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12 Easy Hikes with Kids in Valais, Switzerland


Ultimate Hiking Guide ValaisThe canton of Valais in the south part of Switzerland is a mecca for hikers. Home to many 4000m peaks, glacier crossings and the famous Haute-Route connecting Chamonix /France with Zermatt the choice is immense and sometimes maybe a bit overwhelming.

But let me assure you, there are plenty of easy hikes and most of all, family friendly. We love to hike but I guess like all families, when hiking with kids there needs to be some interactions on the way to make it interesting for the little hikers. No matter where you are, a hike needs to be interesting.

The more interactions, water streams and other obstacles on the way the better it is, and the easier the kids will walk. Most of the featured hikes on our list of 12 beautiful and easy hikes with kids in Valais, will have some kind of attraction. When hiking with kids you can discover nature the best way because they find many new things and question everything.

Below you will find some of our top favourite easy hikes with kids in Valais Switzerland.

Good to know before you start reading the list: Some of the hiking in Valais is along a “Bisse”

So, what is a Bisse hike in Valais ?

It is an irrigation canal – an open ditch – with a gentle slope delivering priceless and much needed water from mountain streams and rivers to agricultural land, mainly the meadows and vineyards. Some are still in use today and with over 600km distributed over 250 different Bisses, plenty of beautiful walkways are waiting to be discovered. These walkways are perfect for easy hiking with kids throughout the Valais and most are super family friendly.
Now we have covered this let’s start with our guide to some of the best and most beautiful easy hikes with kids in Valais, Switzerland. 

No1 ❀ Easy Hike – Panorama Path in Nendaz, Tracouet

Panorama Hike in Nendaz Valais Switzerland
Panorama Hike in Nendaz Valais Switzerland

This is without doubt one of our most visited hikes in Valais, because it offers stunning views wherever you turn. As the name already states, you will be rewarded with a 360° panoramic view over the Rhone Valley and on the other side all the way over to the Mont Blanc and the French Alps.
In autumn you can savour sweet mountain blueberries for much of the walk.
The start of this easy hike is marked with a wooden arch at the foot of the forest on the left-hand side of the Lake Noir at Tracouet.
During this easy hike some educational information posts give information about the fauna and flora of the region and once you have found the oversized sun bed amongst the avalanche barriers, lay down and enjoy the view. You can finish this family friendly hike by the lake or up at the cablecar station where a play area awaits. Read more

Location:: Tracouet, Accessible from the Village of Haute-Nendaz by cablecar to Lac Noir.
Length:: 2.5 km in a loop
Level:: easy hike with a slight uphill part at the beginning
Ascent:: 198m / Descent:: 198m
Highest point:: 2268m
Good to know:: Not push-chair friendly on the walk but possible around Tracouet station. Refreshments available at the restaurant. Playground available. Picnic possible.

No2 ❀ Easy Hike – Barefoot Path , rediscover your senses

Barefoot Path in Siviez
Barefoot Path in Siviez

Lets have fun and start feeling the forgotten sensations of what sand, wood shavings, stones, pine cones, earth and mud, grass and moss and pine needles can give you. Ah and not to forget the cold mountain water. The path starts just behind the first building when reaching Siviez by car. You then follow the sign indicating two bear feet which lead over a meadow with alpine flowers, then follows the River Prinze  through the forest. When you arrive at the end of the path you will reach an amazing picnic area right by the river. A good place to stay a bit and have the kids run around. You will then take the same path back to the car park.

TIP: If you have little kids, I recommend to skip the 1stpart, park at the end of the car park on the left by the bridge for the chairlift and start your easy hike from there. Reason being that walking over all the wood with delicate kids feet is not the best idea as they may have splinters afterwards.

Location:: Siviez
Length:: 2.0 km there and back
Level:: easy hike
Ascent:: 75m / Descent 75m
Highest point:: 1770m
Good to know:: Not push-chair friendly on the path itself but you can walk up the small mountain road to the picnic area and meet your family there.
Refreshments possible at nearby restaurant at the start of this easy hike. Playground available nearby behind the apartments and picnic areas can be found within the walk.

No3 ❀ Easy Hike – Marmotte Path, meet the nicest locals

Marmotte Hike in Siviez
Marmotte Hike in Siviez

Hiking in Valais also means seeing some wildlife and this is the perfect family friendly hike where this is possible. Take the chairlift from Siviez direction Tortin and if you look carefully you will be able to spot many mountain Marmottes sunbathing on their alpine rocks right below you.
At the end of the chair lift you start walking down the way you came up. You will pass a cow barn and if you’re really lucky they might have just made fresh Serac cheese. Don’t be shy and go and ask if you could try and maybe even buy some for your picnic later on.
Past the barn you get to the Marmotte area, normally they do not pose when they can smell people close by, so just make the most out of spotting them whilst on the chair lift.

Location:: Siviez Tortin
Length:: 3.5 km down hill
Level:: easy hike
Ascent:: by chairlift / Descent:: 326m
Highest point:: 2045m
Good to know:: Push chair friendly with large wheels. At the car park area is a restaurant and also a small playground. If the lift system is not working you can walk up and make a loop for the return.

No4 ❀ Easy Hike – Lac de Cleuson (Barrage) The Turquoise Lake

Cleuson Dam
Cleuson Dam, Easy Hike with kids, Valais Switzerland

When I started compiling possible hikes for this list “Beautiful and Easy hikes in Swiss Valais with kids”, I realised that there are just so many which makes hiking in Valais a paradise for families.

This one is for all that love the turquoise blue of a mountain lake. You can drive all the way up to the dam, which is a massive saving on your hike. But be careful on the gravel path are some water evacuation channels which are quite deep, you should have no problem passing them if you go slowly.
Park your car in the small car park right next to the dam wall and start your walk around the lake whichever way you like. If you start by crossing the dam wall first visit the cute chapel Saint Barthélémy before joining a small foot path alongside the water all the way to the back of the lake. A waterfall brings in some glacial melt water from distant mountains. This hike has some smaller water stream crossings involved, but they shoud be no worries for the little hikers in your group. A short relatively steep path uphill takes you away from the water and up to a wider foot path and back to the car park.

You can find a more advanced version of the Clemson dam lake hike here.

Location:: Siviez – Barrage de Cleuson
Length:: 3.2km around the lake
Level:: easy hike ( a little uphill for a very short time)
Highest point:: 2186m
Good to know:: Only half way push-chair friendly on the left hand side of the lake. Refreshments possible at the restaurant in the car park at Siviez. Picnic possible.

No5 ❀ Easy Hike – Part of the Bisse du Levron,Verbier.  Absolutely amazing views

Bisse de Levron, Verbier
Easy hike with kids in Valais, Switzerland 

This easy family friendly hike is all about the spectacular panoramic views of the Valais Alps and beyond! It is an adventure in itself before you even get to this hike as it involves some different cable cars and chairlifts. But you will thank me that I made you discover this easy hike, believe me. When hiking in Valais with kids you actually still experience some high mountain paths and this is why we love hiking with kids in the Valais.

There are 2 ways to get there.
Either from Verbier with the aerial Medran Gondola to the Croix-des-Ruinettes, or from Siviez/Nendaz side which involves taking the chairlift to Tortin, then the cablecar up to Les Gentianes and down with the Jumbo cablecar to La Chaux where the hike finally starts. Just make it a day’s excursion and take a day pass. Kids up to 6 years of age travel free of charge.
Starting at La Chaux, (Nendaz side) pass the cow farm below and reach the Bisse de Levron. As you will be walking with the water stream the kids love to make their boats and follow them along whilst the panoramic views of the splendid mountain scenery and the lush valley will make you stop and marvel. Don’t forget to turn around every so often to admire the jaw dropping views of the Grand Combin. Over to your left the Mont Blanc massive poses at its best. What more can you want from this beautiful and easy hike in the Valais Region with kids? A family friendly hike in Switzerland at its best!
If you are doing this easy hike with kids and they are a bit tired, then I recommend to get back from les Ruinette (access station from Verbier) with the cablecar system.  But you can of course also walk back either the same way or take the bike route which has some cool art 3D sculptures along the way. From La Chaux, you need to get back to your car again with the amazing cablecar to Gentianes, Tortin and finally to your car in Siviez. This hike can be very well combined with a visit to the Mont Fort at 3330m altitude Read More 

TIP: If you do have enough time you could head down with the cablecar and visit the village of Verbier or even better rent a mountain Trottinet and ride down. But keep in mind the timetable for all the cable car connections if you need to get back to Siviez. Otherwise your easy hike will become a very hard one. (smile)

Location:: Verbier / Les Ruinette – La chaux
Length:: 2 km one way
Highest point:: 2195m
Level:: easy hike
Ascent:: 50m / Descent:: 50m
Highest point:: 2045m
Good to know:: Pushchair friendly with large wheels along the bike path which runs slightly above the Bisse but pretty much parallel. Restaurants available but check as they close during off season. This hike is only possible if the cable car system is working. Please do check their time tables.

No6 ❀ Easy Hike – “Sentier des Sens” La Tzoumaz 

Sentir des Sense La Tzoumaz , Valais
Sentir des Sense La Tzoumaz , Valais

Another one of our favourite easy hikes with kids in Valais. This one is actually a “Theme Trail” with great education stations for the whole family. When you arrive in La Tzoumaz follow the sign for “Maison de la Forêt” – Forest House, this will bring you to the parking lot. This easy hike is all about learning and experimenting which is not only great for the kids but adults alike and on top of it all, the views overlooking the Rhone Valley from the Forest House are breathtaking.
The Forest House offers some great interactive stations and you can also buy some refreshments before or after your easy hike.
The “Sentier des Sens” is a fun easy hike with kids that forms a loop of 2.7 km in the forest of La Tzoumaz and leads you to the discovery of the nature through a quiz of the 5 senses. READ MORE

Location:: La Tzoumaz
Length:: 2.7 km half in a loop whilst the end is the same way
Level:: easy hike
Ascension:: 102m / Descent:: 102m
Highest point:: 1800m
Good to know :: pushchair friendly, refreshments possible at the restaurant. Playground available. Picnic possible

No7 ❀ Easy Hike – Bisse de Torrent Neuf,  wobbly knees & suspension bridges

Bisse de Torrent Neuf
Bisse de Torrent Neuf, easy hikes with kids in Valais, Switzerland

Hiking the historical path of the Bisse de Torrent Neuf is an attraction on its own. But there is more to this family friendly hike than just a bit of history.  How do you like the sound of a bear and some wobbly suspension bridges?  Great, then this easy hike will ensure that hiking in Valais is everything but boring.
This is an easy hike with kids but it is not for the faint hearted or for anyone that suffers from vertigo because you will have to cross some suspension bridges. To be exact, if you and your family make it all the way to the end of the easy hike you will have the great joy of crossing 4 amazing suspension bridges, each about 100m long.

I strongly suggest to be at least one adult for two younger kids.
Once arriving in the village of Saviese, follow the brown signposts for “Bisse du Torrent Neuf”. Drive to the very last carpark right next to the forest, this way, you will save yourselves a fair bit of time and walking.
The 8km path (one way) from the parking leads you along the bisse within the forest until you reach the cute little chapel and the Buvette (restaurant) where the official walk will start. Historic photographs and explanations of how the Bisse was built  with other important facts, are explained and listed along the walk. For sure the kids will love the bridges but although this is an easy hike just keep an eye on the kids because there are some areas where you need to have them by the hand. We walked with the kids age 3 past the 2nd suspension bridge and to a little hut where we had our picnic, enjoyed the view and turned back. I let you be the judge on how far your family wants to explore this amazing easy hike with kids in Valais.

TIP: Carry on driving past the last carpark until you get to a 180° bend. Park your car 50 meters further up on the left-hand side, just after the walking path crosses the road. It was a good hour from here to the second suspension bridge, before we turned back with our young kids.

Location:: Savièse
Length:: 8 km one way (but just walk as long as you think is ok and turn around)
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 1300m
Good to know :: After a heavy rain fall or during wet weather the hike is not accessible. Gates block the path when conditions are dangerous. Not pushchair friendly. There is a buvette for refreshments. They do not have ice cream though!!
This easy hike with kids normally closes as of November onwards check the Website

No8 ❀ Easy Hike – Around Lake Tseuzier in Valais (Barrage)

Lake view
Family friendly hike for little kids – Tseuzier Lake – Valais

This is one of our favourites and a most beautiful hike, especially during the autumn months because the shades and clear air are just out of this world. Although it is an easy hike it is also one of the longer ones. You might just want to keep this in mind.
Start your hike by crossing the dam wall before reaching the lake shore path. The nature is magical: with the alpine pasture of Rawyl, framed by ragged mountains, water streams and waterfalls. Depending on the time of the year you’re visiting the differing nature makes this easy hike even more special. We love it during the autumnal light.

There is a section where you need to have the kids a bit closer to you as the path narrows and descends steeply on one side unprotected. But this is pretty much the only area where they cannot walk freely.
You have reached the highest point by the waterfalls with a giant viewing-lens and a panorama board. If you have time you can climb down to the foot of the falls, or just carry on your hike which will now lead you into the forest and to the Ancient Bisse de Sion. This section is a bit shady. As you get out of the forest and over the bridge you reach the final section before the dam wall and the end of your easy hike. Read more

Location:: Ayent , Barrage de Rawyl, Dam
Length:: 4.6 km round trip
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 1855m
Good to know:: Only partially push chair friendly on the left-hand side of the lake. Restaurant du Barrage de Zeuzier available, check opening times.

No9 ❀ Bisse des Miriouges – Crans Montana Family Walk

Arriving at Lake Miriouges in Cran Montana, Valais
Arriving at Lake Miriouges in Crans Montana, Valais

This is a perfect easy hike with kids in Valais. Best to hike it on warmer days as most of the path is shady and in the forest, until you reach Lake Miriouges. Although during the autumn you can experience amazing colours throughout the whole walk which makes it special in its own right.

Park opposite the Restaurant Blanche-Neige in Lens, on the right hands side in a gravel area. You will join the Bisse des Miriouges quite quickly on the road above where you parked. First you will walk between houses, which offers some amazing views down the Rhone Valley before entering the forest. Just follow the Bisse which eventually leads you out of the forest and on to the Lake. If you walk counter clockwise around the lake you will be quicker at the playground. The whole place is great and if you like to have access to the lake so the kids can throw some stones then you maybe better off staying right there by the BBQ stations. The BBQ stations are getting quite busy on weekends but there is always a place for a Picnic. Read more

Location:: Crans Montana
Length:: 1.4 km to the lake / The complete loop (round trip and lake tour) is 4 km
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 1420m
Good to know:: The path is suitable for push-chairs and those with reduced mobility. No restaurant by the lake. Play area and picnic with BBQ station available at the Miriouges lake

No10 ❀ Lac Derborence The hidden Valley in Valais

Derborence Valley Hiking Guide, Valais Switzerland
Derborence Valley Hiking Guide, Valais Switzerland

A very quiet place, far from any city noise which makes this an absolute MUST visit when in the Valais region. Derborence Valley is hidden between high mountain peaks and already the drive from the valley floor starting in Sion/Conthey all the way to the end is spectacular and an adventure in its own right.
The path around the lake is pretty easy and gives you plenty of places to stop, admire the nature reserve, throw a few rocks and carry on walking. There is no importance whether you decide to go clockwise or anticlockwise. Finish the day at the shoreline with a picnic.

This is such an amazing place, that even just to come up and spend some time at the lake shore whilst absorbing this most beautiful surrounding nature is a MUST. Read more

Location:: Derborence
Length:: 1.3km around the lake
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 1449m
Good to know:: The path around the lake is not push-chair friendly but the path down to the lake is. There is a restaurant on site and parking is free of charge just above the lake shore.

No11 ❀ Sanetsch Lake in Valais, a Hike away from it all

Lake Sanetsch in Valais Switzerland
Lake Sanetsch in Valais Switzerland :: Easy Hikes In Valais

This is a place where I can guarantee, that after spending the day up at Sanetsch you all will be leaving rejuvenated and totally happy because it is such a peaceful area. Already the road up to the Col de Sanetsch (pass) is breathtaking and well worth stopping for photos and taking in the view you are driving away from and of course inspiring the one you are heading to.
You can either walk the full loop around the lake of which half would be on the small pass road or just do a there and back on the path close to the lake shore. We usually opt for half a walk so we can spend some time with a picnic by the lake and the dessert we take at the far side of the pass, whilst enjoying the view down the Bernese Valley of Gsteig und Gstaad. Read More.

Location:: Col de Sanetsch
Length:: probably about 2.5km round trip
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 2442m
Good to know :: This easy hike with kids is only pushchair friendly on the road part. The path close by the lake is not pushchair friendly.

No12 ❀  Easy Hike in Valais – La Grande Dixence Dam (Lac des Dix- Barrage)

A Family Hike at La Grande Dixence-Dam, Valais Switzerland
A Family Hike at La Grande Dixence-Dam, Valais Switzerland

This easy hike with kids in Valais is perfect for a hot summer day because you will start at an altitude of 2360m. The Dam is located at the end of Val d’Héréne, birthplace of the famous Valais black cows. The road is passing the charming village of Hérémenance and keeps on heading its way along the valley until it ends at the impressive 285 m high dam wall, which is the tallest gravity dam in the world. Very impressive indeed. Before you’re heading up to the cable car, stop at the foot of the wall and have a walk around. This gives you the real feel of how little we are against this impressive wall.
The easy hike with kids starts at the top of the wall which you will reach in 4 min by cable car. A large yellow hiking sign on the right side of the wall dam indicates the path saying “Cabane de la Barmaz”.
1st you will pass through some tunnels, “don’t forget your flashlights”. Whereas the 2nd part is a wide, flat open meadow path where you might have to negotiate the crossing of some small mountain streams that are making their way down into the dam. And last but not least is the part where you head up to the Cabane. Read More

Location:: Hérémence
Length:: 5km, there and back
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 2360m
Good to know :: This easy hike with kids is push-chair friendly until you head up to the Cabane.

Bonus Feature

And this one is our BONUS HIKE!

Oeschinensee – Easy Lake Hike with Kids

Stunning view from the Oeschinensee in
Stunning view at the Oeschinensee in Kandersteg – Switzerland

Although not in Valais the Oeschinensee lake hike deserves to be on our favourite easy hikes with kids in Valais list.
From central Valais you can be at Oeschinen within 1h 30min via the car train from Goppensteig to Kandersteg in the Canton of Bern. From there a cable car ride and a short walk will bring you to one of the most stunning view points in the Swiss Alps. (see photo). There are other hikes available, some a bit more strenuous for more advanced hikers. Read More.

Location:: Oeschinensee / Kandersteg
Length:: 40min to the lake Shore via route 2
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 1578m
Good to know :: This easy hike with kids is push-chair friendly to the lake.

I hope you find one or two of our favourite easy hikes with kids in Valais would be suitable for you and your family.

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