Visit the Mont Fort 3330m – 4 Vallées – Switzerland

A Visit to the top of the Mont Fort when in the 4 Vallées Region in Valais is simply a must do. An incredible view awaits far over to Mont Blanc, over some Italian peaks and even the Mighty Matterhorn in Zermatt, can be seen form the top of Mont Fort 3330m.

This jam-packed activity day has many stages involved, and each and every one is a highlight and an activity in its own right within the 4 Vallées, Verbier.

But before you pack your bags, binoculars and get excited to Summit the Mont Fort at 3330m with your family – Safety first!

View from the Mont Fort Summit 3330m over to the Grand Combin What to consider when visiting and hiking a

Heading to greater altitude with Kids?

Your children will have the same tolerance for high altitude as you do, provide that they have no special health concerns. Babies under 3 months of age do not have lungs which are mature enough to handle the altitude stress, so wait until the baby has reached that milestone to take your trip. Personally, we have only taken our children to greater altitudes from the moment they were able to express their wellbeing themselves.

Doctors recommend to specifically look out for the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and drowsiness
  • Reduced appetite,
  • A “cranky” or clingy child

In general, parents should look out for any untypical minor behavior changes and be aware that altitude sickness manifests in different ways in different people.

If you not sure ask your doctor.

Swiss Altitude Adventure Mont Fort 3330m with your Kids

Voilà, once this is all checked and everybody is happy you can start your adventure and visit the Mont Fort in Valais.
You can find all mentioned points for the epic Swiss Altitude Adventure Mont Fort 3330m with your kids on the map below!

Chairlift from Siviez to Tortin - 4 Vallees - Nendaz - Switzerland
Chairlift from Siviez to Tortin – 4 Vallees – Nendaz – Switzerland

During the summer holiday months the 4 Vallées in the canton Valais in Switzerland, offers amazing mountaintop visits by cable car. Situated in the centre of the 4 Vallées domain, the Mont-Fort 3330m is the highest peak in this area and offers incredible views.  On a clear day, the mountain peak tick-list is endless, including the famous Mont Blanc and its massive in France, our even more famous chocolate mountain, the Matterhorn or Cervin as it’s called in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Also most of Switzerland’s 4000ers are peaking in the sky

Strenuous hikes and weeks of training normally allow you to experience a view as rich and breathtaking as this one. Well guess what, not in Nendaz and the 4 Valleys.

Simply purchase a day pass at the ticket office in Siviez which is a 10 min drive from Nendaz centre by car or by public bus. And best of all, kids up to 6 years will enjoy the view for free. Family passes are also available. Check out the links at the end of this article where you can find all the information needed for these activities.

Swiss Mountain mammals - La Marmot - Valais - Switzerland
Swiss Mountain mammals – La Marmotte – Valais – Switzerland

Riding up to Mont Fort 3330m in Valais

Let this epic mountain journey begin with a chairlift ride up to Tortin. Take the ride pretty early if you can and you will be greeted by the cutest locals, the mountain Marmots. If you’re lucky you will see at least one and as many as twenty. Some are playing in the morning sun just in the open field, whilst others are getting comfortable on their rocks and observing the area. Remember you must be quiet to spot them. They are normally literally just below the chair lift.

La Marmotte des alpes
La Marmotte des alpes – A cutie just under the chairlift – Valais – Switzerland

1-2-3 hop off the chairlift in Tortin and enter the big cable car which will deposit you at Gentianes at 2950m altitude within the heart of the 4 Vallées.

La Gentianes at 2950m altitude with play area
La Gentianes at 2950m altitude with play area – Valais – Switzerland

Around half way through the journey search on the large rocky face on your right side for the Alpine Ibex, also known as the Steinbock or by the locals le Bouquetin. Best to ask the cable-car person if they have spotted some already. They will normally help and can point them out to you.

Bouquetin or Ibex right at the rock next to the cable car
Bouquetin or Ibex right at the rock next to the cable car – Gentianes – Valais – Switzerland

The next cable car – yes another one, how cool is this – will be your last one and will deposit you at the Peak of Mont Fort 3330m. You will be able to enjoy the ride above the Tortin Glacier, which by the way, this area is our local Ski Domain les 4 Vallées.

Tortin Glacier to summit the Mont -Fort at 3330m altitude
Tortin Glacier to summit the Mont -Fort at 3330m altitude – Valais – Switzerland

Grab a coffee from the “Igloo” give the kids a packet of chips and take it all in. There are panorama boards with all the names listed of the swiss peaks you can see. Sorry, but you will see by yourself when you’re standing in front of them that there are just too many to name them all. Remember  if you are seeking the Matterhorn you must find the name “Cervin” as this is how we call it in the French part of Switzerland.

Viewing Terrasse at the Mont-Fort
Viewing Terrasse at the Mont-Fort – Valais – Switzerland
View over the "Lac du Grand Désert"
View over the “Lac du Grand Désert”  & La Rosablanche- Valais – Switzerland
Kids, enjoying chips rather then the view (smile) - Mont Fort
Kids, enjoying chips rather then the view (smile) – Mont Fort – Valais – Switzerland
Cross at the Mont Fort - Valais - Switzerland
Cross at the Mont Fort – Valais – Switzerland

The steep hike up to the Mont Fort cross will bring you just a little bit higher, so you can really feel on top of the world. I let you be the judge on whether your family is capable of climbing up there or not.

Admiring the view with a close up at the Mont Fort
Admiring the view at the Mont Fort – Valais – Switzerland

Have the kids learn some of the names of the peaks showing on the panorama boards, that will keep them busy!

Back down and Trampoline at Gentianes, Verbier

You probably can’t get enough of this amazing panorama up at the Mont-Fort 3330m, but I guess you promised the kids a jump around on the trampoline that you have spotted whilst riding up in the last cable car.

Play are at Gentianes 2950m
Play are at Gentianes 2950m – Valais – Switzerland

During the summer months Les Gentianes, Verbier, has installed a great play-area. Not only a trampoline but also a bouncing castle and some swings are there to be used by your loved ones. Surely the temptation of building a summer snowman, yes, there will be snow patches at Les Gentianes, will be too great and a memory the whole family will talk about for years to come.

Refreshments and great food are on offer in the larger Igloo Restaurant right next to the play area. A perfect place to have lunch with a view.

Hike back to the Car Park in Siviez

From les Gentianes, take the big cable car back down to Tortin from where you can then catch the chairlift to the car park in Siviez, or walk down with the whole family.

Back down to Siviez - This time on the Chairlift
Back down to Siviez – This time on the chairlift – Valais – Switzerland

A gentle downhill path will guide you through alpine meadows, along a mountain stream and past a real alpine cheese making cabane.

Mountain caban and Alpine Cheese making facility
Mountain caban and Alpine Cheese making facility – Valais – Switzerland

Ask if they have some “Sérac” for you to try. This is 100% typical Valaisanne specialty, made from the whey which is left over during the making of cheese. A very special taste!

The walk will probably take about 1-2 hours depending on the ages of the children.

Beautiful Squirrels
Beautiful Squirrels to be seen on the way down – Valais – Switzerland

Alternatives When visiting the Mont Fort 3330m in Valais

You could mountain bike down from Tortin. Just simply hang your mountain bikes on to the chair lift from Siviez up to Tortin in the morning – bikes ride free of charge – and leave them there whilst summiting the Mont Fort 3330m.

Travel Advice
Warm Jackets have to be in your backpacks, even if it is a hot summer day. Remember you’re going up to 3330m. It can also get chilly on the first chairlift. We ALWAYS wear jackets to go up and I even have the kids thin hats with me.

Check the timetable for the lifts, as the Mont Fort transportation system is only open a limited time of the year. If the weather is cloudy, save this activity for another day when the rewards will be better. You can still go up to Tortin and walk or cycle down for example. Or check out some other great activities in the area. 

If you have any doubt on whether you should bring young ones up to this altitude, check with your Doctor. We live here and are used to the altitude and have a different relationship with the mountains. Our pediatrician always says, as long as the kid can express himself and tell you how he/she is feeling a visit to greater altitude is ok. But you have to be the judge on this.

Good to know when visiting the Mont Fort in Valais

If you are patient and a bit lucky you will be able to see; Ibex, Deer, Marmots and Chamois.
If you want the “Real Swiss Feeling” organise a cheese fondue at the igloo at the Mont Fort summit! It just cannot get any more Swiss than that. You’ll love it! Contact these guys to make a reservation 

Alpine Edelweiss seen at 2950m
Alpine Edelweiss seen at 2950m – Valais – Switzerland

Where best to stay when visiting the Mont Fort in Valais

If you stay in the village of Nendaz you are perfectly nestled in the heart of the Valais and its 4 Vallées domain. It is only a 10min drive to Siviez from where you start your Swiss Altitude Adventure to Mont Fort 3330m with your kids.

Accommodation in Chalets by Alpine Comfort - Best Chalets in town
Accommodation in Chalets by Alpine Comfort – Best Chalets in town – Valais – Switzerland

If you also prefer to stay in a chalet than a hotel contact Alpine Comfort. They have a great selection of beautiful family chalets.

And even better, if you book your accommodation with these guys, mention Packed Again and you will get 10% reduction on your stay!

Voilà, are you ready for your Swiss Altitude Adventure Mont Fort 3330m with your kids? If you liked the blog feel free to share it, tell a friend and come and visit.

Any questions please do leave a comment below or GET IN TOUCH & Follow us on Social Media

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16 thoughts on “Visit the Mont Fort 3330m – 4 Vallées – Switzerland”

  1. The views are simply stunning and how amazing to see wildlife. Great tip to bring a jacket even if it’s summer. Sometimes we can forget how much altitude can change the weather drastically.

  2. You’re brave to take your kids up to that altitude! I just got back from a trek in Nepal and even the teenagers in one of the groups near mine had a hard time … he got altitude sickness, which of course sucks, but he did NOT handle feeling sick on vacation very well. He just got super grumpy and made his whole family miserable. Glad your family had a better time (and I imagine not having to walk the whole way helps!).

    • Hi. Thank you for your comment. I think as mentioned in the blog, we love here, so are used to be at 1600m all the time which for sure makes a different. But everybody is feeling it differently and also not every day the same.

  3. I must admit I’m pretty anxious about altitude sickness, mainly because I already suffer from migraines. So important to come prepared and know what to look out for, especially with kids. Looks like they had a ball 🙂

  4. Such an informative post! It’s great that you put what to look for in altitude sickness. I’m from a fairly flat place so it isn’t something I am familiar with at all. Good tips on what to pack as well for being ready for the chill of the mountain top. This looks like such a fun day trip with great views and the opportunity to see some of the wildlife there. Those marmots really are adorable.

  5. I have never been to the Swiss Alps and I don’t have children but I would def take them on a trip. I’m sure they were excited to see all the animals,I would have been. The best memories are not what presents you give children but the time you spend with them.

  6. These are nice photos,I must commend you for going that high with kids! Altitude sickness is something else altogether. It is never easy.

  7. Your post brings back many fond memories of this place. When we went up we didn’t see any BOUQUETIN. You guys were lucky. Loved reading about this place from your perspective. How I miss Switzerland!!

  8. Aww it looks like your family had a great time and you encountered lots of cute animals! Great reminder to bring a jacket even during summer, as that’s most likely a clothing item I would’ve forgotten to pack. All your beautiful photos are making me wanna just jump on a plane over to explore these stunning sceneries myself!

  9. 3300 is not a joke, having summitted before! But this looked like fun. In addition to jackets gloves are a must. Sausage fingers can be the most uncomfortable thing ever!


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