Spectacular Lac Bleu in Arolla – A Magical Swiss Hike for Any Season

winter summer collage of Lac Bleu in Arolla

Spectacular Lac Bleu in Arolla. A Magical Swiss Hike for any Season

  • Photos of Lac Bleu in Arolla from different seasons
  • Do you love alpine lakes? 
    Do you love blue alpine lakes?

    Well then this is the alpine lake not to be missed when visiting Valais in Switzerland.

    Lac Bleu in Arolla is one of the most spectacular alpine lakes there is. Not only is its colour true to his name – Lac Bleu - but also the surrounding area where Lac Bleu in Arolla is nestled, is breathtakingly beautiful.

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When Best to Hike to Lac Bleu in Arolla?

Honestly, no matter the season you are planning a hike to Lac Bleu in Arolla, this place is beautiful any time of the year.


Lac Bleu - Winter to Spring

During the deep winter months you will not get the blue colour of Lac Bleu as it is frozen and mostly covered in snow, but you will have a stunning snowshoe hike in an epic mountain environment. We absolutely love to visit Lac Bleu in Arolla during early spring. This is when the ice starts to melt and the azure colour appears whilst part of the lake stays frozen and snow covered.

The contrast during this time of the year at Lac Bleu in Arolla is just mesmerising and out of this world.

Winter wonderland at Lac Bleu in Arolla hiking trail

Stunning Lac Bleu in Arolla during early March

Lac Bleu - Summer Visit

Not only will you get the full blue of Lac Bleu, but also the Alpine flowers. During the months of June and July when the flowers are in full bloom Lac Bleu turns into a real summer fest. The hiking access to Lac Bleu in Arolla is easier than during the winter months. And for the brave ones you can even go for a dip in the ice-cold blue water. Are you brave enough to swim in Lac Bleu?

lac bleu in arolla during a summer day

Hiking to Lac Bleu in Arolla during a summer day

Lac Bleu - and shades of Autumn

The Valais is well known for its large and beautiful Larches, and especially the golden larches during the autumn months. Therefore, purely for the colour spectacle you will get at Lac Bleu in Arolla during the autumn, it is probably one of the most spectacular months to visit. Imagine, blue sky, golden autumn shades scattered throughout the forests in Arolla-Valais and the azure-turquoise water of Lac Bleu! You have a picture-perfect autumn scenery.

autumn at lac bleu arolla

Beautiful Autumn day at Lac Bleu in Arolla - Photo Credit Sam John Williams

Where is Lac Bleu in Arolla?

Deep in the Val D’Hérènes in the Canton of Valais you will find Arolla in the Evolène Region.

The drive up the valley floor from the Capital Sion, is stunning and offers many scenic stops along the road. A spectacular entry in to the Val d'Hérens - Evolène Region is when you passing under The Pyramides d’Euseigne. This is definitely worth while a photography stop.

view over the Pyramides d’Euseigne, in Val d'Hérémens Valais

Pyramides d’Euseigne in Valais - Spring Time

family walking under the Pyramides d'euseigne in val Hérens

Les pyramids d'Euseigne during a sommer season

Carry on your trip always direction Arolla. On our map you can find some points of interest on your way to Lac Bleu in Arolla.

Your arrival destination is at a small place called La Gouille just before entering Arolla village itself. On a busy day, there will be many cars parked along the road. Find an empty space and park.

If you arriving by public bus, this will be your exit place.

Hiking up to Lac Bleu in Arolla

The hiking path to Lac Bleu is easily marked, with the official yellow Swiss hiking signs and during the winter you find the Pink snowshoes markers.

You will find two routes, both will take a good hour before reacheing to Lac Bleu. Although some say 45min, but we’re hiking with kids, and there are just too many photo opportunities and vistas to marvel at. Therefore, count one hour minimum if not 1 hour 30.

family hiking to lac bleu in arolla spectacular hike

Start of the hike to Lac Bleu in Arolla Valais

The direct route goes pretty much straight up through the forest. It is pretty steep on some places and it is because of this that we do not recommend to take this trail during the winter months.

Better enjoy the path via the Mayen (Valaisanne alpine houses you can see from La Gouille on the right-hand side.)

When you have nearly reached Lac Bleu these two routes meet again and the rest of the hike follows the same path, passing another small alpine Mayen before reaching our little paradise – Lac Bleu in Arolla.

family hiking to Lac Bleu in Arolla during a summer day

Hiking up to Lac Bleu in Arolla during a beautiful Summer day

boy standing in winter wonderland on the hike to Lac Bleu in Arolla

Valaisanne mazots just before reaching Lac Bleu in Arolla

Arriving at Lac Bleu in Arolla

winter image of Lac Bleu in arolla valais

Our paradise, Winter at Lac Bleu in Arolla

Lac Bleu in Arolla can get super busy, due to its stunning location and more or less easy access, this is why if you can plan a visit during a week’s day rather than on weekends it may be better.

We have been alone at Lac Bleu when the kids where not at school and we could just go any day we wanted. But also, for us this luxury has now gone.

An amazing view and a great photography spot is at the far side of Lac Bleu above where the water is cascading in to the lake. If you are lucky you will get a photograph with the mountains on the other side perfectly mirrored in Lac Bleu.

Find a spot and just enjoy this most beautiful place and marvel at the ragged mountains all around it.

family enjoying a winter day at Lac Bleu in Arolla

Simply stunning a winter day at Lac Bleu in Arolla Valais

children playing at Lac Bleu in Arolla during a summer day

Hiking to Lac Bleu during the summer

Hiking from Lac Bleu in Arolla

There are several hiking routes continuing from Lac Bleu. The area is well known also to mountaineer lovers and many High Alpine Routes can be reached from Lac Bleu. I may have to mentioned that, we have not yet done any of the routes below, but I know many of our friends that have.

Lac Bleu to Arolla

You could hike 4km on to Arolla Village and take the bus back to La Gouille.  The hiking path to Arolla from Lac Bleu is as always when hiking in Valais well-marked. A couple of chains to help you to get over rocks on the trail are there, but you don’t really need them and there’s no danger of a fall. This path is a summer hiking trail and rates as a T3.

Lac Bleu to Cabane des Aiguilles Rouges, Arolla

This is a much more advanced hiking trail in Arolla from Lac Bleu. From the end of April maybe even May, depending on the snow condition to early October to can reach the Cabane on a normal hiking trail. Before this time, you definitely need snowshoes or even Touring ski’s. The cabane makes a perfect place for lunch or why not even stay the night.

family at Lac Bleu during a magnificent winter day

Time to head back down from Lac Bleu in Arolla

Hiking Map to reach  Lac Bleu in Arolla

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

As I am writing about summer and winter hiking I have left the map on the hiking rather than the snowshoe settings.
However they are the same paths for all seasons when you are hiking to lac Blue in Arolla.

The straight line is the path via the Mayen but the map is not giving a proper marked path. This is why I tried to show the grading and where it meets the other route. Once you are there it is clearly marked.

Hiking Facts

Location:: La Gouille, Arolla
Length:: 2.5 km one way
Level:: easy T1 maybe a T2 on some places – hiked with kids 1st time age 4
Highest point:: 2090 m
Ascent 256m / Descent 256m

Good to know

  • During the winter months we recommend to hike up to Lac Bleu in Arolla with snowshoes as the path can get icy.
  • Avoid weekends as it is a popular stop all year round. Although less busier during the winter months for sure.
  • It is not stroller friendly

I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Hike to Lac Bleu In Arolla - whether it is during a crisp winter day or during a warm summer months.

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

Hi, my name is Corina, a mum of twins, a wife and founder of Packed Again – a Family Travel & Adventure Blog. We live in the most amazing mountain valley in Switzerland, the Valais.

It is outdoors where we feel the most connected and happy with each other.

The Blog will give you lots of information on Swiss Adventures and Beyond.

Never Forget to Explore!
Thank you Corina

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  1. Hi, First of all, I love your blog, it’s super useful and informative! We’d like to do the Lac Bleu hike with my family this weekend but the current avalanche risk everywhere is level 3. I would imagine this trail stays well away from the potentially risky areas, am I right in that?

    1. Post

      Hi Sofia, Thanks you so much for your message and glad you are liking our work 🙂
      Yes, I would also say that you do not risk anything whilst hiking up to Lac Bleu. Just go from la Gouille and not from Arolla. The Arolla path might even still be closed for sure.
      Have a wonderfull day !
      Happy easter to you and the family Corina

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