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Easy Family Bike Route in Valais – Gampel-Steg to Leuk

children on their bikes in switzerland valais

The air temperature is getting warmer, the snow on the pistes slowly but surely melting and we’re all itching to get our bikes out of the shed and onto the road.

I am so happy to have found this easy bike route in Valais and with a few tweaks and changes it turned out to be a perfect family bike route in Valais for the start of the biking season.

As always I used an Outdoor Active map to find a starting point and an overall view of the bike tour. You will find the full route map below in the article. Also read the following articles.

Biking with Kids in Switzerland 

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For Who is this Easy Family Bike Route in Valais?

This beautiful and easy family bike route in Valais along the Rhone is perfect for getting back in the saddle at the start of the cycling – biking season. The kids have the perfect opportunity to practice the gear changing, and honestly not only the kids, 🙂  I can never remember which one to press to make it easier or harder.

For us this is also our first proper family bike ride in Valais, with the new BIG bikes.  I’ll let you be the judge if this bike route in Valais is perfect for your family or not. When I think back on last years rides when the kids were still riding their 16” bikes, long stretches on the little wheels made their little legs tired quickly.

All in all, it is a beginner’s bike route in Valais.

kids biking in valais on easy family bike route
beautiful path along the Rhone on our easy family bike route in Valais

Where to Start this Family Bike Route in Valais?

Cycling along the Rhone Valley following the Rhone river can be as long or as short as you wish. You can cycle the whole length of the Rhone Valley from the source by the Rhone glacier to Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) – and even into France. But let’s keep this for another time.

This kind of cycling in Valais is made easy as you can stop or prolong at any time, hop on a bus or a train back to your car.

We parked our car at Leuk train station. Pay 5.- and you’re sorted for the day.

Shortly after we jumped on the train to Gampel-Steg. Make sure you take the direct train which always leaves Leuk at 32 minutes past the hour. The train ride is only 10 min for 2 stops.
Ensure you also buy a ticket for your bike. If you have a half tax fare your bike is also paying half the fare. Check out the time table before heading out to be sure of the schedule.

On the platform look at the digital signs above your head for your train and they will tell you in which sector the carriage with space for bikes will stop. The carriage is marked with a large VELO BIKE sticker.

Easy Family Bike Route in Valais Gampel-Steg to Leuk

Once in Gampel and on exiting the station, pass through the underpass and over the bridge to the far side of the Rhone river where you will shortly join the designated cycle path.

Family standing by a Official Cycling Route signes from Switzerland
Official Cycling Route signs from Switzerland

It is here where you can now relax and just ride through this most beautiful scenery. You are off the street and the fun can begin.

The first stop is right at the beginning. Cross the small wooden bridge and a cute goat enclosure is right there, impossible not to stop.

And shortly afterwards we saw some Llamas grazing at the camp site but these will probably not be there once it opens. As this is a farming area, and to the delight of the kids, we also saw horses, donkey and sheep, all whilst being on this easy and safe cycling – bike route in Valais.

kids at the animals on easy family bike route in valais
The goat enclosure and the llamas along our bike route in Valais

Check out the map below where I have marked down the different points of interest.

Biking “Pfyn-Finges Nature Park” Valais

All along the bike route you have sections where you can enter the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park. On our bike tour we went to the Feschel Gorge and cycled around the Leukerfeld Waters where bird lovers can observe kingfishers and many other species.

The Feschel Gorge

You have now reached the middle part of our easy family friendly bike route in Valais.

Our next stop was the “Feschel Gorge.” Take the path on your right just before cycling over the bridge.
The path turns quickly into a footpath passing some fire pitches. Looks like people are camping here when the weather is right.

Kids on easy bike route in valais
Biking path to and from the Feschel Gorge Valais

You can push your bikes pretty much all along into the Gorge if you don’t want to leave them just at the entry to it.

We were super disappointed by the unnecessary graffiti all over the place. Sometimes I just wonder what these people are thinking.   Anyway, try to see past it as the place is really nice, I can just imagine it being busy during hot summer days. Luckily for us we had the place all to ourselves.
If there are any rock climbing fans amongst you we have spotted a lot of routes within the Gorge starting from 6a.

After traversing the water on stepping stones and climbing up a slippery rock we were able to see the end of the gorge and the Feschel Loch. Only one completely wet foot….Lucas’s!

family in the Feschel Gorge in valais
Great Feschel Gorge in valais on our easy Bike route

“Pfyn-Finges Nature Park” the Leukerfeld Waters

Back on our saddles, we crossed over the bridge and into the Nature Park where many different birds are calling this place home.

A beautiful quiet area. There were large fish in of one the ponds and some Coots with their white foreheads. We visited early in the season, actually it was still winter – end of Feb.- and therefore it was normal that the main birds have not returned yet from their African migration.

map of the Leukerfeld water bird watch area
Here you see the Leukerfeld waters
water pond in nature reserve on bike route in valais
Beautiful Nature reserve, Leukerfeld along the Bike route in valais

The place is beautiful but torture for the kids, as we did not allow them to throw anything into the water. So, we went back over the bridge again and found a lunch place by the Rhone where they could throw stones into the river to their heart’s content.

children in nature park on easy family bike route in valais
beautiful Pfyn Finges Nature reserve at the leukerfeld waters
children at rhone river on easy family bike route ion valais
Plenty of little beaches along the Rhone for your lunch spot

Finishing our Easy Family Bike Route in Valais

There is now not much further to go before getting back to the train station in Leuk where we left our car for our easy family bike route in Valais.

You have now two options

  • Easy route along the normal bike path No1
  • The mountain bike route which changes the route a bit and adds practice of technical mountain bike skills.

We went for the Mountain bike route option. As we had lunch on the right-hand side of the river we stayed on this side and cycled along the path which turned quickly into a “Mountain Bike Route”. I was a bit skeptical at this moment and thought maybe we should have taken the other path.

family on easy bike route in valais
where it starts to get a bit tricky on your bike route in valais

But off we went over rock and stones. Some parts we could cycle easily and, in some parts, I insisted on pushing the bikes as there was a straight 10m drop down to the river.

This part is not long, therefore even if you are not comfortable in cycling on it you could push the bikes along. It is a narrow-ish path with a drop on the left-hand side for most of the way until it reaches the normal road again. I must admit I was happy to get there. 🙂

family on easy bike route in valais
This was the end of our mountain bike section.

Lucas loved it and he cycled most of it with his dad whilst Chloe was more cautious and pushed her bike which was perfectly ok.

The whole stretch is super pretty which I liked a lot. Once we reached the road again, the return to the train station was easy, safe and not on any main roads with traffic.

family on easy bike route in valais
back on the normal route just before Leuk

Taking the Normal Cycling Route

If you do not like the description of the mountain bike section, then head back over the bride so you are on the left hand-side of the river and follow the normal bike route sign No. 1 all the way to the train station in Leuk. On the cycling – Biking map below it would be the light pink path.

Sorry, but I cannot tell you if it will go along the main road a bit or on side roads.

Our final thought about the bike route Gampel-Steg to Leuk

In one word, fantastic!

Loved every aspect of it. It was safe and we all enjoyed it which was the main goal. You can easily do this bike route during any season, apart from slippery and icy winter days.

Cycling Bike Route Map Gampel-Steg to Leuk

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

If you do not want to do the mountain bike section at the end of our bike tour in Valais with kids, stay on the left hand side of the river and follow the light pink path on the map back to Leuk.

Biking Route Facts

Location:: Gampel-Steg to Leuk (Park car in Leuk train station and ride to Gampel where you start your bike route)
Length:: 13 km
Level:: easy – Kids were 5 years old
Highest point:: 647 m
Ascent 43m / Descent 50m (along the Mountain bike route)

Good to know

  • Payable parking at the Train station in Leuk Chf 5.- per Day.
  • Train Tickets can be purchased at the station in Leuk.
  • Don’t forget to pay for your bike.
  • Animal stops along the way.
  • No refreshments/restaurant on the bike route if you follow our ride.
  • Entire route mostly off the main road. At the beginning there is a short section on the pavement.
  • Picnic opportunity along the river banks.

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Easy Family Bike route in Valais

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below and share your experience, so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries and stories as well.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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2 thoughts on “Easy Family Bike Route in Valais – Gampel-Steg to Leuk”

  1. We did this ride yesterday with children between ages 5 and 8, plus we cycled back again (with the wind)! It was really nice, off the roads and lots of things to see.

    We found a parking spot over the bridge at gampel steg on the side of the road, free on Sunday and holidays. So didn’t need to go on the main road at all!

    Not sure how to share the route but we wound our way back through the nature reserve and farms then through the villages on the other side once we had crossed the river at turtmann.

    Fab day out!

    • Hi Laura
      Thank you so much for your comment and the extra add ons to this Bike route. I will try to add the extension on to the blog later on, for families that want to do the loop rather than the train journey. Thank you so much !

      have a great day!


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