26 Amazing Photos through Otranto’s Old Town

View from the caster over Otranto bay

View from the castle over Otranto bay

Otranto old town has so much character, history and beauty within it,  that words do not really do it justice. And this is why I have decided to show you Otranto's old town in a photo guide with some limited explanations.
Sit back and dive into this beautiful part of Otranto. I hope you like it!!

Where is Otranto?

Otranto is a coastal town in southern Italy’s Apulia region in the province of Lecce. It has a nice holiday feel to it and one can easily stay for a few days or just make a day visit.

Otranto - Province of Lecce - Italy

Before entering the walls of the old town enjoy the piazza in front with its white stone and historical monument of Agli Eroi overlooking it.

historical monument of Agli Eroi

Historical monument of Agli Eroi - Otranto - Italy

A shaded mini park with a children’s playground makes a perfect stop for your little ones before they enter into history.

Water play for the children

Otranto Piazza - Water play for the children - Italy

The focus of the town is Otranto's old section.

Otranto's Old Town and city walls

Otranto's Old Town and city walls - Italy

Featuring the 11th-century Otranto Cathedral, with a rose window and ornate mosaic flooring and the 15th-century Aragonese Castle.

Otranto cathedral with the amazing Rose-Window

Otranto cathedral with the amazing Rose-Window - Italy

Otranto's Aragonese Castel

Otranto's Aragonese Castle - Italy

A bit of history about the Castle

The south of Italy was the object of a Turkish attack in 1480 and the castle needed to be rebuilt after the liberation. Today we observe a configuration which is the result of constant modifications that affected the fortress throughout the 16th-century. It needed to be adapted to the refinement of the firearms. Bordered on all sides by a deep moat and surmounted by a bridge to enter.
The basement has an intricate tunnel system which was originally the castles defense system, now fully restored and can be visited.

What to expect in Otranto's old town 

Side view of the Otranto City walls and the Torre Ippolita

Side view of the Otranto City walls and the Torre Ippolita - Lecce - Italy

The centre of Otranto's old town is still enclosed within its defensive walls, which gives a real sense of history.

Narrowed Alley within Otranto's Old Town

Narrowed alleyways within Otranto's Old Town - Italy

Take your time and discover the tiny alleyways, let yourself carry away back to the 15thcentury.

Inside Otranto's old town. -Italy

At each corner the white city stone walls are telling you a story.

Tucked away local restaurants invite you to taste their local delicacies and sip a glass of their red grape juice (smile)

Restaurant with sea view -

Restaurant with sea view - Otranto - Italy

You will find one of the busier streets within the city walls provides you with souvenir shops, artisanal delicatessens and fashion shops.

Otranto's Old Town and city walls

Otranto's Old Town and city walls- Italy

Don’t be shy and enter some of the churches you will pass.

Church painting

Painting in one of Otranto's old town churches - Italy

The 11th-century Otranto Cathedral is a must. When we visited the mass was on so it was not possible to make a photo of the amazing mosaic stone floor. (No photos as the mass was in progress)

Within the defensive walls next to the Cathedral

Within the defensive walls next to the Cathedral - Italy

You must take a seat and listen to the voice of the priests, even if you do not speak Italian. I always find the sound of their voices mixed with the echo from the church walls magical.

Your main focus point whilst within Otranto's old town will be the Aragonese Castle.

Pay the 10-euro entry fee, you won't regret it! And this is why!

Welcome to

the Argonese Castle

Aragonese Castel entry over the Bridge

Aragonese Castle entry over the Bridge - Italy

Enjoy a bit of history and some great views from the top over to the port.

View from the Top of the Castel over the Otranto Port

View from the Top of the Castel over the Otranto Port - Italy

View over the Otranto Port

View over the Otranto Port - Italy

Otranto Castel - Italy

Otranto Castle - Italy

The building is the most important cultural structure of the city and hosts a permanent exhibition “Places of Prehistory”. Very informative.

Exhibition within the castel “Places of Prehistory”

Exhibition within the castle “Places of Prehistory” - Italy

Inside the Castel Aragonese walls - Courtyard

Inside the Castle Aragonese walls - Courtyard - Italy

Still an original cannon and some stone  balls for a larger cannon are present. Apparently this larger cannon they used to defend themselves from the Turkish, is now in the UK Navy museum.

Original Cannon and its munition

Original Cannon and  ammunition - Otranto Castle - Italy

On the top of the Castel - Otranto

On the top of the Castle - Otranto -Italy

There are so many passage ways, hidden rooms and alleys throughout the castle. So have an eye on your little adventurers to ensure you do not lose them!

Otranto Castel defence viewing passage

Otranto Castle defence viewing passageway - Italy

One of the rebuilt defence corner

One of the rebuilt defence corners - ideal for observation - Otranto -Italy

We were asking ourselves about the round bumps on the ramp up to the Castles' top. Easier to climb for the animals they have taken up to the roof for shelter during the attacks? Horses - Oxes pulling wagons loaded with heavy ammunition could keep their momentum? Who knows? Do you know?

Let us know and send a comment.

Rounded steps up to the top

Rounded ramp steps up to the top - Otranto Castel - Italy

In one of the upper rooms they showing a video about dry stone walls. The video was ok, but it was a nice room to escape the heat and rest for a while.

Hiding from the sun - Otranto castel -Italy

Hiding from the sun - Otranto castel -Italy

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your trip to Otranto's Old Town

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below and share your experience, so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries and stories as well.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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