Interview with Nomadic Matt :: Transform your Blog into a Business & make Money

Interview with Nomadic Matt

Interview with Nomadic Matt

How to Transform your Blog into a Business and make Money from it

It all can be yours. grab it and make the most out of it

It all can be yours. grab it and make the most out of it

First a little about how I, a mum of twins started my new life as a family travel blogger

This could be a bestseller in its own right. (smile)

When I had the idea of starting our Family Travel & Adventures Blog; Packed Again in July 2018, it was more of an idea to create an information and memory site. Somewhere we, my husband and I, but most importantly the kids could come and take a trip down memory lane.
I figured an actual photo-book would do the thing, but then the excitement and challenge of whether I would actually be able to create a blog site from scratch and have other people interact with it, was greater. And here I am a brand-new beginner family blogger.

Meet the Packed Again team

Meet the Packed Again Team

If you would like to jump on the blogging “trampoline” there are a few things you need to be fully aware of and to consider.

Why I call it the blogging “trampoline” is easy, at the beginning you are jumping from one thing to another. It is super difficult to stay focussed and bounce up and down on the exact same place so you can actually finish one thing before starting another. 
Instead you are starting to write a new blog content, then half way through your phone “ding-donged” which alerts that a message has just come in. You know you should keep on concentrating and carry on with the blog writing. But the unknown of what has just come in to your phone is far too great. It could be a new follower on Instagram, or a tweet message, or if you’re really lucky a new Facebook like.
These media platforms, have suddenly become an obsession in your daily life. By picking up your phone you will probably not go back to your blog writing for another four hours if at all today because the social media side of the whole blogging world will literally eat up all your time. Unfortunately !

On top of that, ah yes, I am also a mum of beautiful twins which still need a lot of my attention. Whilst doing the social media following, tweeting, flipping and whatever there is, I am also drawing a yellow duck for my girl, and trying to put together a Lego car for my boy.

Now you understand why I call it the “Blogging Trampoline”

Ready to jump on the Blogging Trampoline

Ready to jump on the Blogging Trampoline?

Is Blogging for me?

Ask yourself these three questions before even opening a computer or engaging in any blogger courses

  1. What do you want to write about?
  2. Do I have time to invest in a blog? If yes, great. If not really, ask yourself if you want to make time and how you could organise some more time? You will need it.
  3. What is your niche and what you will be writing about. If it is something where you are the brand and your life will be in the eyes of the public, like a travel writer, or parenting, are you and your family ok with this? Different if your interest is in health products or food, here you can be quite anonymous.
  4. And the most important question you have to ask yourself is if you want to make this a business and monetise your blog or will it just be a nice time consuming project for you?

I believe question four is the most important to ask yourself and if you would like it to become a business then there is only one way of going forward, invest in a GOOD and informative “how to start a blog” course.

There are tons out there and each and every one is promising to be the best and that you will be making money within the year.
Well let me tell you it is not that easy, at least I do not know anybody who went through the 1st few months with straight success. It is rather a rejection after rejection from companies you would have loved to work with and somehow your social media and internet traffic reports suck.

There is one person that may be able to help you if you can stay focused, put the work in and follow his suggestions.

Nomadic Matt by Matthew Kepnes, the award-winning travel website.

Matthew Kepners :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

If you have never heard of him, I have just introduced you to probably the greatest Influencer/ Blogger there is.
Thank me later 🙂

With over 1.3 million visitors per month to his site and a 280,000+ person email list I think we can safely say he is the savviest travel blogger in the business.

I got to know a little about Matt when I came across his “Superstar Blogging Course
Matt is open to how he started, his journey, the mistakes he made and how he become one of the biggest influencers there is.

The reason why you should get involved in the Superstar Blogging Course is easy. It is simply the best course with straightforward instructions and a 24/7 help line with the experts of each field should you get stuck with setting up of your website or have any other questions. The team is there for you.

Matt believes that there is still space in the large travel world for more successful travel bloggers and his passion for us new bloggers to succeed can clearly be felt throughout the course.

Matt wants you to be more than just another influencer and to professionalise your blog into a business that generates its own cash flow and is not dependant on any tourism boards.
Together with only the best of the best travel writers, photographers, and videographers,  Nomadic Matt developed Superstar Blogging.

If you are serious about this business and are ready to take your passion to the next level, no matter where you are in the game, then wait no longer and start learning from the best.

But there is no secret shortcut. You need to put your heart and soul in it and work hard.

You have probably guessed it. Yes, I got involved in the course and still go back to it to re-read some chapters or just refresh myself on how I should do certain things. If you choose to sign up I will get a very small commission.

But the reason why I have written this post was that I often came across the same few questions from new bloggers on traffic and growth.

There is only one man that can answer all of these queries. Matthew Kepnes from Nomadic Matt. I reached out to him and asked for an Interview with Nomadic Matt.

I was over the moon when he agreed to it. You can now learn from the very best free of charge.

Interview with Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes founder of Nomadic Matt revealing some top blogging strategies to Packed Agin

Matthew Kepnes founder of Nomadic Matt revealing some top blogging strategies to Packed Again

You always say “learn how to write” as a well written post is more than half of the work on the way to success. You share a lot of great reading resources in your Superstar Blogging Course to improve our writing skills. Can you narrow it down to one book that is a MUST read to improve our writing skills?

Matt :: Regular reading and daily writing are a must if you’re looking to improve your skills. Now, there are tons of helpful books out there so narrowing it down to one book is tough…but if I had to choose I would probably go with Stephen King’s On Writing. It’s a great book on the craft and I’d consider it a must-read for anyone wanting to become a better writer.

As a new blogger social media numbers seem to be a very important matter to get tourism boards interested and a chance of working with some brands. Do you have any good tips or suggestions on how best to handle social media marketing? It is such a time-consuming part of a bloggers time.

Matt :: If you’re looking to work with brands, social media is important but I would argue it’s often overrated. A post on social media will get a few thousand views and disappear in a few days as it gets buried by new content. A well written article with proper SEO? That will last much, much longer and have a greater impact in the long run.
So, while social media plays a role, I would argue that it shouldn’t play a main role. Writing quality content — whether you’re working with brands or not — should always be a blogger’s primary focus. Social media is secondary. That’s why I always tell anyone looking to start a travel blog that they need to focus on content first. Everything else can wait.

Matt in France

Matt in France :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

What are the top three things you need to do to drive traffic to your blog and how do you go about implementing those things?

Matt :: Here are 3 of the top blogging tips. I’ve learned from the past decade of running my blog when it comes to driving traffic:

  1. Write quality content with proper SEO. You don’t need to be an SEO genius but you need to use the right keywords that will drive traffic to your site. And the more value your content can add, the better. I always make sure to provide tips and insight in my posts so my audience leaves having learned something to help them travel better, cheaper, and longer. Quality content that adds value is what will set you apart, so it should be your focus.
  2. Write consistently. Whether you’re publishing once a week or once a day, you need to stay consistent. The more quality content you can publish, the better, but just make sure your schedule is consistent. Readers love consistency. Schedule out your weeks in advance so you can plan accordingly. Good time management is going to be vital to your success.
  3. Get on the Pinterest train! Pinterest is one of the best platforms for driving traffic. It’s much better than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so if traffic is your main goal then I would invest time in learning how to properly use Pinterest. I use Tail Wind to help with this. It’s a great app to help you manage your account and will save you a lot of time an energy.

What do you think was a major factor in growing your traffic from both a creative and technical perspective?

Matt :: One of my big breaks came when I spotted a request for interview from The New York Times on Twitter. I messaged them immediately and was able to secure an interview in their ‘Frugal Traveler’ column. That interview sent so much traffic to my site that my server actually crashed! It was a huge pain, but the opportunity really put me on the map. So you just need to be open and willing to embrace to as many opportunities that come your way. You never know when your break will come, so you always have to be searching and networking and building those relationships. Pitch guest posts, go to conferences, attend meet-ups, do interviews and podcasts. Eventually they will pay off.

In the travel blogging business what do you feel are still very good and unique niches?

Matt :: These days, with so many awesome travel blogs covering the large niches, you need to go narrow and deep to succeed. You can’t just be a “budget travel” or “travel and lifestyle” blogger anymore because you’ll be competing against some huge blogs (like mine!). You’ll have a much better chance if you focus on a niche that is more narrow. Be the expert in a region or a country, or mix two niches together to come up with something unique. Gone are the days of general travel blogs. You need to get specific, and the more specific the better!

Matt in Bermuda :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

Matt in Bermuda :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

You always mention that we must see our blog as a business and not as a fame platform. I come back to all your book recommendations you’re giving through the course. Is there one that stands out and is another MUST read?

Matt :: I’ve read a ton of helpful books that have allowed me to grow my blog and business in ways I never thought possible. Again, I really can’t narrow it down to one because there are just so many great ones out there…but, since you’re forcing my hand I’ll say The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s one of the most popular and insightful books out there, and is famous worldwide for a reason. It’s a definite must read!
Some runners up would be Start With Why by Simon Sinek and What Got You Here Won’t Get You Thereby Marshall Goldsmith.

Reading Books is vital to improve your blog

Reading Books is vital to improve your blog :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

You’re a big fan of conferences, right? What is the one that every blogger no matter in which niche should attend at least once in a blogger’s life. And why? What is so beneficial from this one that others do not offer?

Matt :: TravelCon! I may be biased (I did create the conference after all!) but it really is the biggest and best travel conference on the market. Last year we had 600 creators and almost 100 brands and tourism boards take part. It was a massive undertaking and went above and beyond all the other travel conferences on the market.

And our 2019 event is going to be even bigger! We have some amazing speakers line up, such as Tony Wheeler (founder of Lonely Planet), Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild), and Mark Manson (author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck). It’s a speaker lineup unlike anything ever seen in the travel industry, so I’m excited to say the least!

And last but not least, how can one best grow the mailing list? What are key points and what would be the best software to use?

Matt :: When it comes to growing your newsletter, you need to add value. If you aren’t giving your reader something they need, then they won’t be interested in signing up. An easy way to do that is to create a free PDF or similar resource that they can download for free after they join your list. That’s one of the best ways to grow your list, and is something I still do to this day.

Also, make sure your newsletter sign-up forms are easy to find. Put them on every page, so that your reader can always sign up with ease. Let them know what they will get by joining and give them a reason to join. That’s the best way to build your list!

As for what software to use, I’ve used pretty much everything on the market over the years but I’ve found ConvertKit to be the best platform. It’s intuitive, flexible, and the customer service is great. I’ve been using them for years and love it. If you want something free, use MailChimp, but if you’re ready to invest in yourself then go for ConvertKit!

Matt in Africa :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

Matt in Africa :: Interview with Nomadic Matt

The end of the Interview with Nomadic Matt

Is Superstar Blogging for me?

Superstar Blogging is for you if you want to transform your blog into a business and make money from it. 

The course offers a pallet of invaluable advice from THE absolute experts on each individual subject.

If the author Ryan Holiday, and Rand Fishkin of Moz SEO guy, are names to you then you know what I am talking about.
Yes, the course costs some money, but good things do, this is life and will never change.
But this is money well spent and probably one of the better investments you are going to make in yourself. You can milk it for all it’s worth. Within the course are a lot of freebies and services that are essential to bogging.

It can help you become a very effective travel blogger who makes a real living. One of the biggest positives is to have access to Matt and his team to ask questions. And believe me even after you have finished the course they are here for you and this is very very valuable. Chris the tech guru is helping you with setting up your blog and the SEO section is going very deep, and this is where it starts to pay back.

Let's do this, Superstar Blogging is your new friend!

Matt's Book suggestions were.

PLEASE do let me know how you enjoyed the Interview with Nomadic Matt by commenting below or get in touch.

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It is outdoors where we feel the most connected and happy with each other.

The Blog will give you lots of information on Swiss Adventures and Beyond.

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  1. Such a great article, Corina!

    I am a huge fan of Nomadic Matt and really enjoyed this thought-provoking interview! I wasn’t aware of Matt’s blogging course, so I will definitely be looking into it now.

    I particularly loved your questions about blogging niches and SEO/traffic/growth, which are topics I’ve been diving into recently. I actually just started my travel blog, and while I will most certainly be blogging about travel guides, I am placing more of my efforts on photography, creative entrepreneurship and the various Adobe software programs (as well as keyword research for those topics). I believe it is SO important to focus on a niche that isn’t already saturated, and look for ways to stand out in your industry. This was very reassuring for me, so thank you for asking Matt these thoughtful questions!

    It’s reassuring to know that I am taking the right steps with my new blog. And I’m sure that I can learn so much from YOUR successful travel blog as well- you have clearly paved your way in the industry and should be so incredibly proud of all your hard work (particularly as a Mum of twins- talk about being a rockstar Mom!). You just gained a new loyal follower! 🙂

    I can’t wait to read more of your future travel articles- thank you again so much for sharing, Corina. Definitely bookmarking this article!

    Thank you,

  2. Who DOESN’T know Nomadic Matt! He was the pioneer of travel blogging and making it big and was one of the reasons I got into it! Great interview and excited that you got to meet him!

  3. This is so awesome, Nomadic Matt is definitely my favourite travel blog out there! Starting to learn how to use Pinterest is for sure a great tip when wanting to increase traffic. I saw that he was offering blogger courses but I’ve never really considered taking one before, but this makes me want to check it out again 😀

    1. Post

      Hi Becky, thanks for commenting. I believe we always can learn and why not engage in an amazing course from the greatest blogger. The support is second to non you will receive even after you finished the course.

  4. I love to see families that manage to travel and keep up with normal life and blogging at the same time. You guys are doing amazing and are an inspiration for a lot of people out there making excuses …
    Great post!

  5. What an amazing interview! When we started blogging a few months ago we came across his class and decided to take it. Ever since then we have grown and learned so much! Thanks for sharing

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  6. Needless to say Nomadic Matt is one of my role models as well 🙂 Going a little jealous here, would love to meet him in person one day! But THANK YOU for the amazing tips! They are super helpful! Very good questions, going to purchase the 7 habits of highly efficient people:) I was considering it for a while now, but this convinced me!

    1. Post

      Hi Anca, glad you like the interview. I am glad it made you finally but this amazing book. happy blogging

    1. Post

      hi Nina, thank for commenting. you’re right we all can learn from the best no matter in which lever we’re in.

  7. How amazing that you got to meet and interview Nomadic Matt! Got to say it was a great interview with some helpful questions, I didn’t realise he had a blogging course so I’ll defo be checking that out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Post

      Hi Louise, thanks for your comments. It was fully my intention to ask him very well valuable questions we ALL can use. And I have to say I am also happy with the outcome. Now we need to put it in perspective and grow .

  8. Great blog post and interview with Matt. I’ve followed him on social media for a long time and it was really interesting read. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  9. Great insight in your interview with Matt! He’s such an inspiration, isn’t he! I definitely need to hone in on my time management skills, that’s for sure!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. This was a great interview! Very helpful and thorough – so many tips I didn’t realize I needed until I read them! Thank you so much!

  11. This is super awesome Corina – a fresh take on Nomadic Matt’s interviews that I have usually seen around. I agree “Content is the king” and it was good to be reassured that if we are through with our content, things will eventually work out. I wish you luck in this wondrous journey 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Richa, thanks for your comment and I am happy you liked the article and that it is a bit different then the many other interviews. Tis was certainly the aim of it. so lets do content content …:) happy travels

    1. Post

      Hu Ruth, thank you for your comment. We cannot know everyone 🙂 but Matt’s Supper blogging course is a very good structured course for beginners but also to get your blog sorted out and make it more like a business with a flow though the whole build up. It is super complex and you can work at your own speed. which I love.
      I hope you can be of good use for you.

  12. This is awesome! Meeting Matt must have been amazing. he was the first blogger I ever read and I love all of his guides.
    It was good to read that we are on the right track with pinterest and a niche market (ours is travelling southern Africa).
    I have been meaning to read a few of those books so will really have to add them to my long kindle list now.
    I would have loved to go to Travel Con last year. I think Cheryl Strayed is the best.
    Thank you for sharing his knowledge with us 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Stacey, I am glad you liked the article, and yes the questions and answered turned out super informative. I am also happy with the outcome.Good to have. a niche.

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