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Beautiful Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Tracks in Nendaz – Our Favourites

cguide to ski touring and snowshoeing tracks in nendazThere are several Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Tracks in Nendaz to choose from. I have listed below our favourite ski touring tracks in Nendaz which all have a different level of difficulty.  We live here, therefore please trust me that these are some of the finest winter tracks in Nendaz. These tracks can easily be completed during a winter holiday in Nendaz.

Don’t worry if you are not a ski tourer, and prefer rather snowshoeing. Some of these tracks like the Pra da Dzeu or Siviez Tortin track in Nendaz, are perfect for snowshoe enthusiasts as well  for winter walks. These two snowshoeing tracks are even family friendly. 

Some like to ski down the mountains, some like to own it and climb up whilst ski touring or snowshoeing. No matter which activity you are choosing the Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Tracks in Nendaz are all beautiful and provide different levels of achievement.

At the end of this article about Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Tracks in Nendaz you will find a FAQ section with beginners in mind.


Safety First when Ski Touring & Snowshoeing in Nendaz

Before you head out into the beautiful nature of Nendaz, get some information on whether the ski touring and snowshoeing tracks are open. Some areas are in avalanche territory and caution is needed. Secondly, as some tracks are within the forest, there also might be some areas where trees are falling due to heavy snow fall or after a stormy day.

Just be prepared and check the openings of the tracks

Recommended Special Ski Touring & Snowshoeing Equipment

This below equipment is all proper touring and life saving equipment. You may think that you do not need this as a beginner. Honestly, it all depends which ski touring or snowshoeing track in Nendaz you choose to do.

If it is the village one, then no, you do not need this special touring equipment, but as soon as you are ski touring or snowshoeing in Nendaz close to the ski domain area i.e off piste, it is recommended.

Therefore, if you are heading up one of these tracks, make sure you know how to use your gear.

Recommended Special Touring Equipment
A DVA (avalanche transceiver) switched to “transmit” mode

All this special ski touring and snowshoeing equipment can be rented in any Sport Shop in Nendaz if needed.

Ski Touring & Snowshoeing in Nendaz Map

On this map you will find the starting points of our favourite ski touring & snowshoeing tracks in Nendaz. Below in the track itineraries I have added a special map with the profile of the whole trail.

From the car park to the open area of Pra da Dzeu there is a family friendly snowshoe and sledging track.
Furthermore, Pra da Dzeu is an ideal place for a picnic.

Here are our Favourite Ski Touring and Snowshoeing Tracks in Nendaz

These ski touring and snowshoeing track itineraries in Nendaz may differentiate from the description you will find elsewhere. The reason for this is simple, there are just so many tracks around Nendaz, and by knowing them very well we figured some are just easier to do like this than any other way. Most of the time you will see the path already tracked out and you just have to follow the trail in the snow.

Below in the picture you will see the different winter track signs to help you find the way. Our suggested routes follow the Yellow Movement Signs, except for the last snowshoeing track by the Antenna.

ski touring and snowshoeing track signs in nendaz
These are the different winter track signs you will find in nendaz

Pracondu – Pra Da Dzeu – Jean Pierre, The Beautiful One

Duration 1h20 (not taking into consideration of taking lots of photos and marvelling at the view). Ascension 322 m : Highest point 1948 : Level easy to Pra da Dzeu then Moderate.

woman skitouring and snowshoeing in nendaz
Skitouring up to Pra da Dzeu in Nendaz

I just had to start with our top favourite ski touring and snowshoeing tracks in Nendaz.

This track has two sections, the easier part which finishes at its highest point after 3.3km.  Followed by the 2nd part to the summit. See description and extra map below.

Follow the track at first through the magnificent forest and always uphill. Here you will also find the cross-country ski track. When ski touring we prefer to take the cross-country track over the snowshoeing and sledging one. Both will bring you to the opening of Pra da Dzeu.

ski touring and snowshoeing track in Nendaz during winter
Arriving at the opening at Pra da Dzeu in Nendaz from your ski touring or snowshoeing Track

Take some time and admire this peaceful and most beautiful clearing. An absolute gem here in Nendaz.

winter landscape for ski touring or snowshoeing in nendaz
Look to your left when at Pra da Dzeu, and tour up to these signs and follow the sun.
winter landscape with view over the mountains in nendaz
Looking back down over Pra da Dzeu whilst ski touring in nendaz

The track then continues with a steady ascent up through the most magical winter landscape here in Nendaz, all the way up to the ski piste, the Jean-Pierre.

woman ski touring in Nendaz
on the track to jean Pierre ski piste from Nendaz
a ski touring and snowshoeing track in nendaz sign
Arriving at the top height of the 1st stage – Jean Pierre Ski Piste. Some just ski tour up the piste

Your ski touring & snowshoeing map below shows you the 1st stage. From here you can either ski down or snowshoe back down until you can spot on your left the Pracondu car park, or the entry into the forest to reach your car.

Alternatively if you feel your legs are up for it, carry on with the 2nd stage up to Tracouet.

Part two : Pracondu – Pra Da Dzeu – Tracouet Skitouring

For those of you that have more energy, carry on up along the steep slope, before spotting one of the ski touring signs which leads you back into the forest. When arriving at the Croix de la Jean-Pierre (cross) the track alternates between the forest and the ski piste. This is probably the hardest part of your ski touring or snowshoeing adventure on this track.

But you are nearly there. Crossing over to the left side of the slope back into the forest passing the last few trees before finally coming out at the top of Tracouet station.

woman ski touring in Nendaz looking down from Tracouet station
You’ve reached your ski touring or snowshoeing summit in nendaz when you have this view

view from Tracouet

If you are snowshoeing this track you can head back down with the gondola. Tickets can be bought at the top or they will just ask you to buy it when arriving at the bottom in Nendaz. It is Chf 12.-

If you’re ski touring, and your legs are still up for it, ski down to your car.

Nendaz – Tracouet, the hard one

Duration 2h30, Ascension 815 m, Highest point 2200, Level Difficult

I call this one of the ski touring and snowshoeing tracks in Nendaz, the Killer. And I do not recommend this one for beginners. Once you started it and are underneath the gondola, there are not many places to cut short and stop the ascent.

This track is great for an exercise, as it uses a lot of energy, calories and needs some fitness.

We start this track at the foot of the Tracouet ski slope. Just looking at this first steep climb can be daunting, but just take your time and don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery. It helps whilst ascending 🙂 When you reach the top of this first climb you are in the les Clèves area. If you have your accommodation in Nendaz  up here, then of course start this ski touring and snowshoeing track right here. This saves you quite a strenuous hill. 🙂

The car park up at les Clèves is all private, therefore you are not allowed to park your car unless you have a designated parking place which comes with your accommodation.

Cross the ski slopes and head between the Ski Bar, le Bob and the chalets up the narrow path. (see photos below) Just be careful when crossing the piste, as some skiers are skiing super-fast down the mountain.


Once you have reached the foot of the steep hill, the track now pretty much zigzags up underneath the gondola until near the summit at Tracouet.

I know, what all the way up there!!!?? Yes! But you can do this!

Just keep following the yellow Movement Tracks sign shown above. You will also see tracks from other people which will guide you.

winter images of the ski touring and snowshoe tracks in Nendaz
Zigzagging up the mountain whilst ski touring in Nendaz to Tracouet

A little below the summit you will see the draglift and the ski pistes on your left. Yes, you could cut the ascent short and cross over, but hey, you managed it all the way to here therefore I am sure you can make it to the top.

Woman looking at ski piste in nendaz
This is the point where you could cut short. But don’t do it. You can climb the rest.

Continue on the track which brings you around the mountain to the Jean-Pierre slope and up to the top.

Every time I ski tour this track I cannot actually believe it when I reach the top that I have done it. It is hard but such an achievement.

Same again, if you are snowshoeing up this track, you can head back down with the gondola. Tickets can be bought at the top or they will just ask you to buy it when arriving at the bottom in Nendaz. It is Chf 12.-

Or ski down the Jean-Pierre or the Alpage if your legs are still up for it.

Siviez – Tortin Snowshoeing Track, the easy one

Duration to the top of the chairlift  1h00, 2.7km, Ascension 285 m, Highest point 2014, Level Easy

This is the perfect ski touring and snowshoeing tracks in Nendaz for beginners and families. An easy steady uphill track passing through some beautiful winter landscape parallel to but separated from the ski slope.

We normally start by heading up the piste until the path separates from the piste to the left.

Careful you are sharing the path with beginner skiers and there might even be people coming down on their sledge.

Just take your time, follow the path until you are at the top of the chairlift and meeting the ski piste again. You should be able to ski down now as this is not such a hard ski touring or snowshoeing track in Nendaz.

person ski touring up a track in Nendaz
Ski touring up Tortin track in Nendaz

If you are snowshoeing you could make a loop and head back down along the path for the ski school until it crosses with the main ski slope. Look down on your left, you will see a Tipi and you should also see a path leading towards it. Wander down there and then continue on along the snow path until you arrive in Siviez . All in all, a nice walk.

To take the chair lift down, you MUST head to the very end of the installation along the flat bit, as you can only get on it from there.

In the ski touring and snowshoeing map below I have listed the full snowshoeing circuit. 

Snowshoeing by the Antenna in Nendaz, Easy

Duration  0h45, Ascension 55 m, Highest point 1294, Level Easy

Our next favorite track is not for ski touring but well worth to get your snowshoes on.

Park your car at the Swisscom Antenna car park and walk down to the open space by the farm. Half way down you will see the start of the snowshoes track marked with the pink way sign. (6B kids on the map from tourism)

family on a snowshoeing track in nendaz
family friendly snow shoeing track in Nendaz

This snowshoe track is another classic for beginners, families or simply people who like a quiet and peaceful area. Best to do this easy loop in late afternoon to capture the golden hours. Marvel at the impressive mountains across the valley, le Haut de Cry, les Muverans and the hidden valley of Derborence.

Before you get back in the car, walk up to the Antenna and admire the most amazing view along the Rhône valley. Great for a picnic, sundowner or just to enjoy beautiful Valais scenery.

FAQ about Ski Touring or Snowshoeing in Nendaz Valais?

I am a beginner, can I go Ski Touring or Snowshoeing in Nendaz?

Oh absolutely, you do not need any experience whether for ski touring nor for snowshoeing. My suggestion would be to start with one of the easy Ski Touring or Snowshoeing Tracks in Nendaz so you can get used to it before mastering the more difficult ones.

There are also several Ski Schools offering guided ski touring or snowshoeing in Nendaz.

Can I rent the equipment in Nendaz for Ski Touring or Snowshoeing?

Yes, you can, we recommend Mariethoz Sports or Ski Service by the lift station in Nendaz. If you are arriving during peak winter season it would maybe be best to pre-order them. This way you are sure your ski touring or snowshoeing equipment is awaiting you and you can hit these beautiful touring tracks in Nendaz.

Can I rent childrens ski touring or snowshoeing equipment in Nendaz?

I know snowshoes are available in pretty small sizes already, probably as of the age of 6 onwards. To rent ski touring equipment in Nendaz will be more difficult, I believe even impossible. There is too little demand so that sport shops generally do not stock them. But no reason to be disappointed, snowshoeing is a lot of fun as well, and honestly also much easier for the kids. But best ask the sport shops directly.

What do I need to go ski touring or snowshoeing in Nendaz?

Well obviously, the ski touring set, touring skis, poles and most importantly the skins that go under your skis. For snowshoeing in Nendaz you need the snowshoes called “des raquettes à neige” and not to forget the poles. It will make your life much easier to have them. Not sure if you could actually snowshoe without ski or hiking poles. I will have to try this 🙂

You clothing should be comfortable and breathable. My suggestion is whether you are ski touring or snowshoeing in Nendaz, do not wear a puffer jacket “Doudoun.” Put your duvet in your backpack and wear it when you stop for a break or at the end of your tour so you are not getting cold. Even if the weather is cold, believe me you will get warm very quickly, especially if you choose to go ski touring or snowshoeing on one of the more difficult tracks in Nendaz.

A 1st layer of thermal underwear, a second layer of a softshell and a wind stopper is normally all you need even if the temperature is in the minus. Plus, some ski pants or even better some high mountaineer trousers and a thermal layer underneath.

If you are ski touring in Nendaz and are planning to ski down the piste or mountain afterwards, do not forget to pack your helmet.

woman ski touring in Nendaz on beautiful winter day
Pra da Dzeu Ski touring and Snowshoeing in Nendaz

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when discovering the ski touring and snowshoeing tracks in Nendaz 

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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