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Tseuzier Lake Valais – Best Family Friendly Hike with Little Kids

The Valais has so much more to offer than Zermatt which is of course a must visit destination when in Switzerland. But most international tourists enter Valais from Interlaken and head straight to Zermatt.

Followed by an overnight or maybe two and leave again with the Glacier Express up to St. Moritz. Voila the Valais is ticked. What a shame they have just missed hundreds of other great activities in Valais, hikes, and sightseeing areas which deserve as much love as Zermatt does.

I hope with this next stunning family friendly hike for little kids I can prove to you how right I am.

And maybe you remember this post when you’re planning a trip to Switzerland. You can be sure it will be much quieter around Tseuzier Lake which is maybe just what you need.

Find out more what Switzerland has to offer!

Below you find a map with the point of interests marked that we have written out in the article. Now go, and enjoy this beautiful family friendly hike for little kids.

Beautiful Mountain Scenery
Beautiful Mountain scenery driving up to Lake Tseuzier – Valais

Where is Tseuzier Lake 1776m in Valais

Tseuzier Lake or Lac de Tseuzier as it is called by the locals (as you’re in the French speaking part of the Valais), is an artificial reservoir in the Canton of Valais created by the Rawyl dam.
Located in the municipalities of Ayent and Icogne up a long, interesting and windy mountain road. The journey up to the lake is an experience on its own as the road makes its way up the mountain whilst the scenery gets more dramatic by the minute. You will pass through tunnels still rough inside and super narrow. Just go slowly and try to enjoy the view as much as you can.
Closest large town is Sion, the Valais Capital, situated in the floor valley.

Dam wall at Tseuzier Lake
Dam wall at Tseuzier Lake – Valais

What to expect at Tseuzier Lake in Valais

Another great family friendly hike for little kids, especially if the young mountaineers in your group have already gained some experience in hiking.

It not only offers a great hike for little kids around the peaceful lake but also amazing views and picture-perfect mountain sceneries wherever you look. The imposing Col de Rawyl mountain range dominates the backdrop of this great family friendly hike whilst the front view beyond the dam is wide-open and an upper mountain station of Crans Montana can clearly be seen.
Some of Valais’ great 4000m peaks such as the Zinal-Rothorn, Dent Blanche and the Weisshorn are visible on the horizon.

Amazing view over the lake
Amazing view over the lake and beyond -Valais

There is no preference in which way to start your hike. Although the path is less steep if you do it anticlockwise. Cross the dam wall first and let the little ones throw some stones into the water, so it excites them already. On the far right-side of the lake, after you have crossed the dam, you will find some access to the shore. This makes a great place to have a picnic, play around and enjoy this peaceful place.

Picnic area at Tseuzier Lake
Picnic area at Tseuzier Lake at the shore – Valais
Path around Tseuzier lake - Valais
Path around Tseuzier lake – Valais

When you’re ready to start the hike simply follow the path around the lake. In some areas you need to take your children by the hand, not negotiable. But all in all, it is a safe hike. Passing through picturesque mountain meadows and colourful tree formations when visiting in autumn. Just before leaving the forest you will find a station with an encyclopaedia of the flowers and trees. A good place for the kids to have a little rest whilst you  identify the flowers or trees around you especially when walking this hike during the summer months. The whole Valais offers a great variety of mountain flowers and so does this place.

Flower Identification station
Flower Identification station at Tseuzier lake – Valais

Follow the path slightly uphill and listen out for the water cascading from the waterfall . During spring and summer there are actually two sources which create the waterfall, whilst in autumn and winter only one source flows.

Tseuzier Water falls
Tseuzier Waterfall – Valais

There is a path down to the pool of the waterfall where you can cool down your feet if really needed or even have a swim, if you’re courageous enough. If you do not fancy to climb down to the waterfall you do not miss out, as the view from the viewing platform is lovely. A great panorama binocular is at your use which indicates the mountains visible in the distance.

Panorama viewpoint Tseuzier lake
Panorama viewpoint Tseuzier lake – Valais

From here the path descends through the forest and as the kids were getting a bit tired we needed some excitement for them. Nothing better than letting them find the hiking path markings and for each one they find a Smartie is the bribe/reward. (smile)

Following the Path indicator
Finding the path markings – Valais

We’re in luck, as further on you will pick up the Bisse de Sion (water irrigation system). When we visited in the middle of October the Bisse was not carrying any water which was the next great excitement for the children. They found it super amusing using it as their magic walkway. And honestly by that time they had been walking for two hours and anything that kept them going was fine with us.

Bisse de Sion
Bisse de Sion alongside Tseuzier lake – Valais
Wobbly bridge crossing the river
Wobbly bridge crossing the river – Valais

This area was in the shade as of mid-afternoon, and the jackets were welcome. Remember to turn around occasionally and admire the view you’re walking away from.

I have to admit we were happy when we saw the end and even happier that the kids walked it all. With only 3 years and 3 months I believe this is quite an achievement. Even if it involved singing, and magical rocks which they talked to and got so excited that they walked to the next “talking rock” without any problems. It all helped! (Smile)

mountain and lake view
Look back and admire the beauty you’re walking away from

How to get to Tseuzier Lake in Valais

Car: From Sion follow signs for Anzère. At the village of Saint-Romain, at crossroads, leave the main road (which turns sharply to the left) and continue straight on, following the sign for “Barrage de Tseuzier”.
Bus: If you prefer to arrive with public transport you’re in luck. From Sion station take the postal bus to the dam. You need to change at St-Romain. Find full timetable information at

Parking When you arrive by car there are different parking possibilities. One place is right before the dam. If this one is full, carry on and head about 100m along the lake on the left-hand side you will find some more places there.

Alternatives If your little one’s legs are not yet strong enough to hike the full 4.6km, still visit this amazing place and have a picnic at the shore of the lake. Walk a little distance and turn around. We preferred the right-hand side, although it is a bit tricky in some places and kids may need to hold your hands. It is definitely a place where you can spend the whole day.

Beautiful Tseuzier lake
Beautiful Tseuzier lake – Valais – Switzerland

Travel Advice for the Tseuzier Lake Kike

Take it easy on the road, as it gets quite windy and narrow in some places. Nothing to worry about, just go slowly. If you arrive with public transport make sure you know when the last bus is heading back down the mountain. It is a very long walk back to civilization!
Even on hot summer days, have a warm jacket in your backpack, you are hiking at 1776m.

Good to know

• Our twins were 3 years and 3 months old when they walked the family friendly hike for little kids at Tseuzier lake. Honestly, I was quite impressed and thought they may not make it.
• If you start your hike anticlockwise you will have less inclination on the hike.
• You can do the left-hand side of the lake with a pushchair until the little hut.

Fact: 4.6km roundtrip 80m elevation

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Thank you, and Never forget to explore

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21 thoughts on “Tseuzier Lake Valais – Best Family Friendly Hike with Little Kids”

  1. Thank you for sharing the details about this hike! The photos are stunning. Such a gorgeous area. I love the idea of finding less crowded places. I’ll be sure to remember this one when planning my Switzerland trip.

    • Hi Sheila
      you’re welcome. I am glad you find the photos great. It is a hike really not to be missed when in the area. Pin it so you will not forget it.

  2. Loving the photos! What a gorgeous place! thanks for sharing this. My son is a bit too young to be able to walk for maybe more than 1 km but I am saving this for later when we start doing mother-son travelling. And it’s wonderful that your kids enjoy the outdoors!

    • Hi, thank you for commenting. This place is also perfect to just sit by the water, throwing stones and taking in the whole scenery.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. the altitude is not a problem for us as we live at 1500 all year round so are pretty used to it.

  3. Had not heard of the Tseuzier Lake until I read this posts. Little kids seem to be really having a great time here. The views are amazing and the place looks so serene. Thank you for sharing a new destination and I hope to visit it one day when we get to Switzerland.

  4. I lived in Switzerland for 5 years and my daughter spent many happy hours in the Valais, especially in winter skiing. You are quite correct when you say it’s a pity that people just pass through on the Glacier Express. It’s a beautiful part of the world.

  5. I haven’t been to Switzerland in a long, long time. However, I remember the beauty of Lake Lucerne (by the way, I love lakes). It is time to go back and discover new lakes like the one you have shown in here. The colors is incredible!

    • Hi Ruth, Thank you for commenting, the combination of lakes and mountains are just the best. Although Lucern is amazing, thee are many more places lesser known but equally as nice to discover.
      let me know when you are able to add Switzerland on your diary and I will be happy to give you sugestions.

    • Hi Nicky
      Thank you for your comment. Uh Although France is just next door I have not yet really discovered it that well. Somehow we always heading down to Italy rather then the left.. 🙂 But the Chamonix area has amazing hikes, some which even enter Switzerland or Italy. Hope this helps


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