family at the fronalpstock hike in Stoos

Ridge Hike at Stoos – Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Are you ready to ride the steepest closed funicular in the world up to this gorgeous and gripping ridge hike in Stoos – Central Switzerland?

Then you have come to the right Swiss hiking guide. You will find here all you need to plan one of the most amazing ridge hikes in Switzerland.

With its great panoramic view of ten Swiss lakes and dozens of well-known peaks, the Fronalpstock in Stoos is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Central Switzerland.

And there is good reason for this.

There are not many places which will beat the views you will experience. Whether you make the extraordinary ridge hike from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock or should you decide to seek the views from Fronalpstock directly, the panorama is simply stunning.

family at ridge hike in Stoos
Starting the ridge hike in Stoos to Fronalpstock

How to get to Stoos in Central Switzerland

You need to make your way to the car free alpine village of Stoos in Central Switzerland which can be accessed by the steepest closed funicular train in the world.

Note: There is a second option to reach Stoos, and this would be from Morschach with the gondola. (See map below)

For the ridge hike, Klingenstock to Fronalpstock it does not really matter which way you arrive in Stoos. To get the full experience, I recommend to ride the steepest closed funicular train in the world which is located just a bit further up the valley from Morschach. Add to your GPS the following address – Grundstr.230, 6430, Schwyz.

If you are arriving by car there are many payable parking places available at the foot of the Stoos Funicular railway.

Arriving by Public Transport to Stoos.

From your home station, plot the way to the train station in Schwyz and then change to Bus #1 to Stoosbahnen. The Bus will drop you right at the base station for the Stoos Funicular Train

Overnight Tickets to Stoos and Fronalpstock

NOTE: If you overnight at Fronalpstock;
Normally the ticket is valid for 24h, so if you are planning to overnight at the Berghotel Fronalpstock, the ticket will still be usable the next morning to take the chairlift back down from Fronalpstock to Stoos and further to the car park or bus stop. Therefore take a return ticket if you’re planning to leave the Fronalpstock within the 24h of arriving at Stoos Funicular station.

We arrived at midday, and stayed at Fronalpstock overnight. We departed at 10am the next morning, therefore our “day tickets” were still valid.

Riding the Funicular up to Stoos Village 1300m Altitude

When you have sorted your ticket, you will be riding in the world’s steepest funicular railway to the car free village Stoos at 1300M altitude. It is not any normal funicular; you will be transported in very distinctive barrel-shaped cabins which rotate relative to the gradient of the track. The ride will take only 4 min which is a phenomenal speed.

The funicular train – Standseilbahn Stoos – runs every 30 minutes until 19:40, and even later on Fridays & Saturdays
Both chairlifts – Klingenstock & Fronalpstock run continuously from 9:00 to 16:00, where’s as the latter one stays open later at the weekend for the SUNSET experience at Fronalpstock.

Note: The Klingenstock lift operates only in good weather conditions. Check the website for current prices and opening times.

And honestly, this is not a hike you want to do when it is foggy or wet.

unique funicular at Stoos Muotatal Switzerland

Taking a seat at the chair lift to Klingenstock 

There are two options to hike the ridge hike in Stoos

  1. Klingenstock to Fronalpstock
  2. Fronalpstock to Klingenstock

In this article I will be giving you details on the first option, because we then spent the night at the Berghotel Fronalpstock.

Keep in mind that this is a very popular hike due to its beauty and uniqueness. Therefore, if you can, avoid weekends or hike it in the afternoon.

From the village Stoos there is a 10 -15 min walk to the Klingenstock chairlift. Follow the sign to the “Sessellift Klingenstock Talstation”. With the Stoos summer map below you will find important points indicated, plus this should also give you an idea of the spectacular views you will experience when standing at the Fronalpstock viewing platform.

view from the Klingenstock viewpoint in Stoos over the Grosser Mieten region
Beautiful View from Klingenstock over to the Grosser Mieten Region
A map of the Village Stoos Muotatal during summer
Stoos Muotatal summer map with viewpoints

On the Ridge hike Klingenstock to Fronalpstock

Keep in mind that there are some sections on this path where you need to pay full attention to your hiking skills and if you are hiking it with smaller kids, make sure they are next to you and listen to your instructions.
If you are a family that hikes a lot and are used to mountain paths with some drop offs, you will be fine. BUT just to say it is NOT a yellow signed walking trail but a red-white-red with some steep drops on either side.

And now you are in for a treat. 360° panoramic views for the next 2-3 hours are guaranteed.

Follow the 4.5km long path that you can see disappearing into the distance and over to Fronalpstock. Meadows with beautiful alpine flowers will be found along the route.
This is also a big Thank you to all the people who built this well maintained and secure path which allows us to hike the ridge (Gratwanderung) to Fronalpstock.

different images of a family hiking the Stoos ridge hike
Along the Stoos Ridge path to Fronalpstock
family sitting on the ridge path in stoos
Having a break with this beautiful view over the Vierwaldstättersee

collection of photos from a family hiking the Stoos Gratwanderung to Fronalpstock

Finally at Fronalpstock

On reaching the Huserstock, a short, well-built and secured mountain path carved into the rock winds its way down to Furggeli. And it is here where you will most probably say “oh what we have to climb all the way back up there?”

Yes, you do have one last steep but short climb before you reach your goal of the day – the highest restaurant in Canton Schwyz, Gipfelrestaurant Fronalpstock at 1922m altitude.

The views are fantastic along the entire ridge, but standing at the viewing platform at Fronalpstock is just a little bit more special or should I say absolutely breathtaking. Honestly, I have seen a lot of views, but this one definitely belongs to the best views in Switzerland.

And to the delight of the kids, there is an amazing playground. Whilst we had a well-deserved cold drink, they found from somewhere enough extra energy to enjoy the playground until dinner time.


images from the Fronalpstock in Stoos Schwyz
Arriving at Fronalpstock

Overnight at the Gipfelrestaurant Fronalpstock

What made this ridge hike even more special is that as we started this hike as late as 2pm, we hardly met anybody on the path. When we arrived at Fronalpstock all the day tourists had already left as the chairlift to Stoos was already closed. This meant we only had to share this amazing place with a handful of other people who were also spending the night at the Fronalpstock.

The Hotel has a few modern and stylish rooms perfect for couples and families.

The half board was ok, pretty much what you would expect from a mountain restaurant. But I would say that you do not come up to the Fronalpstock to enjoy a gourmet meal, no you come here to get the most out of this epic 360 ° view.
After dinner we went outside again to enjoy the sunset. The kids played alone on the cool playground whilst we clicked away one picture better than the other.

At first it did not look like a great sunset, but we were lucky as suddenly the sky turned red and we observed the most beautiful sunset at Fronalpstock.

I highly recommend to stay the night up there.

Back down to Stoos

After a fantastic nights sleep, so good we even missed the sunrise, we had breakfast and the kids had one more play at the playground. There was still hardly anybody at Fronalpstock, it was so idyllic. A pleasant ride down with the chairlift followed by a short 10min walk back to the Stoos Funicular station.

Oh, did you know, Stoos is also a winter ski resort adapted for families?

sunset over the lake Lucerne at Fronalpstock in Switzerland
A magical sunset at Fronalpstock

What to Consider when visiting Fronalpstock in Stoos -Muotatal in Canton Schwyz

Tips and Frequently Ask questions

Below you will find some useful information & tips which will help you plan this hike or visit to the Fronalpstock. Furthermore,  I have answered some questions our community had when they saw on our  Instagram account that we hiked the ridge path last year.

Which Mountains and Lakes can you see from the Stoos – Fronalpstock?

The fantastic mountain and lakes panorama is indescribable and I will not be able to name every single peak. But the more famous lakes and mountains include, for example the distinctive Grosser und Kleiner Mythen.

From the Fronalpstock further views offer a view of Lake Uri and Lake Lucerne. Seelisberg and the Rütliwiese, seen from the Tellsplatte, lie at your feet, whilst the Rigi – Queen of the Mounatins – rises like an island from the sea of the surrounding lakes. You can hardly get enough of this sight.

image of a sunset at Fronalpstock in Stoss switzerland
Another breathtaking sunset view at Stoos

Which way is Best to Hike the Ridge, Klingenstock – Fronalpstock – Klingenstock?

Personally, I would say from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock because as you hike along the ridge the views towards Lake Lucerne are getting better with every metre you take. And to arrive at Fronalpstock after this epic hike is such a reward.

However, I am sure to hike it the other way, Fronalpstock – Klingenstock is also beautiful and I am sure you will not be disappointed. The 360° view stays the same.

I could imagine if you are going directly up to Fronalpstock for a sunset photography adventure, then sleep at the top and hike the ridge to Klingenstock early morning, that this must also be a unique experience.

In this case I would definitely suggest to start the hike well before the 1st tourists have reached the ridge.

What you need to know when hiking the ridge from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock in Stoos

  • Recommended to hike with older children who have some hiking experience.
  • Not recommended if you suffer from vertigo.
  • If at all possible, try not to hike the famous ridge path in Stoos on weekends. If this is the only time you have, make it an afternoon hike.
  • Consider to stay overnight at the Gipfelrestaurant Fronalpstock. It is a unique experience and one you will talk about for a long time. (You can camp up at Fronalpstock as well, contact the restaurant for details).
family in a field at fronalpstock watching the sunset
I live for moments like these, Sunset with my kids at Fronalpstock

Tips when planning your ridge hike in Stoos 

This is a hike where some factors need to be right as otherwise you will not have a nice experience. I have listed some useful points below for you to check before heading up to Stoos.

  • Check the weather, and make sure it is the local weather forecast and not just an overall weather forecast for the region.
  • Check the weather also on the Webscams – Stoos-Muotatal
  • Do not attempt this hike when it is foggy nor on rainy days
  • Make sure you have adequate hiking shoes, warm clothing etc

Visiting the Fronalpstock for NON hikers

Yes, sorry of course you can enjoy this most beautiful view too. Simply walk from Stoos Village to the Fronalpstock chairlift which takes approximately 10min from the Stoos-Schwyz top station. Enjoy the ride and in no time, you are up in paradise.

Hiking Map – Stoos Ridge Trail – Gratwanderung – Fronalpstock

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

Hiking Facts

Location:: Stoos Muotatal Switzerland
Length:: 4.4 km, from Klingenstock
Level:: easy – hiked with kids of 5 years old. careful with younger kids, there are some drop-offs
Highest point:: 695 m
Ascent 119m / Descent 119m

Good to know

  • Parking at the Standseilbahn in Schwyz
  • Not push chair friendly
  • Toilet facilities at Fronalpstock only
  • Do not hike when wet or foggy

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when you will be hiking this most unique Stoos Ridge Hike – Klingenstock to Fronalpstock in Schwyz. 
If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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