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Most Beautiful Hike in Verbier with Kids – La Pierre Avoi in Switzerland

a gild hiking in Verbier La Pierre Avoi, Valais SwitzerlandThis is without a doubt one of our favourite hikes in Verbier, apart from all the others 🙂  But if your plan is to hit the most beautiful hike in Verbier with kids, then you cannot miss to visit Verbier in Switzerland,  this summer and hike La Pierre Avoi.

There are many routes to the top of Pierre Avoi including a long route from the floor of the Rhône Valley. For a shorter family friendly hike you can access the Pierre Avoi from the Verbier side or La Tzoumaz.

We will feature here probably the easiest path, but never the less beautiful, starting at the Savolyeres station in Les 4 Vallées, Verbier.

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How to Get to the Pierre Avoi Hike in Verbier

Basically, for this particular hike in Verbier around the Pierre Avoi you want to get to the mountain station Savoleyres in Les 4 Vallées.

There are many possibilities to get there, some are a bit easier than others.

This is why I have created this map below for you to see the different access options to the Pierre Avoi in Verbier, Switzerland.

By Cable Car

If you are still in season you can reach the starting point by cable car. From Verbier you want to take the cable car station “Verbier Les Creux” From La Tzoumaz take the village télé Savoleyres bubble lift.

By Car

It is possible to get up to Savoleyres mountain station by car from both sides, the Verbier side or the La Tzoumaz side. Be aware that it is a small mountain road, passing through the forest and you will be sharing it with mountain bikers and hikers. In the winter these routes become the ski pistes and are therefore closed to traffic.


For Who is this Hike in Verbier?

If you love endless 360 degrees views and the feeling of owning it, then you will love this hike in Verbier as much as we do. We’re lucky as there is many family hikes in Valais with great views.

But first I have to let you know that this hike in Verbier is only for little kids that have some hiking experience and will listen to your orders, like staying on the path and when it is necessary to give hands,  they will.

We hiked the Tour du Pierre Avoi with our just turned 4-years-old twins, but they have experience in these terrains. This Verbier hiking trail is beautiful for everyone.

What to expect when Hiking La Pierre Avoi in Verbier

Incredible views, steep drop offs and feeling you’re on top of it all. This pretty much sums up the beauty of this panoramic hike in Valais, Switzerland.

Start at the Savoleyres lift station and make your way direction Pierre Avoi. During the summer season you will be walking amongst thousands of blueberry bushes, before you start climbing up to the foot of Pierre Avoi, these little sweet berries are to be found left and right along the narrow paths. So, I suggest allow some picking time as it would be a shame just to pass them and not stop for a taste.

kids in the blueberries whilst hiking Pierre Avoi in Verbier
The Kids in the blueberries whilst hiking Pierre Avoi in Verbier

The views to your left are down to the mountain Village of Verbier and in the distance you have the beautiful Grand Combin Massif my favourite mountain! Further along you will see all the way down to the Rhone Valley, a massive 1000m altitude drop which gives an impressive feeling of how high you are.

children looking at Verbier
View down to Verbier from Col de la Marlene
kids hiking in Verbier to Pierre Avoi
The Path over to Col de la Marlene with Pierre Avoi to your right

And in front of you the border with the Swiss and French alps will just leave you in awe.

Seriously if I say that this hike will give you 360 degrees views, you will get them.

Once you reach Col de La Marlene, you’re pretty much below Pierre Avoi. With younger kids I do not suggest to actually climb the actual summit of Pierre Avoi. It involves ladder, chains and has steep drop offs on all dishes.

This is why we call it the Tour of Pierre Avoi.

little girl standing at the foot of Pierre Avoi in Verbier
Views From Pierre Avoi over to the French Alps with Mont Blanc in sight

Carry on the Hike in Verbier to Pierre Avoi

Continue this Verbier hike straight ahead on a narrow goat path to the other side of the bowl. Above you, you see impressive avalanche protection barriers and below you, on your left there may still be some local “Herens” cows enjoying the fresh alpine grass in the meadow just above the Valais village of Verbier.

Just before you start climbing up you need to cross over a rock avalanche, nothing too difficult but just don’t miss the uphill path which is amongst the stones.

Once you have reached the top you will again be presented by amazing views this time down to the Rhone Valley. Here you will find a junction of many Valais hiking paths coming up from the valley floor.

view from the top down to the Valais Rhone Valley
Impressive view from the foot of Pierre Avoi down to the Valais Rhone Valley

You are now pretty much on the foot of the Pierre Avoi. Whilst you climb up the rather steep path look for Edelweiss flowers. Not only between the rocks but also on the grass. 😉 Do not pick them they are protected. Just enjoy them and you can tick off your bucket list “things I want to see, an Edelweiss flower” 

edelweiss flower and Pierre Avoi in Verbier
The beautiful edelweiss with the Pierre Avoi in the background

You may also see climbers ascending the surrounding rock walls to the summit of the Pierre Avoi.

climbing Rocks at Pierre Avoi in Verbier Valais
Amongst the Rock Climbing walls at Pierre Avoi, Verbier Valais

Climbing to the Top of Pierre Avoi

It is here where you could summit the mountain top. The path is maintained with ladders and chains. In 2019 the mountain guides from the region have made it a pretty safe climb up with a brand-new step ladder and also the chains have been better secured all the way to the top! Thank you for this 🙂

But still we voted against bringing our twins up there. It is nice enough at the bottom and there is not a lot of room at the summit. I felt that it would just be too stressful to have an eye on them whilst trying to enjoy the view.

Should you opt to climb up to the top it will only take you a further 10- 15 minutes. So, you could always alternate whilst someone is staying down with the kids and try to find some more Edelweiss.

The photo below is the summit of the Pierre Avoi and it clearly shows the limited space. From where we’re standing there is a drop down to the valley floor.

top of Pierre Avoi Verbier
On The top of Pierre Avoi on a sunrise trip

Heading back to the Car or Station

Whatever your choice was, whether to climb the summit of Pierre Avoi or not, it is time to get back to the car or the cable car station.

With smaller kids you might want to be careful as you start to descend down to the Col de la Marlene. There are drop offs which are not protected and they do drop off steeply. Our twins hiked it aged 4, but we had a 1:1 adult/child ratio.

Stop again to take in the amazing views all over and for some more blueberries.

drop offs from the Pierre Avoi hike
You can see here the drop off this hike has.
some explanations from the hike at Pierre Avoi
Before heading back down from Pierre Avoi.

Autumn Vibes at Pierre Avoi, Verbier Switzerland

Another great thing we love to do during the autumn at Pierre Avoi, is to enjoy the golden hours at Col de la Marlene.

Normally during this time of the year the lift system is closed for the break before the winter season in the 4 Vallées, therefore the only way up is by the road in your own car. I have marked it on the map at the beginning of the article if you are driving from la Tzoumaz side. The Verbier road is pretty good visible on the map.

If you make the effort and drive up this is what you get!

family at Pierre Avoi during golden hours
Picnic at Pierre Avoi, Verbier Valais
kids in the golden hours at Pierre Avoi Verbier
Enjoying the golden hours on the plateau of Col de Marlene, at Pierre Avoi, Verbier

Sunrise at Pierre Avoi, Verbier

Another great activity in Valais is to catch the sunrise. And you guessed it, the best place for this is the top of Pierre Avoi, Verbier.

Again you have to drive to the top and hike the summit in the moonlight to ensure you are fully ready to enjoy the awakening of the Valais. Definitely a must do when in Verbier or Valais.

sunset at the top pf Pierre Avoi, Verbier Switzerland
Epic sunrise at the top of Pierre Avoi, Verbier Switzerland
woman enjoying a sunset at the summit of Pierre Avoi
One of the best sunrise spots in Valais is the top of Pierre Avoi, Verbier

Hiking Map for the Tour du Pierre Avoi – Hiking in Verbier with Kids

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive bike route indicator.

Hiking Facts

Location:: Valais starting at the Savoleyres Station Verbier
Length:: 2.5 km in a loop
Level:: easy to moderate hike some drop offs and steep passages.
Ascent:: 190m / Descent:: 190m
Highest point:: 2268m

Good to know

  • There is a restaurant at the Savoleyres station for refreshments. Check their opening times
  • It is not push chair friendly
  • You need to have good hiking boots for this hike
  • As always, bring rain and wind protection jackets

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I hope that the information provided here when you are planning to Hike in Verbier with Kids at the foot of La Pierre Avoi in Valais will prove itself useful.

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below and share your experience, so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries and stories as well.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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