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Activities for Families in Nendaz, Tracouet Station

I think once you have made the choice of visiting the Valais in Switzerland on your next holiday trip with your family we can presume you are an outdoor loving family. Great, then this is the right place for you.

This particular post is all about a mountain station called Tracouet in the village of Haute – Nendaz in Valais Switzerland.
There are plenty of things to do in Valais and the choices of activities for families in Haute – Nendaz is endless.

Do you like the sound of ..

Picnic, observing frogs and salamanders, playground, 360 degree mountain views, and more? All at the same place!

If you are looking for things to do in Haute – Nendaz that include alpine activities for families, you have certainly come to the right spot. Probably one of the best playgrounds and nature areas above the altitude of 2179m is  Tracouet Station in the village of Nendaz in Valais.

Tracouet “Lac Noir” in Nendaz, Valais – Switzerland

Nendaz – Tracouet station, offers different possibilities for a jam-packed outdoor adventure day which can be adapted to the whole family’s ability. Honestly you could come to Nendaz – Tracouet station on two or three separate days and each time do something completely different.

And this is why we feel that making your way up to Tracouet Lac Noir is one of the better and most beautiful places where you find many different activities for families in Nendaz.

Tracouet with it's Lac Noir
Tracouet with it’s Lac Noir in the Swiss Valais Resort of Nendaz Switzerland

What are the Activities for Families in Nendaz up at Tracouet Lac Noir?

Tracouet and its “Lac Noir” has become a weekly destination for us during the summer months. The activities for families is endless and it is simply so beautiful up there.  The ride in the bubble cable car departing from the Nendaz village centre, is always a highlight for everyone. For your info kids below the age of seven are riding for free and adults pay 16 Swiss Francs return trip. The ride is open from June to October.

Colourful alpine-flowers, snowy peaks and a crystal shimmering mountain lake within a pristine environment, will make you feel you just entered a little paradise when you exit the cable car at the top.

Nendaz, Tracouet Kids Play Area

With their shiny eyes wide open, the kids will at first admire the play-area just outside the Tracouet station. A fun time is guaranteed with the fire engine, the large trampoline, swings and the 2 slides and small tower.
Drinks and food can be ordered in the adjacent restaurant right by the play area and the whole setup offers stunning alpine views you have not seen in many places.
Now you are faced with a bit of a problem. As you are looking for things to do in Nendaz and hoping for some great activities for families to find up at Tracouet station, I believe the play area was not the only thing you were hoping to discover.
You might have to understand that if this is the first time your kids are up here, that for them it is THE best activity in Nendaz – Valais  right now. So how can you get them down to the lake…I will let you figure this one out.

Playground at Tracouet Summit station
Playground at Tracouet Summit station in Nendaz Valais Switzerland

Nendaz, Tracouet Lake “Lac Noir”

An adventure awaits you around the Lake “Lac Noir” which is located lower down from the play area and the Tracouet Station. The day passes by in a blink, whilst you and the kids can try to catch the little brown frogs which are jumping around in the wet grass and hiding in the shallow shoreline. Once we have found where they are hiding in great numbers we love to sit on a rock and observe them. If you are lucky you will also discover the Alpine Newt (Salamander) with its bright orange belly. Just be patient and walk around the lake and sure you will find them.
Other than that there are several creatures residing in the lake that are looking more like they have come from another planet. It is super fun trying to identify them.
And most of it all, look at this stunning scenery! I mean seriously, 360° of unspoilt nature at its best. 

Kids playing at Tracouet Lac Noir
Kids playing at Tracouet Lac Noir in Nendaz Valais Switzerland

The cross at La Dent de Nendaz

One of the other activities for families in Nendaz is to climb La Dent to the cross. It sits at an altitude of 2463m and is visible from Tracouet Station, reachable by a one-hour hike with older kids along the ridge and backside of La Dent de Nendaz. The alpine path goes up from the right-hand side of the lake. Honestly our twins are just a bit too little at the moment, and this is why we have not hiked up there yet with them but many, many times just my husband and I. Actually, hold on they have been up La Dent, in our backpacks! (smile) Without the kids you can reach the cross in as little as 40min if you like to exercise and push your heart a bit. But be aware it is all uphill! I will let you make the decision if your kids are old enough and their hiking ability is good enough to make the ascent, and not to forget the steep descent as well. There is another hike that goes from the top along the ridge all the way to Plan du Fou. But at the moment I will not cover this section. Fact is whoever hikes up to La Dent de Nendaz will be rewarded with some even more breathtaking views far across the Valais into the French Alps.

family standing on top of mountain
Travel Switzerland on a budget and enjoy views like these

Panorama Path at Tracouet in Nendaz

A more achievable hike for younger kids and one of the great activities for families in Nendaz, is the 2km Panoramic Path at Tracouet. No matter the time of the year (except winter) this hike is always a favorite for us.  It is without a doubt at its most beautiful during the autumn. It awards you – hence the name – with amazing panoramic views on all sides and on clear, good days you can even spot the Mont-Blanc Range in France.  But also, the Glacier 3000, and other great Swiss peaks are visible. Do yourselves a favour and add this hike to your “Activities for families in Nendaz” holiday itinerary.

An entry “gate” signifies the start of the route on the left-hand side of the lake. At first an uphill path guides you through blueberry bushes which provide a nutritious and fun activity during the autumn months.  There are plenty of them to pick and eat. The uphill part terminates with an oversized bench situated amongst the avalanche protections and provides a great rest place for the whole family. Stop a while, have a picnic and enjoy the uninterrupted view over the Rhone Valley and beyond. Carry on the mountain path which is now leading you to the other side from where you can enjoy the south views, and spot the Mont Blanc.

On the way are several stations providing information about the surrounding nature, and viewing platforms. A very nice hike to do before settling by the lake and enjoying the rest of the day with a picnic.

Panorama Hike at Tracouet
Panorama Hike at Tracouet :: Activities for Families in Nendaz

Find some other great alternatives to do from Tracouet and it’s Lac Noir, if these above mentioned activities for families in Nendaz have not been enough for you.

Mountain Bike down back to Nendaz

Just bring your bikes up with the Telecabine to Tracouet– bikes travel free of charge. If you travel without your own bikes there are bike rental shops in the village. You can also rent an electric bike and cycle up to Tracouet station.

Mountain bike down to Nendaz from Tracouet
Mountain bike down to Nendaz from Tracouet :: Activities for Families in Nendaz

Start a full days hike from Tracouet, Nendaz

Many different hikes start from Tracouet station, the choices are endless. For families with older kids here are a few more hiking alternatives:

Tracouet hiking sign
Tracouet is the start of many hikes :: Activities for families in Nendaz

Walk down to Balaveaux

– back side of Tracouet station – and admire some of Europe’s oldest and largest Larches, some of which measure over 14 metres in height. A beautiful Alpine Restaurant awaits at the bottom of the path “Chalet Des Alpes,” check if it is open before you’re heading down there. They serve delicious local dishes and the view is free of charge.

If you do not want to walk back up to Tracouet, you can carry on and join the Bisse de Saxon which streams just below the restaurant. This amazing flat walk brings you all around the mountain and back into Nendaz.

Start of the Bisse de Saxon at Balaveau
Start of the Bisse de Saxon at Balaveaux :: Activities fro Families in Nendaz

Travel advice for Nendaz, Tracouet Station:

For all Tracouet activities for families in Nendaz make sure no matter what the weather in the village, bring an extra jacket just in case.
Make sure you know when the last cable car is running down, as I do not recommend to walk down the front path back into Nendaz. It will take about two hours and is quite steep at the end. There are better activities for families in Nendaz then walk down this path. Trust me on this.

Good to know:
Tracouet station in Haute – Nendaz, Valais is push chair accessible, even down to the lake. As long as it is not a city push chair with small wheels.

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