family sitting at Crêt-du-midi in Vercorin Valais

Vercorin in Valais – The Ideal Family Mountain Escape

Are you an outdoor loving family?

Then the mountain village of Vercorin in Valais Switzerland, is the perfect family mountain escape for you.

Vercorin in Valais – Val d’Anniviers – offers everything you could wish a Swiss Alpine Village to give you on your family holiday in Switzerland. It is without a doubt a local’s insider tip and beautiful memories can be made in Vercorin which will last forever.

In our video clip below, I have collected several clips from our different visits over the years. You will notice that the kids are growing up during the video 🙂 Enjoy it!

Swiss Hiking & Activity Map 


Why is Vercorin the Ideal Family Mountain Escape?

We consider Vercorin in the Val d’Anniviers our neighbours, but it still makes us feel miles away when we visit.

Why is this? Maybe it is the village beauty or simply the different views over the Rhone Valley and beyond. It does not matter really, fact is that we love visiting Vercorin in Valais and so should you.

Nestled high up on a more or less hidden plateau at the edge of Val d’Anniviers, the Valaisanne village of Vercorin can be found.

Arriving by Car
If you are driving then be prepared for a winding road from the Valais floor to the mountain village Vercorin.

Public Transfer & Cable Car
Vercorin can also be reached with the comfortable Chalais-Vercorin cable car in just 7 minutes. These 7 minutes of stunning views along the Valais Valley are an experience of their own. There are direct transfers from either Sion or Sierre train station to the cable car.

Our Favorite things to do in Vercorin in Val d’Anniviers

Reason number one on why Vercorin is the ideal family mountain escape is simple;

It is a lesser crowded family resort, and this alone should be reason enough why Vercorin is the ideal family mountain escape.

But if you would like me to tell you a bit more about Vercorin then keep reading. Here are our other reasons on why we recommend to visit Vercorin in Valais.

  • Vercorin is an authentic Valaisanne Village
  • The door to Vallon Réchy, which is a perfectly-conserved nature reserve in Vercorin. It offers many backcountry adventures.
  • Sweeping views from the top mountain station at Crêt-du-Midi at 2,332m altitude. Marvel at some of the Valais 4000m peaks, and across the Rhone Valley as far as Canton Vaud and the Bernese Alps.
  • Family friendly accommodation is available in Vercorin
  • Activities ideal for families with kids of any age are proposed in Vercorin and in Valais.
Girl marvelling at the view at cretics du midi in Vercorin
Admiring the breathtaking view at the top of Cret-du-Midi in Vercorin

Visit Crêt-du-Midi at 2,332m Altitude – Vercorin Valais

If you only have a short time to visit Vercorin, I highly recommend to find the time and at least head up the Crêt-du-Midi. Believe me you will not be disappointed.

In the village of Vercorin, next to the SwissPeak Resort is the cable car station where you also find a large car park. Enjoy the ride, marvel at the 360°view and send me a thank you message 🙂
At the top the kids can run around at the play area with natural obstacles, whilst the adults are in awe.

Most days you can observe the hang gliders and the paragliders starting their magnificent flights. Beautiful to watch, or maybe you would like to try a tandem flight?

family sitting at cretics-du-midi in Vercorin
View in to Vallon de Réchy from Crêt-du-Midi in Vercorin
boy at the natural play area at Cretics-Du-Midi in Vercorin
Play area at Crêt-du-midi in Vercorin Val d’Anniviers

Hiking the Marmot Trail in Vercorin

At the top of the Crêt-du-Midi you will find the start of the Marmot Trail which leads you down to the middle station Sigeroulaz in Vecorin.

An easy downhill path traversing alpine meadows forest clearings, with educational panels and games ensuring an easy and fun family hike. You and the family will discover the secret life of the marmots whilst in other areas everybody can try some fun games, such as the giant skittles, throwing hula hoops and more.

The path finishes at the mid-way station of Sigeroulaz from where you can take the cable car back down to Vercorin. Count a good 2h or more for the trail especially if you are planning to do all the games a few times.

Oh yes, the Marmots, You need to hike it during the morning hours to have the chance of seeing them. But even if  you cannot hike it during the morning, don’t worry, you may be lucky and still see some and if not, the hike is a lot of fun anyway.

kids on the marmot trail in Vercorin
Great Family Trail along the Marmot path in Vercorin – Val d’Anniviers

Testing our Skills at the Adventure Forest Park in Vercorin

The end of the Marmot Trail passes through the amazing Vercorin tree park called “Adventure Forest”

We stopped and there were a few adventure routes our kids could try. The team there are very helpful and parents are permitted to climb with their kids.

Lucas did not like the very high one but together we managed just perfectly. For the older kids and adults more advanced routes are available and all routes have zip lines to enjoy.

You can easily spend the day up at the Adventure Forest in Vercorin.
There are refreshments and some simple snacks available to purchase.

Family at the adventure park in Vercorin valais
Amazing Adventure Forest in Vercorin Valais – Val d’Anniviers

Scooter Down from Sigeroulaz to Vercorin

After your marmot hike and/or the Adventure Forest the fun continues. At the cable car station rent a scooter and ride back down to Vercorin

We have not done this as the kids were too young. They needed to be 10-years-old and it is not allowed to be two on one scooter.

It looked fun and we will surely be coming back when the kids are old enough. We have done it in Elm last year with the kids, one scooter for two. It was super fun.

cable car station Sigeroulaz in Vercorin Valais during a sommer day
The Middle station Sigeroulaz in Vercorin Valais – Val d’Anniviers

Where to Stay in Vercorin?

Most of the time we’re not staying overnight, as Vercorin in Val d’Anniviers is close to our home. However, during one of our visits, we had the pleasure and chance to be hosted by Val d’Anniviers & the SwissPeak Resort in Vercorin.

Our first experience of staying in any of the SWISSPEAK Resorts was great. The hotel is situated right at the main lift station which makes it the ideal location for winter skiing and summer adventuring up to Crêt-du-Midi in Vercorin.

The SWISSPEAK Resort Vercorin consists of 5-stories, offering 101 typical and modern apartments ranging from studios for 2 people to apartments for 8 people.
In the current situation (Covid years) this is the ideal choice of family accommodation. The SWISSPEAK Residence also offers a restaurant, a wellness area with sauna, hammam, and jacuzzi. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you like to see it, children are NOT allowed in to the wellness area.
Here you can check out another SwissPeak Resort this one is in Meiringen.

But they do have their own kids play room.

Vercorin valais Swisspeak resort
The Swisspeak resort in Vercorin Valais , Val d’Anniviers

 Hiking Map for the Marmot Trail in Vercorin

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

Hiking Facts

Location:: Crêt-du-Midi,  Vercorin.
Length:: 3 km one way
Level:: easy T1– hiked with kids age 4
Highest point:: 2332 m
Ascent with cable car 🙂 / Descent 457m

Good to know

  • To see the marmots best to hike it during the morning
  • Fun games & educational panels along the trail
  • Make sure you have good shoes
  • Restaurant at the top of Crêt-du-Midi
  • Not stroller friendly

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your visit to Vercorin in Valais  – The Ideal Family Mountain Escape.

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Note: We have been invited to visit Vercorin & stay at the SWISSPEAK Resort by Val d’Anniviers – Thank you for this again.
As always, my readers can be sure that we will always express our views and enthusiasm here.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore
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