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Winter in Bettmeralp – Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena

guide to Winter in BettmeralpSpending your winter holiday in Bettmeralp will be a holiday in Switzerland you and the family will remember for a long time. Well known as the perfect family paradise in the Aletsch Arena, and there is good reason for this.

As the Aletsch Arena is not far from our home we tend to visit this place regularly, both during the snow season and the hiking season.  Simply because it is outright gorgeous. The Aletsch Arena is in the middle of the wonderful Valais mountain scenery where many of the 4000m peaks can be seen from your window. Find more about the area here

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ski Map Bettmeralp
Credit to: Aletsch Arena Ski Map CLICK ON MAP

Check out our 8 reasons why…

A Winter Holiday in Bettmeralp is “The Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena”

Bettmeralp is Family Friendly

A family paradise needs to be family friendly and Bettmeralp ticks pretty much every box.

Together with the local mascot Gletschi, the variety of family friendly activities and their set up is outstanding. There are many learn to ski areas which are great places to introduce the little ones to their 1st skiing days.

The whole village is covered in snow and this allows you to pop the little ones onto a sledge and off you go. No need to carry all the skis to the lift stations, whilst the kids are moaning that they cannot walk in their ski boots etc.

Most of us probably have a very good understanding of how difficult, stressful and discouraging it can be to bring the whole family skiing. But winter in Bettmeralp is different and this brings us on to our reason number two why it is “The Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena”

family skiing in Bettmeralp
Family Friendly Bettmeralp in the Aletsch Arena

Bettmeralp is Ski in & Out

There can be different meanings for some ski domains when they write “we’re ski in – out”. For us, a proper ski in – out from an accommodation means that you can click into your ski’s at the front door of your chalet or hotel and off you go for an epic ski adventure.

Same when you return from the ski piste, I expect to ski back to the door without much effort. And this is exactly what you can expect from most of the Bettmeralp accommodation. Simply perfect, effortless and fun. You ask yourself if it is not dangerous to ski on the road? And here we arrive at our reason number three of why winter in Bettmeralp is “The Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena”

Boy skiing close to accommodation in Bettmeralp
True Ski in & Out in Bettmeralp Aletsch Arena

Bettmeralp is Car-free

The Valais Village of Bettmeralp at 1970 metres above sea level is car free.
There are only a few snowmobile taxis’ with snow tracks plus a couple of emergency vehicles which are allowed to drive on the snow-covered roads. And they are paying attention to all the skiers, sledges and little kids having fun in the middle of the snow path.

You may need to be a bit more organised when packing your family bags as everything needs to be transported in the cable car from the valley floor in Betten up the mountain.  Luggage trolleys are available at the large Betten Talstation which makes this an easier manoeuvre.

Bettmeralp Mountain Village Car free
Beautiful Bettmeralp is car free

Bettmeralp is Picturesque like a Fairy Tale Village

When you are riding up with the cable car to the winter village Bettmeralp you will quickly realise how insanely beautiful and picturesque the whole Aletsch Arena is.

No matter whether you are in the charming village or on top of the ski domain, the views are breathtaking. And I am sure you may have to pinch yourself a few times during your holiday, just to realise that yes, the views are real.

And did you know, that from pretty much all over the Aletsch Arena you can see the mighty Matterhorn in Zermatt! But not only the surrounding view of the Valais 4000m peaks is out of this world, beautiful Bettmeralp has many cute and authentic village features giving the real alpine holiday feeling. And when covered with over a metre of snow it really makes you feel like you have entered a fairy tale village.

And here we are at another reason, why Winter in Bettmeralp, is “The Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena”

images of the village Bettmeralp
Picturesque images of Bettmeralp – Aletsch Arena

Bettmeralp is Snow Sure & Sunny

When you are planning a winter family ski holiday in Bettmeralp there is one thing you are hoping for and that is the snow, right?

Otherwise it would not be a fun winter holiday. The Aletsch Arena is pretty much a snow sure winter domain. Therefore, you do not need to start thinking of what should we do if there is no snow, but more on how to build an Igloo, a snow unicorn and the cutest Olaf ever. On top of that Valais is one of the sunniest places in Switzerland and with over 300 sunny days a year you can pretty much be sure that you will need to pack the suncream as well.

Sunny village of Bettmeralp
Part of the Aletsch Arena in the beautiful sun and covered in snow

Bettmeralp has plenty of NON-Skiing Outdoor Activities

And you will also need the suncream whilst having some family fun on the sledge run Mossfluh-Bettmeralp.

We love a good mix of winter activities when on holiday and not just the skiing. Bettmeralp gives you a great choice for that. Why not ski in the morning and in the afternoon show off your skills along one of the sledging runs in the Aletsch Arena?

Or maybe even a romantic winter walk, yes even on a family holiday you can have a romantic walk. There are 70 KM of cross country, snow shoe and hiking trails waiting to be explored. And a winter in Bettmeralp experience is only complete if you have walked in your snowshoes along the most amazing ridge path the “Aletsch Gletscher Gratweg”. And just like that here is our reason number seven, why Bettmeralp is “The Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena”

Boy hiking the Aletsch Grat Weg
On the Aletsch Grat Weg in the Aletsch Arena

Bettmeralp has The Great Aletsch Glacier

The Great Aletsch Glacier is also called the Greatest Glacier of the Alps and quite rightly so. The highlight of your winter in Bettmeralp is to stand at any of the 4 amazing Glacier Viewpoints and just marvel at the beautiful glacier in front of you.

The Great Aletsch Glacier in Valais and the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Berneese Alps provides epic scenery. To reach the viewpoints head up to Eggishorn, Moosfluh, Bettmerhorn or Hohfluh, each of these viewpoints provides a slightly different view of the glacier.

Your kids will talk about this glacier for a very long time as it is super impressive to stand so close to it.

woman standing at view point to Aletsch Glacier
Standing at the Aletsch Glacier View point

Bettmeralp is Easy-Family Skiing

Bettmeralp in the Alestch Arena also carries the name of “Perfect Family paradise in the Aletsch Arena” due to its easy ski slopes.

There are a great variety of blue and red runs which allow you to have a good mix. And at the end of your holiday why not try one of the black runs if you and the family feel up to it. If you have some freestylers in your group, then they will have fun in the terrain parks, half-pipes and there is even a big air bag jump, where they can practice all their tricks. For the advanced skiers there are enough free-ride runs and off piste terrain to get the “feel free” sensation whilst skiing in the Aletsch Arena.

Bettmeralp also offers night skiing under floodlights once a week.

kids skiing in Bettmeralp
Easy family skiing in Bettmeralp

The Aletsch Arena

areal view Riederalp in Aletsch Arena
Riederalp side of the Aletsch Arena

Besides Bettmeralp, the Aletsch Arena includes the following villages; Riederalp, Mörel-Filet, Lax, Fiesch, Fieschertal and Fiescheralp.

However, the ski domain is made up of three ski areas, Riederalp, Bettmeralp, and Fiescheralp. Together they offer 34 lifts and over 104 kilometers of prepared slopes. Riederalp and Fiescheralp are also car free villages, offer beginners areas and have outdoor snow play areas to get the most fun of your winter holiday in the Aletsch Arena.

There are 2 additional sledge runs in addition to the Bettmeralp sledge run , with the 12km Fiescheralp-Lax run being the longest one. Although be aware, this fun run brings you all the way down to the valley floor.


night view in Bettmeralp from hotel
Our beautiful night view from the Panorama Hotel

Where to stay in Bettmeralp

Now this is a difficult choice to make, as all chalets and hotels have beautiful views and most of them are in great locations.

I would say make sure you can ski-in and out of your accommodation without having to first walk uphill. It just makes the whole experience easier and more relaxed in the mornings, when the whole family can just click into the skis and go.

We stayed at the Hotel Panorama which is smack bang in the middle of Bettmeralp overlooking the play area, beginners ski slope and the most beautiful chapel you have ever seen, the Maria zum Schnee Chapel.  On our arrival in Bettmeralp our luggage was collected by the hotel taxi which allowed us to hit the slopes straight away. At the end of the day we skied to the Hotel Panorama and retrieved our belongings from the reception

A perfect stay for our one-night adventure in Bettmeralp.

How to get to Bettmeralp in the Aletsch Arena

By Train
As you do not need a car during your holiday, you might also consider arriving by train. There is nothing easier then that. The train stops right at the Betten Talstation where the cable car awaits and brings you and the family in 9 minutes up to Bettmeralp.

By Car
On arrival at Betten Talstation you will find a large car park. Some places are outside, some are undercover but the price is the same. From here you take the large cable car up to your holiday destination, the Bettmeralp in the Aletsch Arena.

Good to know:

If you have a GA or a half tax card the Aletsch Arena cable car is part of the SBB railway system and therefore you will get the normal reductions as published.

Here you find the SBB time table and more information

girl standing above the clouds in Bettmeralp
Above the clouds in Bettmeralp – Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena

Tips & Suggestions

    • I have written here more about Bettmeralp, as I feel everything is nice and close together and convenient for families with smaller kids.
      But should you not find in Bettmeralp what you are looking for, also check out Riederalp and Fiescheralp Stations. Maybe they appeal more to you. Truth is, the whole Aletsch Arena is insanely beautiful.
    • I have not mentioned it before, but Bettmeralp also has an indoor swimming pool which for sure is always a plus point on any family holiday in Switzerland.


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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Winter in Bettmeralp – Family Paradise in the Aletsch Arena

If I have left anything out, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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