Arches National Park with Kids – How best to visit

kids sitting in front of the delicate arch in arches national park

Arches National Park with Kids Arches NP, How best to visit with kidsYou’re planning a family trip to the most amazing Arches National Park in Moab, so I am sure you have plenty of questions! Where should I start? What should we visit? How hot will it be? How long should we visit the Arches National Park? How best to …


Switzerland Itinerary on a lesser Budget : 7 – 10 & 14 Days : +Maps

kids standing in front of mountain

I feel you’re thinking, “How on earth is it possible to achieve a Switzerland itinerary on a budget?” I mean, isn’t Switzerland notoriously hovering around the top of the most expensive countries list? Yes, it is! But there are ways of avoiding some expensive and popular areas and planning differently. In this post you will get the best information straight …

How to Travel Switzerland on a Budget

family standing on top of mountain

Do you want to travel SWITZERLAND on a budget, but all you have ever heard is how insanely expensive it is? Let me help you here. I will show you how YOU and your family can… Breathtaking Alpine views, where the rich pay millions to have their houses built and railway journeys that make you feel like you’re in a …

Family Fun Activities in Western Canada

Kids having fun by the river

I have reached out to some family travel bloggers to find out more about things to do with kids in Western Canada so we can plan our epic road trip in advance. I intend to update this list with more family fun activities after we have visited later this year and maybe even add some extras on the already featured …


Cinque Terre with Kids – How Best to visit in One Day

Cinque Terre with Kids

Whether you are planning your 1sttrip to Italy with kids or whether you have already visited Italy with kids many times, I believe the romantic, colourful and breathtaking Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera coastline has to be seen at least once. There are not many places on earth that are so unique, beautiful and so often listed in a …


Best Travel Gifts for a Travel loving Family

Travel Gift ideas for a travel loving family

Most of the suggestions are travel based but can easily be given to non travel loving families also, and best of all, these are presents that can be given at any time of the year! You might even find some cool stuff for you. Let’s start with the kids, so below you will find the best travel gift ideas for …


Easy Hiking in the Canadian Rockies with Kids

Policemen's Creek Trail :: Canmore

Being an outdoors loving family our holidays/travels are mostly based on being in nature, exploring the unknown paths and trying to get a good feel of the way the locals live. With young twins it is vital that we can be outside as much as possible. And what a better way to explore a foreign area than hiking. Below you …

Why you should visit Tenikwa Wildlife Centre with Kids

Tenikwa Wildlife Centre with Kids :: South Africa

In early 2002 the founders of Tenikwa, Len & Mandy, started rehabilitating injured birds in a wooden shed behind their house. From an injured bird in the garden shed, it has developed to a home, rehabilitating and caring for a diverse variety of animals both terrestrial and marine species. I loved this story and the attitude of the staff and …


Top Tips for a Successful Safari Game Drive with Kids

Safari Game drive with Kids

My husband and I have fallen in love with Africa especially enjoy seeing the wildlife and going on safari. We adore pretty much everything about being on safari. Whether it is a day safari/game drive or a multiple day adventure. The whole feeling of being out in the wild, enjoying the scenery, looking over the savannah and spotting the wildlife …


South Africa with Kids :: FAQ & MORE

FAQ and more Travelling to South Africa with kids

Frequently Asked Questions about Travelling with Kids to South Africa Content FAQ Is it safe to visit South Africa with kids? What kind of vaccination do we need? Will we be in a Malaria area? Is South Africa just dusty and desert like? What about snakes and spiders? Which is the best area for 1st timers in South Africa? How …