Stunning view from the Oeschinensee in

Oeschinensee Hike :: Switzerland’s Best & Easy Hike with Kids

Oeschinensee hike above Kandersteg  is another must do when visiting the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland.

Experience an unforgettable Swiss mountain lake hike with kids to one of the most renowned and stunning mountain lakes in Switzerland. Situated above the town of Kandersteg in the Canton of Bern, lying within powerful dramatic mountains – some covered with the eternal snow- you will find this magical mountain lake the Oeschinensee.

The lake and its surroundings are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jungfrau Region for a good reason.

Numerous hikes with incredible vistas, adapted to your children’s and family ability, will make the Oeschinensee hike a Swiss mountain lake hike with kids an absolute must when visiting this area.


Walking on route via Läger, to the amazing Viewpoint - Oeschinensee - Switzerland
Walking on route via Läger, to the amazing Viewpoint – Oeschinensee – Switzerland

Oeschinensee lake calls to be discovered!

Hike through unspoiled nature on one of the many family friendly hiking trails at the Oeschinensee. Experience incredible 360° views as you would expect to view on high-altitude mountaineering routes.  Already when you arrive at the bottom of the cable car in Kandersteg some of the most impressive mountain sceneries are presented in front of you.

The Oeschinen valley with the cable car from Kandersteg - Switzerland
The Oeschinen valley with the cable car from Kandersteg – Switzerland

Switzerland’s Most Beautiful & Easy Hike with Kids – Oeschinensee.

Which route is best to see the Oeschinensee & pushchair-friendly

When you get your tickets at the cable car station grab a trail map. I strongly suggest you take hike number two via Läger and then head down to the lake. Otherwise if you go only to the lakeshore you will miss the stunning view point which is featured in this blog. And this would be such a shame.


The trail is more or less flat and pushchair friendly. Apart from a slight uphill at the beginning in the forest you should not have any trouble on this Oeschinensee hike. We hiked during the month of October, which meant colourful trees and clear views. In numerous locations we saw dried-out streams. I can imagine if you hike this during the late spring or summer, you will experience waterfalls and streams along the path and are able to drink some of the purest mountain ice cold water.

Best Swiss mountain lake hike with kids - Switzerland
Best Swiss mountain lake hike with kids – Switzerland

After around 40 minutes, walking with kids, you arrive at the viewpoint. Be prepared for one of the most impressive Swiss mountain lake views you can imagine.

The area has a restaurant, with a children’s playground. But this view is so mesmerising and unique that you will probably find yourself sitting at the edge overlooking the lake and telling the kids that the playground is out of order today.

Wow, Oeschinensee at its best - View from Lägern - Switzerland
Wow, Oeschinensee at its best – View from Lägern – Switzerland

Next to the restaurant is the path down to the lake shore. A great area where you can make a fire if the weather is permitting, grill your Swiss sausage, have a swim, oh yes you can go for a brave, fresh mountain water swim, or just as in so many places in Switzerland enjoy the peace and tranquility this place has to offer.

At the Oeschinensee shore
At the Oeschinensee shore – October low water level – Switzerland

You will also find a restaurant at the lakeshore, if making your own fire and getting the smoky smell in your nose is not your favourite way of enjoying lunch.

How to get back from the Oeschinensee?

If you spend too long enjoying the views and incredible scenery by the lake you can take the ride back to the cablecar station with the electric bus. It is a chf 8.- fee per person or you can walk the 30-40 min back on trail number one. It is slightly uphill all the way back and no problems with the pushchair.

Oeschinensee Electro Bus from and to the lake shuttle
Oeschinensee Electro Bus from and to the lake shuttle – Switzerland

The area of the Oeschinensee offers many other hikes including a high above the lake panoramic trail. But for us with our 3-year-old twins’, trail number two and back on number one, was simply perfect. It gives a roundtrip of 3.4km in total with a 110m altitude change in both directions. But should you be hiking with older kids here is a full description of the beautiful panorama hike in details.

On the way to the Oeschinensee
On the way to the Oeschinensee _ Switzerland

Summer sledding run at Oeschinensee

A must is the summer sledding run at the station. You can simply not depart the mountain with at least having done one run. The younger kids can ride with you and it is absolutely safe as you are the pilot. Our two enjoyed it so much we had to go twice. The sled area is right next to the cable car station, very conveniently placed. You can leave your bags next to the ticket office without any problem, so there is really no excuse. A perfect mountain family activity to end the day.

Oeschinen Tobboganing run
Oeschinen Tobboganing run – Family fun activity – Switzerland
Amazing view at the Oeschinen summer tobogganing run
Amazing view at the Oeschinen summer tobogganing run – Switzerland

Alternatives at the Oeschinensee

If you do not want to hike at all to the best viewpoint at the Oeschinensee, you can take the electric bus already from the top cable car station to the lake shore of the Oeschinensee and back.

For the very sporty ones, you can hike up the 400m altitude change from Kandersteg to the lake find out more about the different hikes.

Travel advice to visit the Oeschinensee lake

Although this hike is in the Canton of Bern it is very much possible to pencil it in even if your holiday base is in the Canton of Valais. There is a car-train from Goppenstein – Valais which will bring you through the mountain and out in Kandersteg. Just check when the last train leaves Kandersteg to Goppenstein. 

As always bring warm jackets as the weather can turn quickly in the mountains. For this trip you may want to bring your swimming suits J. Check out the cable car timetable so you do not miss the last ride down.

Good to know

  • There is the possibility to bring your bike and cycle down for families with older kids.
    check with the station for possibilities and prices on bringing your bike
  • Many more different hikes just waiting to be discovered by you.
  • If you would like a unique experience you can overnight at the lake.
  • Discover Lake Oeschinen from a completely new perspective and rent a rowing boat. More information on their local website.

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If you like the look of this Switzerland’s best & easy hike with kids around the Oeschinen mountain lake, then Pin the books below for future references. And should you need any more information Get in touch with us.


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29 thoughts on “Oeschinensee Hike :: Switzerland’s Best & Easy Hike with Kids”

    • Hi Jody, this is so funny you’re saying that it reminds you of Canada. We’re planning an epic Canadian -USA trip next May and quite ofter we ask ourselves if our region looks like Canada.. well I guess you have given us the answer.

  1. We love this hike and visit here every time we’re near Kandersteg. We were here just this past summer, and it’s always such a great place to visit and enjoy the view! Our kids have even dipped into the lake for a swim, though it’s quite bracing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow!! What else is there to say? These images are stunning!!! The perfect combination of the water color and the verboding cliffs make this mesmerizing as you said! This would be a dream come true to see it one day.

    • Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your comment. You absolutely right it is just simply the perfect spot. So tranquille yet so powerful and strong. I hope you can visit Switzerland one day, let me know if this comes true and I will give you lot’s more suggestions. But also have a peak on our blog I will upload a lot more amazing places in Switzerland especially the Valais region of the winter!

      take care Corina

  3. Wow. The views are awesome, extremely good pics and the blue lake is mesmerising. I definitely would love to go back to experience some Swiss hikes. Our first visit were touring the popular glaciers.. informative article.

  4. Ha the sledding looks crazy! I would love to have a go though. I’ve only been to Switzerland twice and it was to Bodensee so I really want to head back and visit the mountains, they’re so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration, it’s good to know you can take bikes and cycle there too!

    • hi Kitiara, this place definitely is a great change from Bodensee (which is nice s well) and if you love a challenge then yes, bike up to the lake… bravo

  5. I can’t believe how beautiful this place is – your photos are amazing! My fiance and I are avid hikers, and this looks like something we would enjoy. However, I think we’d spend more time taking photos than actually walking ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Daniela, ๐Ÿ™‚ well do need to rush though Nature with your heads down, this lace is the picture perfect area, and as you can shorten your paths on several areas depending on how many photos you’re taking it makes it even more perfect. I am looking forward to go back when the snow has melted and the waterfalls are cascading again.

  6. Such an informative post and also your photos are amazing!!!! It makes me appreciate how beautiful Switzerland is, and it is definitely making me want to return to hike

  7. Hike isn’t really my thing. However seeing your kids made it, made me think twice. A view as beautiful as that is really worth the hike. I’m taking notes about this place as well as your tips.We might consider this during our next visit to Switzerland.

    • Hi Joy, honestly this is not really a hike more an amazing stroll to an even more amazing viewpoint. An absolute must. And don’t forget you can always take the electric bus which will bring you to the lake shore direct.

  8. This place looks like a dream! Might just have to make a trip there soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ And the fact it’s suitable for kids is perfect for me cause I’m such a lazy hiker haha.

    • hi Stephanie, oh yes this is definitely one for you… knowing the view you will get on the other side will make every lazy hiker a keen one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. THANKS FOR THE POST. Amazingly clear post about exploring the lake. Me like many others greatly benefited from this post.

    Glad that your kinds love the outdoors too!



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