FERPÈCLE: A stroll to the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier

FERPÈCLE: A stroll to the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier


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Ferpècle – Valais – Switzerland, Mont-Miné Glacier

I will let you discover another
hidden Valais Gem,
but only if you promise to keep this place a secret when you visit, and treat it with the greatest respect.

The Mont-Mine glacier at Ferpècle, is a little wonder that must absolutely be preserved.

No one knows for how long we will be able to experience and observe a glacier like this.

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The beautiful Mont-Miné Glacier Hike or Bike Ride

Where is Ferpècle – Mont-Miné Glacier?

The areas are in the upper Val d’Hérens, a valley in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.
For me this valley has kept its authenticity, its identity and its traditions. If you are driving up from Sion you may want to stop at different areas to take pictures or just enjoy this drive and the views. There are breathtaking landscapes at every turn. Villages full of traditional Valais Mazots and wooden chalets decorated with flowers in season. It all looks like straight out of a children’s book.

At the end of the valley awaits the majestic and known mountain “La Dent Blanc” plus the Icefields of the Mont-Miné Glacier.

Oh, and you will get a bonus photographic spot whilst driving up Val d’Hérens. You may have heard of the Euseigne Pyramides? These fascinating earth formations at the entrance to the small Valaisain village of Euseigne cannot be overlooked. Plenty of parking before and after the tunnel by the Pyramides.

Photo of the Euseigne Pyramides in Valais
Beautiful Euseigne Pyramides on the way to foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier

What to expect when visiting Ferpècle – Mont-Miné Glacier

I can only say how we felt when we arrived at the foot of the Glacier…. Wow this is breathtakingly beautiful and out of this world.

Already the drive-up Val d’Hérens makes you want to stop at every corner.

This is a place for pretty much everyone as the access to the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier is pretty easy. There is a bit of uphill to negotiate but after reaching the plateau, it is a stroll all the way to the foot of Mont-Miné Glacier.

We brought our bikes and cycled along. Perfect for little beginner mountain bikers!

Depending on the season you visit, we went in mid May, you will encounter many small streams and ponds filled with tadpole and frog eggs on your path.

A real treat for the kids.

photos of kids biking to the foot of the mont-miné Glacier - Ferpècle
On the way to the foot of Mont-Miné Glacier – Ferpècle Valais

Waterfalls were cascading into the Borgne de Ferpècle stream and the crisp fresh air was noticable.

Whilst cycling parallel to the stream in this most beautiful landscape, I already knew that we would have to come back in autumn. To see the larches with their golden yellow coats on is not something we want to miss!

And then you arrive at the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier! Yes, it is real and amazing!

Kids with Bike at FERPÈCLE: A stroll to the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier
Arriving at the foot of Mont-Miné Glacier!!!

At the foot of Mont-Miné Glacier

The kids had their shoes and socks off and were running along this most magnificent landscape well before I got off my bike and realised I am not dreaming. Living in the mountains I get to see a lot of breathtaking places, and it is not often that a place literally takes my breath away. But Ferpècle on the foot of Mont-Miné Glacier did.

The kids played with the white milky sand/mud, bathed their feet in the glacial water, counted several frog eggs and made ponds for the tadpoles. Dave was investigating the area with his drone and I just sat there!

You can walk towards the glacier and even quite close up, but be careful of falling rocks. If you look up on your left side all the way to the ridge you will see the Cabane de Bricola.

From the barrage further down there is the hiking trail reaching this Cabane, which will be our next hike. But the snow needs to melt a bit more.

Couple standing at Mont-Miné Glacier at the end of the Ferpècle Valley
Mont-Miné Glacier at the end of the Ferpècle Valle

How to reach Ferpècle & the Mont-Miné Glacier

Your trip starts most probably from the valley bottom in Sion. Follow the sign for Val d’Hérenes, pass the Euseigne Pyramides and on to the beautiful mountain village of Evolène.

If you have time, which I hope you do, stop at the old part of the village and admire these incredible traditional houses.

After a break in Evolène, continue your journey to Les Haudères and La Forclaz.

Whilst the road gets narrower you will pass a few pristine hamlets. At the same time on the horizon, majestically overlooking the valley you will see La Dent Blanche and the Icefields of the Mont-Miné Glacier.

spring picture of the valley Ferpècle in Valais with Dent Blanche in the back
Driving up the Ferpècle Valley with view to the Icefields

On your left you will pass the small Hotel du Col d’Hérens. Shortly after within a curve are parking places. If you park here it will make it a longer hike then we had. It is the official parking place to reach Ferpècle and the foot of Mont-Miné Glacier. I just feel obliged to let you know this as it may be possible that in peak season the barrier is closed to prevent you driving further up.

We drove a little further up to the barrage de Ferpècle. If we would not have taken the bikes, we also would have stopped below in the curve and walked up. But as we had the bikes, and it was low season, we drove a little bit further up, which made it possible to achieve the ride to the glacier for the kids.

Suggestions & Tips

If you are looking for a more strenuous hike in the same location you can hike up to the Cabane de Bricola. This hike starts at the same point as if you would go to the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier.

It is indicated 3.4 km one way and has an incline of 543 m. The Cabane is at an altitude of 2423m. Please make sure you check the snow conditions if you are planning to include this hike.

 Hiking Map to the Mont Mine Glacier

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

Hiking Facts

We were on our bikes, but the info below is if you’re on foot.
Location:: Val d’Hérens, Fèrpecle – Mont-Miné Glacier
Length:: 1.3 km
Level:: easy
Highest point:: 1993m
Ascension 69m / Descent 2m

Good to know 

    • There are no restaurants or facilities up at the foot of Mont-Miné glacier.
    • If you are early in the season check with the local tourism office if the roads are already open and snow free.
    • You may want to bring some extra clothes for the kids 🙂  there is just too much fun to be had playing in all the water areas.
    • Maybe if you have a good mountain pushchair, and you have parked up at the Barrage, I probably say, yes, it is push chair friendly. But better in a carrier.

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your FERPÈCLE: A stroll to the foot of the Mont-Miné Glacier  

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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