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Where to find the Best Rheinschlucht Viewpoints – Swiss Grand Canyon

pin to the Rheinschlucht viewpoints in FlimsThe Rheinschlucht between Reichenau and Ilanz near Flims in the Kanton of Graubünden is well known as the “Swiss Grand Canyon”. Once visited you will probably agree with us, that the Rheinschlucht (also known as the Ruinaulta or Rhine gorge) belongs on a list of the most spectacular landmarks of Switzerland.

You have many options on how to see the best Rheinschlucht viewpoints. Whether it is an adrenaline filled day river rafting down the River Rhine or simply admiring this most beautiful Swiss Grand Canyon landscape on foot. For sure, a day along the Rheinschlucht will leave you in awe.

Another option on how best to visit the Rheinschlucht is from Flims by car, like we did. Carry on reading and take a trip along the Rheinschlucht with all the beautiful viewpoints which will give you different aspects and amazing views.

After visiting, you will agree that Switzerland does have a Grand Canyon as well!


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7 Viewing Platforms along the Rheinschlucht, the Swiss Grand Canyon

On our Rheinschlucht – The Swiss Grand Canyon – viewing platform map you can see the viewpoint locations. Some are right next to the narrow mountain gorge road, whilst others require a bit more effort.

Plan a full day for this beautiful Rheinschlucht expedition as rushing it would be a shame.

Our road trip along the Rheinschlucht started in Bonaduz with the Zault viewing platform and ended with probably the most spectacular and well known viewpoint along the Rheinschlucht, the “Il Spir” in Conn.

You will be visiting these viewpoints along the Rheinschlucht if you follow our guide.

    1. Viewpoint Zault in Trin along the Rheinschlucht
    2. Viewpoint Spitg in Bonaduz / Versam along the Rheinschlucht
    3. Safiental – Versam Viewpoint along the Rheinschlucht
    4. Islabord in Versam viewing platform along the Rheinschlucht
    5. Crap Signina in Sagogn viewing platform along the Rheinschlucht
    6. Ruinaulta Viewpoint of the Rheinschlucht via Caumasee
    7. Il Spir at Conn viewing plattform over the Rheinschlucht

1. Viewpoint Bonaduz Zault along the Rheinschlucht

Start your Rheinschlucht road trip from the village Bonaduz. The road at this point is still wide all the way to the Zault Viewpoint.

A few metres before the Zault viewing platform is a lay-by for parking off the road. The Zault viewpoint is right at the edge of the road and a little bit raised. You should be able to see the top of it from the road.

viewpoint from Bonaduz Zault along the Rheinschlucht
Viewpoint – Bonaduz Zault along the Rheinschlucht Ruinaulta

The road from here onwards is narrow and a real mountain gorge route. If you have been driving along such a route before you will understand what I mean.

Narrow curves, some single track road, rock walls on one side with a drop off on the other side. But all with epic views.

Be prepared to drive this stretch slowly and stop where you can to maximise your Rheinschlucht experience.

Travel Tip: I walked quite a long stretch of the 1st part whilst Dave drove and pulled in wherever he could. This gives you some more special views of the beautiful Swiss Grand Canyon, theRheinschlucht. Below you see some photos taken whilst walking along the road.

Along the Rheinschlucht
Another great view and spot the train

2. Viewpoint Spitg in Bonaduz / Versam along the Rheinschlucht

Not long after the Zault viewpoint just before entering a tunnel, is a larger gravel parking place on your right. You know if you are at the right location as it will have an information board about the Ruinaulta Rheinschlucht. (picture below)

information boards along the Ruinaulta Rheinschlucht Switzerland
Look out for these info Boards along the Swiss Grand Canyon – Rheinschlucht

Park there and walk 3 minutes to the viewing platform Spitg which is away from the road and up a little hill which offers beautiful views down the gorge along the River Rhein (Rhine).

The trains run quite regularly so you should be able to catch one entering or exiting the tunnel far below and get your perfect photography shot of the Rheinschlucht “The Swiss Grand Canyon with the Rhätische Bahn”

3. Versamer Tobelbrücke – Viewpoint along the Rheinschlucht

The next stop whilst standing at the Versamer Tobelbrücke ( bridge) will not give you a view over the Rheinschlucht  but the smaller gorge, the Safiental. The road winds away from the canyon for a while but nevertheless it is still beautiful. One is a pedestrian bridge whilst the other one you will be driving over. Stop at the bridge as it is well worth a small break before you are continuing with your viewpoints along the Rheinschlucht.

Away from the Rheinschlucht at the Safiental with 2 bridges
Away from the Rheinschlucht at the Safiental with 2 bridges
drone view of the mountain road at the Safiental Flims
Drone view of the mountain road at the Safiental Graubünden

4. Islabord in Versam viewing platform along the Rheinschlucht

To get to the Islabord in Versam viewpoint you need to get off the main road and head direction Versam train station. Shortly after the T-junction you will get to the viewpoint. A large car park with a small snack bar awaits as well.

The viewing platform is right opposite the well-known “Il SpIit” viewpoint near Chaumasee, which is easily accessible from Flims. We will get there later on. To continue following our road trip along the Ruinaulta Rheinschlucht, drive back to the road you have come from and then take a sharp right direction Valendas.

In Valendas (small village) you need to drive down to Valendas Station and cross over the river Rhine. The bridge sits at the far end of the tiny station. You are now on a small forest road all the way to the Grison Village Sagogn. If you are visiting in winter or don’t want to drive on the gravel road, you can take the longer route via Ilanz.

at the viewpoint Islaboard in Versam
At the viewpoint Islaboard in Versam – Rheinschlucht
drone view of the Rheinschlucht bend
Amazing drone shot of the Rhine-Bend, Switzerland

5. Crap Signina in Sagogn viewing platform along the Rheinschlucht

Should you need to stop somewhere for something to eat you could now stop in the beautiful Grison Village of Sagogn before heading up the road to the 5th viewing platform along the Rheinschlucht.

I have marked on the map above where to park to reach this viewing platform. It is right in the curve as you are driving up towards Flims. Should there be no more space you could drive up the road a bit and right opposite the start of the trail you will find further places to park your car just off the road.

The path to the Crap Signina platform is right there. A short 5-10 min walk along an Orchid trail will bring you up to the viewing platform.

Although you will not see the Rheinschlucht from here it is still a beautiful place and should not be missed on your road trip along the Rheinschlucht from Flims.

view over part in Graubünden
Viewpoint from the Crap Signina platform

6. Ruinaulta Viewpoint of the Rheinschlucht

The next two viewpoints involve a bit of hiking / walking.

From the 5th viewpoint you will be driving via Laax towards Flims Waldhaus. Just before Flims on your right is the start of the Vitaparcour (fitness trail). It is here where you need to park your car at the pay car park. (1.- /h) Count 2-3 hours just to be on the safe side especially if you are planning the detour down to Chaumasee.

The path is within the forest and at first along a normal gravel road which later changes to a single path with lots of roots and stones. At the first road junction take the upper route. Enlarge the map above and you can see many hiking paths from the parking lot to the Ruinaulta viewpoint. Best to make a screen shot with your phone to have the map handy when you visit.

The first lake below your path is the Prau Tuleritg Lake. You could pass via this lake and continue to the Chaumasee. Then make your way up through the forest to the Ruinaulta Viewpoint. This will take you considerably longer but if you have the time, why not.

7. Il Spir viewing platform over the Rheinschlucht & Caumasee

From Ruinaulta just carry on the path all the way to the Restaurant Conn. You will be passing several other areas with beautiful views down the gorge and along the Rheinschlucht.

Pass Restaurant Conn for another 100m or so until you get to the “Il Spir” viewing platform. Have a look at the platform from the bottom, can you see the bird with its wings wide open? Step up and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Rheinschlucht right down to the Krumme Waag and beyond.

On the opposite side of the canyon you will see the Islabord in Versam viewing platform which is number four on our list.

Click for a virtual tour of this viewpoint from our Instagram account 

Travel Tip & Suggestions

  • The train station you will see from the Islabord viewing platform is Versam and during the summer timetable the Rhätische-Bahn trains arrives at 0.15, (every fifteen minutes past the hour). Wait for the train to come out of the tunnel to the left of the station for a great shot.
  • You could get to the Il Spir viewing platform from the Vitaparcour car park by bike or with a pushchair along the bike route. But you would miss the Ruinaulta viewpoint as it is not on the bike route. Should this be your choice follow the signs for Conn. From there you can also visit Caumasee with your bike and head back to the car park. Check the map at the top, you will see many options when zooming in. And of course, Il Spir and Caumasee can also be visited directly from Flims by foot or bike depending on the location of your accommodation in Flims  
  • Another option if you do not want to hike is to arrive in style by horse and carriage . They offer summer and winter trips.
  • After Il Spir, we went down to Caumasee and back to the Vitaparcour car park from there. Check again the hiking map to get onto the right path.
  • One thing you will be seeing all over this most beautiful road trip along the Rheinschlucht are Orchids, yes, wild orchids, one more beautiful than the other.
view of the Caumasee in Flims
View of the Caumasee in Flims, Switzerland

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when you are planning to visit The Ruinaulta Rheinschluft Viewpoints of the Swiss Grand Canyon in Graubünden – Grison,  Switzerland.

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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