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The Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn- with Kids

pin to article Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn with beautiful viewThe panorama hike at Stanserhorn offers breathtaking views of the Alps, alpine meadows and the lakes central Switzerland has to offer. Located in the Canton of Nidwalden near to the border with Obwalden, you can stand on the peak at 1,898 metres above sea level.
I would say it is a lesser known destination and therefore not so crowded with tourists in peak season. Its lesser popularity although does not mean The Stanserhorn mountain is any less beautiful, on the contrary it is like a page from an alpine painter’s mountain book. 360° of stunning views which leaves your jaw dropping in constant awe whilst being on the panorama hike at Stanserhorn.

The Stanserhorn is the perfect mountain for hiking of all abilities. Whether a 30-minute walk around the peak or a strenuous 4 hour hike from Stans up to the very top, it offers everyone the possibility to pick the appropriate hike.

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The Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn

This time we picked the easy panorama hike, starting right at the Stanserhorn terrace. It is a hike all about the view, and in season about the alpine flowers. Take your flower identification book if this is your thing, you will be able to tick off quite a few different varieties.

Because this trail is so beautiful it will take you a good hour if not more, and keep your camera ready as you never know if the Alpine Eagle is circling just above you.

Before you can hike you need to get up to the Stanserhorn from Stans a beautiful Swiss-German Village in Nidwalden.

The ride in a nostalgic and beautifully restored funicular railway will bring you up and out of the village to the Kälti middle station. Then onwards with the modern CABRIO cable car. The world’s first cable car with an open upper deck providing a thrilling experience and beautiful views.

family sitting ion flower meow at the panorama path at Stanserhorn
Beautiful flowers at the Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn

What to expect on the Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn

Once you have taken in the view and a few pictures on the panorama viewing platform, follow the path to the “Murmeli” (Marmottes). Here the flower beauty already starts. Before reaching the very top of the mountain you will reach a Marmot enclosure. Here you will have the chance to see these fascinating creatures up close.

If you are travelling with kids you will for sure stop here quite some time and observe these local mountain animals. They were still quite shy which indicates that they do keep some of their natural habits.

different views from the panorama path at the Stanserhorn
The view and the viewing platform at Stanserhorn

Follow on the path which will guide you to the top accompanied with views out of this world. Sorry to mention it again, but it is just so beautiful….

Before you reach the very top there is a great BBQ station, where wood and even some paper were provided. We wished we had sausages with us as the hike is not that long this would have been a great place to have a perfect Swiss BBQ.

Nevertheless we still had our picnic there.

flower meadow and bbq station at the panorama Hike at Stanserhorn
Don’t miss the BBQ area at the Panorama hike at Stanserhorn

On the Top of Stanserhorn

A panorama that will leave you speechless. You basically can see, if weather allows, the whole of central Switzerland, including Lucerne, Zug, and Uri. The famous majestic peaks of Pilatus and Titlis look close enough to touch. Not to forget the famous Mönch and Eiger, and more….This is also a view where you can see ten different lakes.  I could list them all, but seriously it is best that you go and see for yourself.

Standing up there as a Swiss national it made me proud of our spectacular country once more.

diverters images of the Panorama Hike at the Stanserhorn
Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn with kids

Carry on with the Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn

You could just go back the same way you reached the top, but that would be a shame. Follow the mountain around and experience some more mesmerising views from the other side. The path is now downhill. On the back side of Stanserhorn you will reach the “Adlerfluh” viewpoint. In front of you are spectacular views of the Obwalden region and towards Brünig.

Check out the sky and close to the rocks, as this is the habitat of the Alpine Eagle.

view from Stanserhorn panorama hike to brünig
View over the Obwalden Region

Carry on down until you are again on the flat path that guides you back to the starting point, where the Rondorama, a rotating restaurant on the Stanserhorn is serving all kinds of delicious Swiss specialties and some great refreshment drinks.

All in all it is only a 1km hike but allow a lot more time than you would normally take for such a small hike.

There are many other options you can divert from the top of Stanserhorn.
See map below

hiking map from Stanserhone
Hiking Map Stans – Stanserhorn

Where is the Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn – How to get there?

 Stanserhorn is in Canton Nidwalden and to reach the top you can hike up, (4 hours and very strenuous) or enjoy the funicular and cable car ride from the Swiss Village of Stans.

By car: Take Highway A2 to exit Stans Nord, enter the village and follow the signs to the funicular. It is pretty much in the middle of the town. The parking is quite small and fills up quickly, but there are plenty of other parking possibilities within the town. Just follow the signs “Weitere Parkplätze” (other places) There might be a 5min walk back to the funicular.

By train: Take a train to Stans, It’s a 5 min walk to the Stanserhornbahn, following the signs.

If you love hikes with views like these, then you will also adore the Stoos Ridge Hike to Fronalpstock.

panorama hike at stanserhorn photos with a view
Beautiful panorama hike at Stanserhorn

Hiking Map from the Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

Hiking Facts:

Panorama Hike –  Stanserhorn– Family friendly with stunning views
Location:: Stanserhorn, Canton of Nidwalden
Length:: 1 km full loop
Level:: Easy hike/ walk
Highest point:: 1898m
Ascent 50m / Descent 50m

Tips & Good to know

    • A large portion of the Panorama hike at Stanserhorn is pushchair friendly.
    • Cable car tickets. If you are visiting Central Switzerland over several days and your plan is to visit all these amazing mountain peaks, then you will soon realise that it will be an expensive adventure. STOP, it does not have to be. Check out the Tell-Pass  It offers great value packages for multiple days and it is well worth to get it so you and your family can actually enjoy these mountain stations without going bankrupt. 
    • If you are in the area for longer check out how you can save money on saver tickets to reach the different mountain tops.
    • Alternative hikes, If you like to go for a more advanced hike there are several options. We have not yet hiked these paths but you can find all information on the hiking map from Stanserhorn and combine them however you like.

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Panorama Hike at Stanserhorn. One of our favourite places.

If I have left anything out, or you have any other suggestions or question, please let us know in the comments below. This way other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries and suggestions as well.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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