Family walk along the Bisse des Miriouges

Family Walk in Crans Montana – Bisse des Miriouges

We love this easy family friendly walk because it can be done any day any time. Far from the hustle and bustle of the Crans-Montana resort, this shady path takes you through a forest to the pretty little lake Miriouges. An easy family walk and best of it all it is push chair friendly.

As it is a rather shady walk because the Bisse des Miriouges flows within the forest, be prepared to bring an extra jacket during the cooler months.

Walking along the Bisse des Miriouges
Walking along the Bisse des Miriouges in Crans Montana, Valais

What to expect during this Family Walk in Crans Montana

From the point where you join the Bisse des Miriouges at the beginning of your family friendly walk, the path guides you through a quiet neighbourhood. Now this is your chance to be a bit nosey. Most of these houses seem to be holiday homes as every time we have walked it there is just nobody around.

You will pass a house with a large white elephant in the garden (see map I have marked the location ) looking down over the beautiful Rhone Valley. A photo opportunity in its own right. The path through these housing areas is the only part where you will have a view over the Rhone valley on this family friendly walk. Enjoy it!

Beautiful view over the Rhone Valley in Crans Montana along the Bisse
Beautiful view over the Rhone Valley in Crans Montana along the Bisse

Once you reach the forest you will surely see a squirrel leap from one branch to the other over your heads and maybe you hear the knocking of a woodpecker. The flat path continues through the forest before it reaches the beautiful small lake of Miriouges. Hidden in the middle of the forest it is tinted with changing colours depending on the time of the year you visit and on the light. We love the autumnal shades along this whole family friendly walk.

By the Miriouges Lake – Crans Montana

When you arrive by the Miriouges Lake you can find yourselves by a little oasis. Take the time and observe the environment in silence, if this is possible with your kids 🙂 You are likely to see some fish jumping out of the water. At the lakeshore the combination of stones and water for our kids equals only one thing: all the stones having to be thrown into the water..
If you wish to continue on your walk follow the trail around the lake to reach a playground with additional bbq areas on the other side. Some passages around the lake are a bit difficult to follow with a pushchair, but until the lake you will not encounter any issues, just be aware of it.
Grills and picnic tables have been installed at the edge of the water when you exit the forest, which allows you and your family to fully enjoy this quiet and peaceful place with a nice BBQ.

Arriving at Lake Miriouges in Cran Montana, Valais
Arriving at Lake Miriouges in Cran Montana, Valais

There is special section for fishing on the left-hand side of the lake. If you do spot any fishermen, please try to be quiet, because you also may be able to see some special creatures around this nature section. Be aware that for fishing you need a permit.
For the return, take the same path back through the forest and alongside the chalets.

Lake Miriouges, Valais
Lake Miriouges Family Walk in Crans Montana, Valais

How to get to the Bisse des Miriouges

If you never been there it can take you some time to find the start. So you’re in luck as I will explain to you exactly where to park and how you can find the start of this family friendly walk along the Bisse des Miriouges.

As you are driving up from the valley bottom along the road “Route Lens-Crans” follow it all the way until you reach the Restaurant Blanche-Neige which is situated on the left side in Lens. Just 50m before the restaurant on your right side is a gravel place where you can park your car. Do not park by the restaurant nor in front of the apartment blocks. The lady might tell you off…
Walk up the road and take the set of stairs on your right which brings you on to the upper road called “Route du Golf”. The first path that goes away to the right is your path. From here simply follow the Bisse des Miriouges until you reach the lake.

Amazing Lake Miriouges, Crans Montana, Valais
Amazing Lake Miriouges, Crans Montana, Valais

Bisse des Miriouges – Crans Montana

Location:: Crans Montana – Lens
Length:: 1.4 km to the lake / The complete loop (round trip and lake tour) is 4 km.
Level:: easy hike
Highest point:: 1420m
Good to know:: The path is suitable for push-chairs and those with reduced mobility. there is no restaurant by the lake.
Play area and picnic with BBQ station available at the Miriouges lake

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