FAQ and more Travelling to South Africa with kids

Travelling to South Africa with Kids :: FAQ & MORE

Frequently Asked Questions about Travelling to South Africa

Having just returned from an amazing family trip to South Africa we have listed some important points which will make your planning and travelling to South Africa, smoother and your trip more efficient. Plus I have tried to answer all your questions regarding a trip to South Africa with or without kids.

This is mainly focused on the southern coast of South Africa, from Cape Town along the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth.

Based on personal experience here is all you need to know when travelling to South Africa

There are a lot of questions on any parents list, when planning a trip to South Africa with kids. There is one for sure on the very top!

Is it safe to visit South Africa – with Kids?

Yes it is! This was our 4th time to this amazing country but the 1st time with the kids.  We had no doubt on whether we would bring the kids on our 4th trip. And believe me I would not take my kids to any country if I had just the slightest of doubt that they would not be safe.
For sure there are places I would not take the kids and actually not even I would go alone, like a local shantytown without a registered guide. But there are also places in London I would avoid. So, I guess it is a bit the same. Just be sensible and behave like a responsible tourist.

Amazing view from Table Mountain :: South Africa with kids
Amazing view from Table Mountain :: South Africa with kids

What kind of Vaccinations do we need for South Africa?

None, and this is why South Africa is such a great African country and another plus point on the family travel destination list. However please check with your health care professional for updated information.

Is South Africa in a Malaria area?

If you stay south and west you are in a very low malaria risk sector in South Africa.

I would maybe not recommend to go to the north east of South Africa with younger kids, i.e Krüger National Park. They do still have some malaria cases reported, although very rare cases but why would you want to take the risk? Save this trip for later on when the kids are older and their immune system is a bit stronger.

Believe me the south also has great game viewing to offer. If it makes you feel safer, speak with your doctor and maybe just bring some tablets that can be taken if malaria is suspected.
And just for your information we have visited the Krüger National Park for 10 days without the kids and did not have any problems. Read more here

View from Fernkloof Park over Walkers Bay in South Africa
View from Fernkloof Park over Walkers Bay NP :: South Africa with kids

Is South Africa just dusty and desert like?

No, not at all, I actually had to smile when someone asked me this question. Gosh, South Africa is so far away from a desert and dust, like night and day are apart. And I guess this is a big reason why we love it so much and it makes a trip to South Africa with kids even more a MUST do destination.

South Africa has an incredible flora and fauna, especially if you travel during their spring and early summer it blossoms with thousands of different species.There is so much to see, to name just a few…

  • Beaches
  • Animals
  • Mountains
  • City
  • Small Towns
  • Sand dunes
  • Forests


What About Snakes and Spiders in South Africa?

Yes, South Africa is home to snakes and spiders, but this should not be a reason not to travel to South Africa.

The truth is that not all of them are as evil as you think. If you know what to look out for, you can prepare yourself and avoid the fear and unknown. Most of these creatures sneak away when they sense movement in their environment and you can actually call yourselves lucky when you are able to see a snake in its natural environment.

Awareness signe snake and spiders
Awareness signe :: South Africa with kids

Which is the best area for 1st timers when travelling to South Africa?

I would honestly say, having travelled all around South Africa that the south from Cape Town along the Garden Route all the way to Port Elizabeth, is a perfect, safe and amazing place to start your discovery of South Africa with kids.

How long should I plan a trip to South Africa?

I would recommend a minimum stay of 2 weeks. This makes the 11.5 hours flight from Europe more worthwhile and you can enjoy a nice part of the Garden Route in this time.

Anything less I would concentrate maybe only on Cape Town and visit surrounding destinations from there. If you have one month or more consider yourselves lucky. You can then include Blyde River area in the north, maybe even the Krüger NP.

Do we need to rent a car in South Africa?

Oh yes, public transport is nearly not existent and when travelling South Africa with kids you want to be flexible and a car will give you this freedom.

Scenic drive along the south-east coast
Scenic drive along the south-east coast :: South Africa with kids

How Many Accommodation bases do we need when travelling to South Africa?

From Cape Town along the famous Garden Route to Port Elizabeth you will be covering a good 750 km. For us we always limit the time in the car to an absolute maximum of six hours. Everything more is just uncomfortable and nobody is happy. I would recommend for the whole Garden Route to be split into a minimum of 2-3 different accommodations for a 2 week trip and more if you want to go longer and all the way to Port Elizabeth.

You can choose for example to go from west to east on the beach road and back inland. This way you will cover most of the attractions.

Stunning Accommodation in Gansbaai
Stunning Accommodation in Gansbaai :: South Africa with kids

Should I go on a Safari/Game Drive in South Africa?

Well isn’t this one of the main reasons you are travelling to South Africa with kids? You MUST go on a safari/game drive with your kids. Whether it is a self-drive or a guided safari in one of the many parks along the Garden Route, you cannot miss this out. Check with the many parks and private parks what the minimum age limit for kids is to join their game drives.  Some are not allowing kids below 6 years of age. But don’t worry there is an amazing park for families called Kragga Kamma next to Port Elizabeth.

Can we Self-Drive in Wild Animal National Parks in South Africa?

Along the Garden Route there are 2 self-drive parks, the amazing Addo Elephant Park, and the family friendly Kragga Kamma game park.
The biggest of the self-drive parks in South Africa is Krüger National Park up in the north of South Africa.

Self-drive in the Addo Elephant park
Self-drive in the Addo Elephant park :: South Africa with kids

Will we be seeing the Big 5 Game Animals along the Garden Route?

Get excited, YES, you will be able to see all of the big 5 game animals which are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros (both black and white species), elephant, and Cape buffalo. Some South African parks have them all, mostly the luxury private game parks, but you will also be able to tick these 5 boxes on your game animal check list if you combine some parks together.

Lion posing in the Addo Elephant Park
Lion posing in the Addo Elephant Park :: South Africa with Kids

Are Kids allowed on a Private Game Drive in South Africa?

Not all private game reserves allow kids on their drives. I kind of get this, as it can get sometimes a bit boring for them and there is the risk that the kids will disturb the other guests. However, check what the possibilities are with the private game lodge you have chosen and you may need to pay for a private tour. The following private reserves are allowing families with young children.
Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve and Garden Route Game Lodge. Read how best prepare the family for a Game Safari

Plettenberg Bay Private game drive
Plettenberg Bay Game drive :: South Africa with kids

Do we need to overnight in a private luxury reserve to join a Game Drive?

Luckily, over the years some of the private luxury game reserves have opened up to day guests and you can now book a game drive at several lodges throughout the Garden Route. Just call them up and get some information. It is a great option as there is a good chance you will be able to see the animals up close.

Kragga Kamma Animal park
Kragga Kamma Animal park :: South Africa with kids

Will we be able to see whales in South Africa?

The best time for watching the southern right whale in South Africa is from June to November mostly along the Cape south coast. Peak calving season is during the months of July and August, but the whales can be seen through to November. Best place to see them is along the Garden Route in Hermanus and my absolute insider TOP TIP is De Kelders in Gansbaai.

Whale breaching in Gansbaai
Whale breaching in Gansbaai :: South Africa with kids

How hot will it get in South Africa?

Maybe you would like to avoid visiting in the middle of their summer. South Africa can get very hot and temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius are not unknown especially in the north and middle parts of the country.

It is very unlikely that you will plan a beach holiday when visiting this beautiful place, so I would recommend to visit either in November or May.
We Love November. Europe is cold and wet during this time and in South Africa it is Spring!

How safe is it to go out at night on foot in South Africa?

You have to ask yourselves the question, “would I go out in my city at night alone?” especially when living in a large metropolitan city. I would say it depends where you and your family will be staying.

For sure in some areas you can easily walk around the block and have dinner in the nearby restaurant, and there will be areas where you are better off taking the car for safety reasons. Ask your host/hotel they will give you an honest answer. Just be sensible like everywhere you travel.

Good to know when Travelling to South Africa – with kids

CapeNature and SANParks.

You will quickly realise that most of the parks require an entry fee. Some cost very little, some cost you a bit more. The good thing is all parks are very well maintained, clean and safe and most of them offer great picnic areas and toilets.

The CapeNature Parks are all along the Garden Route whereas you will find more of the animal parks belong under the SANParks group (South African Nature Parks).

There is a system in place “the WILD card” whereby you pay a one off fee and have unlimited entry to nearly all parks and Nature reserves.

This is well worth the investment if you are travelling more than three weeks and intend to visit as many of the South African parks and reserves as you can. We did the calculations (prices are available online) before we travelled and it was cheaper for us to pay as and when we entered the parks. The Wild Card may be more beneficial if you intend to visit the Krüger National Park for several days, as the daily fees are quite expensive. This way you will cover the price of the card quite quickly, which will then make most of the other parks free of charge.

You can find more information direct on their website. 

Walkers Bay CapeNature NP
Walkers Bay CapeNature NP :: South Africa with kids

Parking attendants in South Africa

You will find some parking areas are monitored by a local person who will ask you if they can take care of your car whilst you’re away.

In most areas these people will be wearing a dedicated bib, whereby you can clearly see that they are appointed for that area. When you return to your car you can pay them 5-10 rand. Do not allow just a random person to take care of your car and certainly do not pay just anybody. This will not help the systems in place and will just cause problems.

Petrol Stations in South Africa

I have yet to come across an unmanned petrol filling station in South Africa.

As you approach the pumps you will normally be guided to a pump and an attendant will ask what you require. If you wish you can stay in the car during the whole process and they will even bring the credit card terminal to you to complete payment. The attendants will normally clean your windows and if you request, check the oil and tyres too. Again the standard tip is between 5-10 Rand.

Sunset at Storms River in Tsitsikama NP
Sunset at Storms River in Tsitsikama NP :: South Africa with kids

Using a GPS whilst driving in South Africa

Depending on the GPS you’re using you might need to enter the county region you are driving in. This is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. For example Cape Town has 9 different regions, and if you’re not on the right region you will never find the street or the village you’re looking for. Make sure you find out the exact address before heading off. On our TOP MUST HAVE list is this road atlas, which is super easy to use and has helped us during the many times we travelled though South Africa.

Weather in South Africa

You can drive 3 min inland and have the hottest weather even though it was windy or even rainy when you left your accommodation. A good habit is to bring extra clothes for the different conditions.

In Cape Town for example if you’re staying along the Bloubergstrand (best view of Table Mountain) it is often windy, sometimes even very strong winds. Don’t get fooled, you will quickly realise that as soon as you get further away from the coast, it will be hot and windless.

Stonypoint Penguins Reserve
Stonypoint Penguins Reserve :: South Africa with kids

Jet leg – Time difference in South Africa

For us Europeans this is certainly a major plus point when travelling to South Africa with kids. There is only a one to two-hour time difference. Ideal for the kids and to be honest also for the parents.

Purchasing Alcohol within South Africa

South African supermarkets only sell wine and normally a limited selection. If you wish to buy beer, other alcohol or have a greater choice of wines then you need to look for the bottle shop. In most places you will find a bottle shop in the vicinity of the supermarket and often operated by the same company as the supermarket.

Required Documents when travelling to South Africa

In addition to your passports if you are travelling to South Africa with kids you must bring the full original birth certificate of each child. If only one parent is travelling with the kids you must also have a notarized permission letter from the non-travelling parent. Check with your embassy.  Read more information here

Walkers bay with kids
Amazing travelling South Africa with kids :: Walkers bay

Never forget to explore…

Should you have any more questions, or if you have some great suggestions we have missed out, let me know I am happy to update my list.
Share with friends and family for future references, we do appreciate it !

South Africa Tips & FAQ

South Africa Itineraries & Road Trips

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Trip to South Africa with Kids.

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below and share your experience, so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries and stories as well.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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  1. this is a great and thorough post hitting on all important and frequently asked questions about traveling to S. Africa. I would love to venture there with my family one day, and this post really helped to make my understanding of the area better.

    • Dear Alison, I am so glad this post could give you a better understanding. South Africa is a big playground for small and elderly alike .

  2. Very helpful guide especially on all the driving related advise. I think there are a few buses available connecting all the major cities in South Africa, but that really may not be the best option when travelling with kids.

    • Hi Arunima, you’re right, there are busses which connects the major cities, but this is not really where you want to be. And with kids I could not imagine to travel like this. But this is totally my opportunity. I believe a Car is a must. 🙂

    • Hi Alex
      oh I am glad you could send this to your friends. There will be for sure 2 more post uploaded in the near future including our itinerary. If interested I uploaded yesterday the post about Safari Game drive with kids. This might also be useful for your friends. They will have an amazing time for sure.

  3. It seems as though South Africa is the perfect place to take kids- there are no extra vaccinations required and there are so many varying things to see! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Samantha, oh yes, it is an amazing place. I would just quickly check with your PG at the time of planning your trip, if you ever go there, if the situation is still the same as now, and no vaccination is needed. But I would think so, but always better check then be sorry. 🙂

  4. Hey Corina, this is the most comprehensive article about traveling with kids to South Africa. Everyone should do that and ready your blog carefully. The only reason I would wait for kids to grow is to they can remember the trip. My daughter has no memory of the many Kenya and Uganda trips we did before she turned 6-7.
    The most important thing for South Africa is to remember to bring the full birth certificate in original.

    • Hi Jyoti, thanks for reading my post. I fully understand where you’re coming from, regarding the memories. But you can always help the kids to remember their trip. We have photos displaying all over the house from our trips, photo books with our travels for them to look at, and a Digital Photo-frame that is on permanent with our travel photos. Our kids surprise us a lot with things they still remember from even a year back. And even if it is just one tiny thing, they remember.

  5. South Africa is calling me! I don’t have kids, but the attractions you’ve listed are useful nonetheless. It’s such a misconception to think that SA is just dusty and desert-like when there’re beautiful beaches and amazing scenery, as you’ve pointed out. I’m particularly interested in seeing the big 5 game animals. It’d be awesome to see rhinos and leopards up-close. And the scenery along the South-East Coast is breathtaking!

    • Hi Fairuz, thank ou for reading my post and taking the time to comment on it. The big 5 is nearly Guaranteed 99.9% 🙂 hope you can visit one day.

  6. Corina, this is super detailed and I especially like the FAQ format as it makes reading so much easier. To visit Africa is on my List and I am saving this post for the time when I have saved enough to be able to travel to Africa 🙂

    • Hi Richa, I like that you find my post detailed and easy to read. Thank you.Let us know when you finally make the booking 🙂 I will have more on South Africa on the blog soon.

  7. I would love to visit South Africa with my family one day and this post gave a great introduction of some things we should know. Thank you for sharing this thorough post- I think you really covered all important and frequently asked questions about traveling to South Africa.

  8. I love guides that focus specifically on taking kids to a certain location. I don’t know if I ever would have considered South Africa with our boys- but this looks amazing! Seems much safer than I had imagined!

    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your comment, There is no reason why you and your boys should not visit South Africa. It is clean and safe, and most of it all SO BEAUTIFUL !

    • Hi Grand. Wow this place is so large and we picked this time really activities we have not really done before, and still we could spend more time there to explore it all. beautiful place on earth.

    • Hi, we truly believe it is a magical place and love it so much. It was for sure not the last time we visited, but there are so many other places to visit as well..

  9. What a super thorough post! We visited before kids, but I would love to take the kids and this post made me so excited. Thank you for all the great info! Your photos are stunning! #fearlessfamtrav

    • Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment, go and visit with your kids, our kids still talk about some places we visited, and the are playing a lot, “we’re in Africa” 🙂

  10. We absolutely love South Africa. The boys have only really experience the North and East, but hubby and I spent a month travelling around pre-kids. Hiring a car is definitely the way to go and we found some awesome (and some rather shoddy) campsites. And you’re right about safety – it just about using common sense.
    Thanks for linking up to #fearlessfamtrav

    • Hi Jenny, Thanks for commenting. we love the versatile nature and activities this place has on offer. we will be back for sure…

    • hi Cath, certainly a large country but you could fly from the north down to Cape or PE which cuts down on 2-3 travelling days. We will certainly do the north again when the kids a bit older.


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