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How to Spend One Day in Zermatt with Kids


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The Perfect day in Zermatt with Kids

And this is how to spend One Day in Zermatt with Kids !

Who does not know Zermatt and it’s famous Matterhorn? Probably everyone has at least heard of one or the other at least once.

But you might also have heard that to get to Zermatt is quite a trip and on top of it, it can get quite costly.

It does not have to be though. I will show you here how you and your family can spend one day in Zermatt, marvel at the amazing jaw dropping view of the Matterhorn as long as you want and not spend a fortune.

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Where is Zermatt ?

The car-free village of Zermatt is situated in southern Switzerland in the Canton of Valais at the foot of the world-famous Matterhorn (Toblerone shaped mountain) offering a vast variety of mountain activities all year round. The village lies at an altitude of 1600 metres.

You can include this “Perfect One Day in Zermatt with Kids” if you follow my Switzerland Itinerary post on a budget.

How to get to Zermatt ?

As mentioned before Zermatt is car-free and there is no possibility to reach this Swiss mountain village by car. You will arrive in a village called Täsch, where it is clearly signposted where to park your car. It feels like arriving at an airport, except it is a carpark.

Trains up to Zermatt run every 22 minutes and tickets can be bought at the cashier or at the machine with cash or credit card.

If you intend to arrive by train, you just have to make sure that the train you are sitting in (most probably from Visp), is going straight to Zermatt or whether you need to change in Täsch. Just ask one of the friendly staff.

Check out the map which shows you the exact points mentioned in this one day in Zermatt with kids guide.


Plan ahead for your One Day in Zermatt with Kids

Up at the Sunnegga mountain station, where you will spend most of your day in Zermatt with kids, is an amazing play area for both young and old, with dedicated firepits. So why not plan your lunch with a fire BBQ’ing some sausages, or whatever your heart desires. If you need to do some shopping for your picnic, there is a Coop Supermarket right opposite the train station and you will need to pass it anyway on the way to the Sunnegga funicular.

So, make sure you pack some firelighters and matches. Wood is provided.

An amazing water feature park and a little lake, Leisee awaits, which means depending on the time of the year you’re visiting bring swimsuits, or extra clothes in case your little ones are getting too wet and they need to change. Believe me this is not the place to say “don’t get wet”. They need to get wet, dirty and finish the day with tired feet and smoky clothes and a big smile on everybody’s face.

Family standing in front of the Matterhorn
One day in Zermatt with Kids

How Best to spend One Day in Zermatt with Kids ?

Now, that you have planned ahead, know where Zermatt and the Matterhorn are located, let’s get you and your family up to Sunnegga mountain station.

This is the perfect one day-itinerary if you only have one single day in Zermatt. You will love our suggestion as it gives you the best view of the Matterhorn, a beautiful family hike and most important an amazing play and picnic area where everybody will be happy and most certainly have the best one day in Zermatt with kids.

This suggestion is also push chair and disability friendly!!!

Getting up to the Mountain station Sunnegga in Zermatt

You will be heading up with the funicular to the mountain station called Sunnegga. See map above to locate the place and find directions.

If you plan to hike down only get a one-way ticket.

Paradise at Sunnegga -Leisee in Zermatt

First of all, just stand there and have a look at this most amazing mountain right in front of you, the Matterhorn 4478m. Don’t stress too much with taking photos and positioning everybody in the right location, (smile) you will be enjoying this view pretty much the whole day and by the end of the day your camera will be full with photos showing the Matterhorn in each and every one

Now, as you are over this first encounter, you can walk down to the lake (Leisee) and enter “Wolli’s Kids park” or if you like you can take the small lift which brings you down to the lake area and Wolli’s park. The free of charge cabins are on your left when you get out of the funicular. Signs indicate Wolli’s park (Wolli is their mascot and is a sheep).

set of photos featuring the matterhorn
Beautiful play area at Wolli’s Park in Sunnegga Zermatt

Wolli’s Kids Park at Sunnegga in Zermatt

I can honestly say, there are not may playgrounds with a better view than this one at Sunnegga Leisee. It features an amazing water irrigation system with lots of activity stations. There is not a single kid or parent 🙂  who is not loving it. A well-maintained playground with a climbing frame, slides and bridges help make your kids the happiest they can be.

The little lake features a float, where the kids can pull themselves from one side to another.

Different picnic spots with dedicated fireplaces and a wood supply make it the perfect place to spend a perfect day in Zermatt with kids and all this in front of one of the most famous mountains in the world, the Matterhorn. If I say it is in your face, believe me it is in your face.

This place has it all, and if anybody does not have a good day up at the Wolli play area in Zermatt, then I have no words.

You can either just stay here the whole day and relax in front of this amazing Matterhorn view and take the Funicular back down to Zermatt. Or alternatively carry on reading ” How to spend one day in Zermatt with Kids ” as the next part is how you can hike back down.

kids playing at Zermatt play area
Beautiful Play area up at Sunnegga in Zermatt Switzerland 

Hiking back down to Zermatt via Findeln

To finish the day, hike back down to Zermatt via Findeln, a typical Valais mountain hamlet. Passing by some impressive Mazots (traditional Valais huts) and if you’re lucky you will encounter the local wildlife, the Black Face Valais sheep which are herding in the open.

They are friendly but still be cautious, as their horns are big.

Once you pass the hamlet, the path zigzags down through the forest to Winkelmatten in Zermatt. Winkelmatten is at the backend of the village. Just find your way down to the main road and along to the train station.

It is a downhill path, so if this is not ideal for your knees you can always go back up with the Wolli cabin and take the funicular back town to Zermatt.

valais hammlet in Findeln Zermatt
One Day in Zermatt with Kids – Hiking down through Findeln

One Day in Zermatt – Alternatives & Suggestions

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise & Glacier Palace

If you are visiting Zermatt with older kids you may want to go high! Spend the morning at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. 

At 3883m altitude you well and truly are on the top of the world. And whilst you up at Klein Matterhorn, step deep  inside the Glacier Palace. Experience the magical world of the eternal ice.

Here are our  13 Best things to do in Zermatt

Restaurants in Zermatt

If a picnic is not your favourite thing, then you are in for an amazing lunch experience. Down at the Findeln Hamlet are some very well known restaurants, such as Chez Vrony, where the rich and famous dine and leisure, and the more casual but equally as popular Findeln Hof – Chez Peter and Vreni. Both of these restaurants normally need to be pre-booked. You might be lucky at the end of the day to get a table for a drink, but if you’re planning to have lunch in either of the restaurant make a reservation. The surrounding is unique and both of these restaurants give you breathtaking views. Think of sitting right at the foot of the Matterhorn. Simply amazing.

Downhill Kickbike from Sunnegga

An alternative to the hike down to Zermatt, you and your family might choose the Downhill Kickbike (trottinettes) which are for rent at the Sunnegga station.

Visit Zermatt during the Winter Months

Check out our Winter in Zermatt Guide which is perfect for non skiers as well!

If you are not skiing you still can follow my suggestion on “How to spend one Day in Zermatt with Kids!” Go up to Sunnegga and down to Wolli’s park, which is transformed into a winter wonderland. Rent a sledge and have an amazing day in Zermatt with kids.

The hike down in to Zermatt is possible and depending on the snow level you might need snowshoes which bring a lot of fun to the hike.

kids hiking in Findeln Hamlet Zermatt
Beautiful one Day In Zermatt – Hiking through the Findeln Hamlet

Hiking Map from Leisee Sunnegga to Zermatt

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

Hiking Facts

Location:: Sunegga Leisee, Zermatt, Valais
Length:: 3.6 km downhill to Winkelmatten, and then about 1.8km to the train station through the village of Zermatt
Level:: Easy hike, but downhill
Ascent:: By Sunnegga funicular / Descent:: 645m
Highest point:: 2279m
Good to know:: 

    • Not push-chair friendly to hike down, but easily accessible with push-chair to the Lake and play area by Sunnegga
    • Popular and well-known restaurants in the Findeln Hamlet. Need to make a reservation during peak time. Chez Vrony & Findelnhof
    • This hike is also open during winter season, check conditions with Zermatt Tourism
    • Also nice to hike up and then take the cable car down.

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Perfect one Day In Zermatt with Kids.

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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  1. Hello Corine, thank you very much for this blog. Just what I had in mind for next week! Our daughters are 8 and 5 years old so I recon they can do the Sunnega-Zermatt walk. Our friends have kids who are 3 and 0 years old (in a baby carrier)… I’m not sure if they can do the walk too, is it steep/dangerous? Can you advise? Thanks a lot!

    • Dear Frank
      Thank you so much for reading our posts. To answer your question. I think it is possible to carry the younger kids down to Zermatt.when you are in the forest the path is getting a bit steep but it is not that you have to start climbing it down. You will have so much fun at Sunegge. Bring something to make a fire for a bbq. Or some even had a fondue up there which was quite a cool idea. Enjoy Zermatt.


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