areal shot of a Biofarm with clamping tents in Willisau

Glamping and Biking in Willisau – Lucerne

a pin guide to the itinerary on clamping in Willisau LucerneIf you are seeking a place where you can switch off, recharge your batteries, and spend some quality time with your family in nature, then read on and check out our Glamping experience in Willisau – Lucerne.

Our beautiful Glamping Place was at the Biohof Wellberg near Willisau. Amongst apple trees, farm fields and breathtaking views are two glamping tents inviting you to stay. Oh, and a new addition is a place for your camper van, away from the tents.

Where are the Biohof Wellberg Glamping Tents?

When in Willisau, near Lucerne, follow the forest road in the direction of Wellberg. At an elevation of 656m you will find a gentle hilly landscape with open farmland and a few buildings dotted around.



At the height of Wellberg, a sign “Biohof” guides you to the right and to the Biohof Wellberg and Glamping.

Even though the glamping tents are within the farm, they remain idyllically situated between the fruit trees.

A nearby forest gives the opportunity to spot some wildlife during the golden hours or at sunrise if you can leave the comfort of your bed.

Glamping tents amongst some apple trees at sunset
Beautiful Setting at the Biohof Wellberg – Glamping

What to expect when Glamping at the Biohof Wellberg – Willisau

If this is your 1st time glamping then you will be in for a treat. The whole set up has been created with a lot of love, care and comfort. There is nothing missing which ensures a comfortable glamping weekend in the Canton of Lucerne in Switzerland.

The two tents are set up for two persons but can easily host a family of 4 or maybe even 5. There is space within the tent for extra mattresses and the hosts will provide extra blankets. Although, I would suggest to bring extra sleeping bags for the children.

In the Glamping kitchen only metres away from the tents you will find pretty much everything you would need to prepare a glamping gourmet meal, or simply a hot chocolate.

In the same area a new bathroom has been fitted which is shared between the 2 glamping tents.

The location allows for beautiful early morning strolls over the farm hills where you can experience jaw dropping views. During our stay, a magical sunrise where the fog was lying low between the trees and covering the houses afforded an amazing opportunity to shoot some stunning photography.

photos of the Biohof Wellberg in Willisau with a family
At the Biohof Wellberg – Willisau

Campfire and Star gazing at the Biohof

The beauty of a Glamping experience is that you do not have to miss out on all the fun stuff during a camping trip. I would not want to miss the campfire, the marshmallows and the odour of smoke on our clothes.

And it was exactly this and more which we could enjoy whilst sitting around the campfire at night. It was a clear night and the sky was decorated with millions of stars. We spotted the “big bear” and numerous satellites were passing above us.
A beautiful spectacle to experience with the kids. Lucas was hoping for a shooting star whilst Chloe waited for the northern lights. 🙂 Both have not been spotted.

During times like these, I have a warm feeling around my heart and even if slowly but surely the cold is creeping over us, there is no other place I would rather be.

children sitting at a camp fire
Moments like these …. priceless
a family at a campfire at the Biohof Wellberg
Best family time – Campfire at the Biohof Wellberg
sky with stars and clamping tent at the Biohof Wellberg in Willisau
Stars & glamping tent at the Biohof Wellberg in Willisau

Animals at the Biohof Wellberg

Another reason why the Biohof Wellberg in Willisau is such a perfect family glamping place, is that we were able to pet, feed and play with the farm animals.

During the late afternoon hours, we could help feed the cows – (Mutterkühe) with their calves, throw bread and other food for the beautiful Woll Pigs, and to the absolute delight to the kids, the 6 cats also needed to be fed.
Furthermore, they have some horses on site, and a small flock of Engadiner sheep with their long ears.

Stop, nearly forgot the farm dogs. Cara and Peppa, a mother with her one-year-old pup makes the Biohof Wellberg animal family complete.

Suggestion: If your kids are not comfortable with dogs it is better to mention this to the hosts before arriving. Although they are super cute, Peppa can get a bit excited and loves to play. They do have their own little area where they can be locked up if needed.

children on a Biofarm in Willisau with animals
At the Biohof Wellberg in Willisau

Trips around Willisau from the Biohof Wellberg

Willisau is located in the countryside of Lucerne and there are a lot of “off the beaten track” things to see and do.

And for once, even though you will be in the Lucerne region, they do not include a visit to Lucerne itself. Willisau has its own treasures which are well worth the visit.

Whether it is a hike in the Napf Region, where endless vistas are at your feet or a visit to the Entlebuch Biosphere, a natural reserve at the foot of the Alps. Sure, is you will not be bored in the Willisau region.

To get to know the area a bit better, we opted to stay very local and went on a bike ride first.

Bike Tour from Biohof Wellberg around Willisau Region

The tour can be adapted to your needs and liking. We planned to do a much bigger tour, but with all the animal sightings on the way and the beautiful stops, time just flew by.

And never to forget, the kids are riding a small bike and need to peddle much more than we do.

I have marked on our map of Willisau ( see above) some additional places to add to your bike route in violet. More information on these places will follow at the end of the article. Make your own way but make it an enjoyable family bike route in Willisau like we did.

family on their bikes stopping for lamas
On our Willisau Bike Tour

1st Stop Wasserschloss Wyher – Ettiswil

Direct from the Biohof Wellberg we hopped on our saddles and still within the morning fog pedalled our way to Ettiswil.

Along the route we stayed mostly on forest roads before reaching the famous Wyher Wasserschloss which is a location on the Grand Tour de Switzerland.

Before we reached Wyher Wasserschloss (Watercastle) we had many animal sightings, even some cute Lamas or Alpacas, and passed by this beautiful little chapel in the photo below.

This gives an excuse to stop and let the legs rest a bit.

The Wyher Wasserschloss is used for family events, such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

And of course we needed to add one for the collection – Photo stop “Grand Tour of Switzerland!”

family on their bikes in Willisau Region by a chapel
On our bike route in Willisau
a castle surrounded by water the Waterschloss Wyher
The Famous Waterschloss Wyher
a water castle and a photo point
At the Wyher water-castle. – Wasserschloss Wyher.

2nd stop – Lunch at Biohof Agrovision Burgrain

Wherever you are on your bike tour around the Willisau region, we suggest to stop for lunch at the Biohof Agrovision Burgrain. The Burgrain is not just like any organic farm. Therefore, be prepared to spend some time here as this place has something for the whole family to enjoy.

Here you can clearly feel the passion and aim, for healthy, innovative and fair agriculture.

The restaurant in one part but there is also a “self-walk” path to visit the entire area. (See map below for some orientation)

A playground with a giant slide and sand pit, plus the pedal tractors will keep the kids entertained for sure. Furthermore, and super interesting is the bee-house. Observe the bees busy with their work, all in security of course.

If you would rather enjoy a picnic on the grass, the Burgrain Biohof offers picnic trolleys, with blankets, pillows and the necessary cutlery. Your picnic can be bought in the Burgrain Bio shop (Hofladen) which is within the farm.

We enjoyed a nice meal at the Burgrain restaurant, prepared with fresh local bio products.

images from the Biohof Burgrain with a family and animals
Lunch stop at The Burgrain Biohof
map of the Burgrain erlebsnishof
See the whole area on the interactive map

3rd Stop – Burgruine Kastelen (Tower Ruins)

We could have spent some more time at Biohof Agrovision Burgrain without a doubt, but we also wanted to see some more from the region. So once more we jumped on our bike saddles and cycled up to the Burgruine Kastelen which was not far from the Burgrain Restaurant.

You can easily cycle all the way to the Schloss Kastelen which is just below the ruin. From there it is up to you if you prefer to bike or walk up to the tower.

As we have these amazing “pulling ropes” to pull the kids uphill when needed, we cycled all the way to the top.

Now you are in for a treat. Climb up the stairs of the restored tower and enjoy the breathtaking 360° views as far as the eye can see.

family cycling up to the Kastellen ruins in Willisau
On our way to the Kastelen Ruin – Willisau
Areal view of the Kastelen Burgruine
View of the Kastelen Ruin and region Willisau

Time to cycle back to the Biohof Wellberg

After enjoying the views over Willisau Region and beyond we needed to start thinking to cycle back to the Biohof Wellberg as we agreed to help feed the farm animals at the Biohof.

So better not be late for this.

From the Kastelen Ruin the cycle back is direction Willisau and at the village entry take the forest road uphill to the Farm.

Map of our Bike Route in Willisau

Extend the Willisau Region Visit – More things to do

On our weekend we had much more planned to visit around the Willisau region, but on Sunday the weather was not on our side and with constant pouring rain we missed out on a few things.

Whether you are travelling with your bikes or on foot the following places would deserve a visit as well.

To extend our bike route, you could add a few more kilometres and cycle to the following places.

  • Visit the “Naturlehrgebiet – Buchwald”
    Not far from the Wyher Water Schloss you will find the Nature reserve area of Buchwald.
    Immerse yourself in the nature and be enchanted by the wild charm of this small natural oasis! Croaking water frogs, sand lizards basking in the sun or, with a bit of luck, a grass snake hunting could all be part of your discovery. A fantastic place to bring your family.
  • Cycle or walk within the “Wauwilermoos” a nature reserve and a UNESCO-World heritage site.
    The importance of the Wauwilermoos started way back in the 19th century when after the drainage of the wetland, Stone Age settlements were found. An entire village was discovered and investigated until 1989. This find became so important that UNESCO protected the site in 2011.

Enjoy the views from Menzberg in a Beach Chair

If you do have more than one day in Willisau you might like the idea of sitting in a beach chair above the fog and enjoying a unique view. Up at Menzberg from October to April you can follow the path to the seven particularly beautiful vantage points that invite you to linger and relax at each point in a beach chair.

Hiking up the Napf

The shortest route to the Napf starts in Hergiswil near Willisau from the “Wiggerehütte” car park. It is a short but steep path leading you steadily through the forest with a rapid altitude gain of 440m to the Napf. But the joy when finally, the Bernese mountains become visible after the last bend, makes the hard climb well worth it. A 360° uninterrupted panorama to enjoy as long as you like.

Bowi Play area- The Largest Playground in the Region

If you really need some more activities after all the suggested things to do in Willisau region, then here is one for the kids. In the Village of Willisau you will find this rather special place. The Bowi Playarea. At first it looks like a selling place for all the climbing frames, but don’t worry it is officially a playground for you to visit.

The Bowi Exhibition Park also has a little restaurant / snack bar on site.

And if  you really do not prefer the Glamping option while visiting Willisau Lucerne, don’t worry you will find many other accommodation in the area .

drone shot of a bio farm in Willisau Biohof Wellberg
The beautiful Biohof Wellberg near Willisau – Lucerne

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Voilà, I hope you enjoyed reading Glamping & Biking in Willisau – Lucerne.

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below and share your experience, so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries and stories as well

Note: This trip was in collaboration with the Tourism Lucerne , but as always trips like these are to test it for you and our full honest review is presented here.

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