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The BoBosco Trail – In The Beautiful Verzasca Valley

pin to the hiking guide BoboscoThis family theme hike in the Verzasca Valley is, without doubt, an amazing family activity. It’s called the BoBosco trail.  You need to purchase a wooden ball and along the hike there are 11 different obstacles/constructions to use the ball.

Sometimes it rolls over wooden beams and into tunnels, whilst on other structures it is floating in water and being pushed by the current.

Any hike is great when there are some activities on a trail. The BoBosco trail in the beautiful Verzasca Valley in Ticino is easily one of these.

The kids could not walk fast enough to the next obstacle and loved the whole interaction. To be honest, we adults loved it as well. It has given an extra touch to an awesome family hike in the Verzasca Valley.

For your info, BoBosco = Boccia al bosco (ball out of wood). The wooden ball is a good “orange size” sphere made out of chestnut wood. This tree is seen all over the Verzasca Valley and Ticino in general.



Where is the BoBosco Family Theme trail in Verzasca Valley?

This playful hike along the Verzasca Valley runs from Brione-Verzasca to Lavertezzo.
You can see on the map below which comes from the BoBosco Website directly, the 3 sections where you can start or finish, should for any reason you and your family not be able to hike the full BoBosco trail in beautiful Verzasca Valley. By the way it is not pushchair friendly nor are bikes allowed.

the bobosco trail map
The Bobosco trail map from their website

What to excpect from the Family BoBosco Trail in Verzasca Valley

This beautiful trail leads you through the Verzasca forest always following the crystal-clear water of the Verzasca river.

Not only is this a fun family theme trail, but its beauty also attracts photographers and nature lovers alike.

We hiked it late October 2020 which made it a natural spectacle with all the autumn colours. The blue of the Verzasca river just made it so beautiful and left us in awe in many areas.

family on the bobosco theme trail in verzasca
Amazing views along the BoBosco Theme trail in the Verzasca valley

The late time of the year helped as well with the number of visitors.  All along the BoBosco theme trail we were the only family that played the BoBosco obstacles. Having said that, there were some other groups on the trail as well. However they walked it mainly from Lavertezzo up the valley in the opposite direction to us.
This has allowed the kids to let their BoBosco ball roll several times on some of the obstacles without disrupting others.

trail along the bobosco theme trail in verzasca
Just how beautiful is the Theme Trail along the Verzasca river

As it was already late in October there where some places within the trail that were wet and slippery. We just needed to tell the kids to slow down every so often and not run all over. It is not a hike where you need to encourage the kids to walk, that is for sure.

girl walking the bobosco trail in Ticino Verzasca
Spot the amazing wooden hut in the trees, one of the Bobosco Obstacles

How Best to Hike the BoBosco Family Theme Trail in Verzasca

The hike starts in Brione Verzasca and the route leads to Lavertezzo, where the famous Roman bridge Ponte dei Salti can be admired.

If you do not want to hike it there and back, it is best to first leave your car in Lavertezzo and take the bus to Brione. Or, like we did you can also shorten your hike by 900m and start in Ganna.

If you choose this option, you need to purchase the wooden ball beforehand, as there is no sales point in Ganna.

images along the family Bobosco theme trail
Different stages along the BoBosco Theme trail. Hike Verzasca, Ticino

Our Suggestions & Tips

We actually arrived between the bus times, so we opted to drive to Brione. Here we collected  2 Wooden Balls from the Automated Machine (7.- each) next to the Ristorante Piee and drove back to Ganna, where there is a car park right next to the road and trail.

The reason why we did not hike the 1st part was because of the sun. We knew that at 12 noon the sun will be behind the mountains in the Verzasca Valley (late October). So, we hoped that if we skipped the first part we would actually make it to Lavertezzo where we have planned to photograph the Roman bridge whilst the sun is still shining.

Insider Tip

If you are that early, you could also first stop at Lavertezzo, admire the bridge, Ponte  dei Salti most probably alone or with only a few people before heading to Ganna and starting the hike. This would maybe also fit nicely with the bus times.

Ponte dei salti Roma stone bridge in Lavertezzo
Ponte Dei Salti, The famous Roman bridge in Lavertezzo

Along the Family Theme Trail In Verzasca, The BoBosco Trail

Apart from the 11 obstacles, you can also find different picnic places. Some have fire pits some just offer a table in a beautiful setting.

You will also find places where you could go close to the riverbeds. Should you hike it during the summer months, you may even want to give your feet a fresh cold bath. But keep in mind, the Verzasca valley is buzzing during the summer, and you will, 100% not be alone on this hike.

I strongly recommend to hike the BoBosco trail off season and not on weekends if somehow possible.

Don’t miss the big labyrinth board on the hike. It is a bit down from the path on your left side. Let me know if your family managed to pass the BoBocco to the end. We did not achieve it. 🙂

kids playing at the bobosco trail in Verzasca
One of the fun activities during the BoBosco Trail

Near the beginning we passed a deer enclosure. The deer, to the delight of the kids were friendly and came close to the fence to say hello.

There is a place, more to the end of the theme trail (photo below) with a large BBQ station, fire wood and many wooden beams carved to make your own BoBosco street. When we got there, we thought at first that the whole section was broken. But realised quickly that this was not the case. Let your imagination run wild and build some amazing passage ways for your BoBosco.
A place where you could easily spend hours and have a good family time.

A picnic place in the Verzasca forest
Large Picnic and BBQ place where the kids can make their own Bobosco street

Suggestions & Tips

  • Park your car in Lavertezzo and take the bus to Ganna or Birone to start the hike. This way when you finished your car is waiting for you and you do not need to negotiate the bus back to your car, when the kids are maybe tired.
  • Make sure you have your BoBosco. On the map you can see where they sell it. If you are during the off season you might only get it in Tenero by the Tourism Office or in Brione at the automated machine. The Ball is 7.-.
  • There are BBQ stations along, so bring your sausages and marshmallows.
  • Probably best to avoid this Family Theme Hike in Verzasca Valley, The BoBosco Trail, during peak seasons and weekends!
different point along the Bobosco trail
Along the Beautiful Bobosco theme Trail in Verzasca, Ticino

Something To Remember

During the autumn months you will only have sun during the morning along the Verzasca Valley. We started our hike late October at 9.30 in the glorious sunshine and finished at 12h in Lavertezzo with just enough time to click some sunny pictures of the Ponti dei Salti Roman Bridge and Lavertezzo.

Hiking Map for the BoBosco Theme Trail in Verzasca Valley, Ticino

How the map works: Click on “Learn More” to get to the full map layout with profile and interactive route indicator.

NOTE: This map shows you the complete trail. We started the hike at Km 1.4 by the Ganna Parking lot.

Hiking Facts

Location:: Verzasca Valley Ticino
Length:: 5.7 km, The complete trail. You can skip 900m easily.
Level:: easy – hiked with kids of 5 years old but skipped the 1st part
Highest point:: 1891 m
Ascent 79m / Descent 79m

Good to know

  • Payable parking lot at Lavertezzo, Ganna or Brione.
  • Not push chair friendly nor are bikes allowed on the trail.
  • Toilet facilities at Lavertezzo close to the bus stop and opposite the parking area (see on map)
  • Check where you want to buy your BoBosco and make sure this particular sale station is open. During low season some of the stations may be closed. Best at the Automated machine in Brione or in Tenero Tourist Office.

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning your Family Theme Hike in Verzasca Valley, The BoBosco Trail.

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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