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The Jungen Alp in St.Niklaus- Valais – Great Picnic Place with Lake & Views

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When I discovered the Jungen Alp near Zermatt virtually on a friend’s Instagram post, I knew immediately that I would have to bring my family up here. If you are a fan of jaw dropping mountain vistas, a relaxing and comfortable picnic spot and an area where the kids can roam freely, then this is your place.

So I added the Jungen Alp, or “Jungu” as the locals call it, onto our autumn 2020 to do list.

I knew little about it, other than it looks absolutely beautiful and it is above the Village of  St.Niklaus in Valais. And most of the time this is  enough of a reason for me to plan a trip.

We did not have to wait too long before we packed our picnic bag and headed in the direction of Jungen Alp. Why wait to discover a beautiful place, right?

Visual Trip to the Jungen Alp in Valais

Sit back and enjoy a little visual trip to the Jungen Alp above St.Niklaus in Valais.  Seriously this place has to be on the list of “Great Picnic Places with Lake & Stunning Views”.

Where is the Jungen Alp in Valais ?

The Jungen Alp lies at 1960m altitude above the village of St.Niklaus opposite the Family Village Grächen in Valais. High up in the Valais Mountains nestled on a steep meadow amongst some ragged peaks, one can find this hidden gem. A few farm and alp chalets are scattered around. Unfortunately none of these are for rent as the locals keep them for their own use, and I don’t blame them.

The Jungen Alp belongs to the region Grächen, a Valaisanne Family Friendly Resort, great for summer and winter activities alike.

But as it is situated within the Mattervalley, it is also not far from Zermatt, and therefore a perfect place also to visit on a day trip from Zermatt or if you are on the way to Zermatt.

Areal view of the Jungen Alp
Nestled beautifully, the Jungen Alp St.Niklaus, Valais

To reach the Jungen Alp there is a steep path from the village of St.Niklaus which zigzags its way 4.3km up the mountain. A strenuous, but for sure rewarding ascent of 853m is one way to reach the Jungen Alp.

Or you do like we did and hop into the tiny Jungen Bahn (cable cabin) in St.Niklaus. And when I say tiny I mean it. Your knees will be touching each other’s and you need to deposit your backpacks outside in the basket as there is just no space inside. Check their time table here.

But having said all that, it is safe 🙂

the jungen Kabel cabin rises high up in to the ski
Tiny Jungen Cabin on the way up to the Jungen Alp

There is not much parking at the cable car station, therefore should it be full there is an underground carpark further down before the train station in St.Niklaus. This might be the better option to park. It is from there just a small walk up to the cable car station.

Check out the map below to get some ideas of the location.

Up at the Jungen Alp near Zermatt

The ride up with the Jungen-bahn is an experience in itself. The cables rise steeply from the station, and one may ask at first what is up there? Well, a hidden gem awaits.

woman standing at Jungen Alp looks at Grächen in Valais
Marvelling at these vistas over to Grächen, Valais

When we exited the cable cabin, we were happy that our back packs were still in the outside baskets 🙂 Just joking, at absolutely no point did we feel in danger or unsafe.

The view over the Mattervalley all the way to Zermatt and Grächen is stunning. You will see the Klein Matterhorn pretty much at all times but never the Matterhorn. (Just in case you ask yourselves whether it would be possible to see the mighty Matterhorn.)  But anyway, there are plenty of stunning vistas to marvel at.

Jungen Bahn with view ofer the Mattervalley Valais
Stunning View over the Matter Valley, Valais

Follow the path up to the Junger Restaurant.  It’s here, where this jewel is reveals its beauty. The little lake in front of you, with its water fountain and the picnic tables placed around it, entices you to spend the day.

Even though there is a restaurant you can freely light the grill and give this place a delicious smell with your steaks or sausages. There is also a proper toilet on site so you do not need to ask the restaurant.

Should a BBQ not be on your menu plan, then for sure you will be served with a smile at the restaurant. But check when you are going up that it is open, as it is only operating during peak season.

view over the Jungen Lake and Picnic area
Arrived in Paradise, Picnic area at the Jungen Alp

Around the Jungen Alp near Zermatt

If you do feel that just relaxing around the lake area is not for you, there are several hikes that start at the Jungen Alp.

Although I am not sure your kids will be happy if you tell them that they have to leave this magical place now as you wish to go for a hike 🙂

I have to be honest, we did not hike up at the Jungen Alp. The area there is just so pretty and relaxed that we wanted to fully enjoy this place. Also, we visited after the season, the Alp already had experienced its first snowfall, the restaurant was closed up for the winter and we had the place to ourselves. These reasons were enough to remove our hike from the agenda.

mic collage of images at the Jungen Alp
A hidden paradise in Valais, Jungen Alp

But, anyway, there is a sign saying “Alpenblumenweg” (flower path) but as there was already snow on the ground we figured there would be no point to discover that one. 🙂

We will for sure go back to this place and hike it, so I will link it to the post. But for now, why not just enjoy the Jungen Alp above St.Niklaus in Valais. It is a great picnic place with a small lake & stunning views. What more could you wish for?

Should you have itchy feet check out the hiking map below which gives  some ideas of the area and trails available. Click on map.

hiking map of the Jungen Alp
Hiking around the Jungen Alp

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your trip to the hidden gem “The Jungen Alp in St. Nicklaus –  Valais. A Great Picnic Place with Lake & Views”

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Travel

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