiful Valleys in Switzerland. Snow fields and snow-covered mountain peaks can be seen nearly …


Pays-d’Enhaut – Château-d’Oex : A Family Weekend with Activities

Pays-D’Enhaut – Château-d’Oex, Things to do as a Family We did not know much about Pays-d’Enhaut – Château-d’Oex before we visited. We’d seen pictures of the annual hot air balloon festival that takes place in Château-d’Oex, but other than that, it was a magical unknown region. Therefore when Vaud Tourism asked us if we would be interested in promoting the area, …

Lac Lioson – Beautiful Family Hike to Lioson Lake

a cow standing in the water at Lac Lioson

Lac Lioson – Family Hike to Lioson Lake When a mountain lake such as Lac Lioson (or Lioson lake),  is on our planned hiking itinerary then normally it is a big win for everybody. The kids were already excited at home, and their little backpacks were filled with all sorts of floating objects. I packed the swimming stuff but that …

Moiry Lake & Moiry Glacier Hike

view of Moiry dam

Moiry Lake & Moiry Glacier Hike Deep in Val d’Anniviers above the pretty little village of Grimentz you will find the Moiry Valley. Known for its beauty, and for many mountaineers and climbers the entry door to some spectacular Alpine Mountain Routes. But the beauty of Moiry is its accessibility. Everyone can visit this area, whether it is just for …