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Meiringen – Hasliberg, The Perfect Winter Resort in The Jungfrau Region

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You are planning to visit the Jungfrau Region in winter, but are there to many choices and you are getting overwhelmed?

Maybe we have the perfect answer for you. Why not consider Meiringen – Haslital together with Hasliberg which is part of the Jungfrau Region!

Meiringen – Haslital is characterized by its family-friendly label, the diversity of its sports and leisure activities, but also its attachment to traditions and culture.

During the winter months the Jungfrau Region is well known for its amazing skiing. Meiringen – Hasliberg holds its own on the list with the other resorts in the area; Grindelwald, Wengen and Mürren Schilthorn also lie within the Jungfrau Region.

A stay in Meiringen allows a visit to the Jungfrau Region on a lesser budget. Meiringen – Hasliberg offers the amazing views of the famous mountains like the Eiger, lots of family friendly activities including great skiing, sledging and snow shoe walks. There is just simply nothing missing up at Meiringen – Hasliberg mountain domain and the price is right.

Where is Meiringen – Haslital & Hasliberg?

Nestled between the Brünig, Grosse Scheidegg and Grimsel Passes, the village of Meiringen is part of the Jungfrau Region in the Bernese Oberland. It stretches out along the sunny Haslital valley and lies to the south-east of Lake Brienz.

To understand the Jungfrau Region a bit better and where Meiringen – Hasliberg is situated see the interactive map below.

Winter map of the Jungfrau Region
Overview of the Jungfrau Region Map Credit to Jungfrau Region Swiss
View to lake Brienzersee from Meiringen - Hasliberg Jungfrau Region
View down the Haslital to Lake Brienz from Hasliberg

About Meiringen – Haslital

Meiringen is a charming small village within the Jungfrau Region. It is known not only for the beautiful winter /ski domain at the Hasliberg but also for two interesting things.

Firstly, is the Meiringen Meringues

Yep the chewy sugary dessert, but the Meiringen Meringues are anything else than chewy, they melt in your mouth. They are without a doubt the BEST Meringues I have ever eaten and my daughter confirms the deliciousness of the Meiringen merinuges. She is a small connoisseur.  Sorry La Gruyere 🙂

After reading a bit more into why Meiringen is famous for its meringues, I found out that it is actually the birth place of this dessert made with egg whites and sugar. And apparently it was an Italian chef named Gasparini who invented meringues somewhere in the 16th -17th century in Meiringen.

To try them out head to the local Bakery Frutal on the Meiringen main road. But be warned… they are delicious!

Secondly, Meiringen & Sherlock Holmes Fans

It is here where Arthur Conan Doyle killed off the famous detective at the nearby Reichenbach Falls, which is another great place to visit in the Jungfrau Region.
There is a great museum dedicated to Sherlock Holmes in Meiringen. Therefore, if you are one of his greatest fans, do not miss it.

The museum was closed when we visited due to the pandemic situation in winter 2021, but we did still find another way to bring out our inner Sherlock Holmes.

And this was with the “Krimi Spass”. A path around Meiringen where you need to solve a crime. All you need is a phone and some internet connection. The path is guiding you through the back streets of Meiringen which allows you to discover this beautiful Village.

section of the krimispass walk in Meiringen with the family
On the Krimi Spass walk in Meiringen-Haslital

The Restiturm in Meiringen

Whilst on the “Krimi Spass” path after the beautiful church you are head up towards the cable car station. A large playground awaits the younger family members and it is well worth a stop.

From here, instead of walking back down to the village main road, we made a detour to the Restiturm. The views from the top of the tower over Meiningen are beautiful especially during the golden hours. And because of its beauty, I recommend to visit especially as it is not that much further. Plus, the kids will love to feel like a princess or a knight 🙂

view over Meiringen in Jungfrau Region
View over Meiringen from The RestiTurm

Other Things to do in Meiringen

Again, it was due to the pandemic a lot of the indoors activities where closed, but we did see that Meiringen is a great sport village where you can find an indoor skatepark and also a climbing hall. All great family activities when the weather might just not be ideal for the snow sports.

Meiringen – Hasliberg Winter Resort In The Jungfrau Region

The Hasliberg ski resort in the Jungfrau Region, which stretches on the slopes between the Planplatten, Glogghüs, Hochstollen and Chingstuel mountains, is very popular with families. It offers great skiing for advanced skiers but also has a great variety of easy blues.  Furthermore, you will find different kids play sections to amuse the little skiers over the ski domain.

With an altitude of between 1080-2433 meters, Hasliberg offers 60 kilometres of slopes all connected with 20 lift systems.

kids skiing at Hasliberg Jungfrau region
Fun ski day at the Meiringen – Hasliberg resort

You can get to the ski domain directly from Meiringen Village with the cable car which for sure is the better option especially if you are staying in Meiringen. Another option would be driving up to Halsiberg Reuti station.

As we’re living in the 4 Vallées Ski Domain in Valais, it is always great to ski on some new slopes and get to know other resorts.

We were amazed with all the untouched “off piste” there was and untouched powder was still to be found at 12 o clock. Just magical! We wished to know the domain better, as it looks like there is some cool away the piste skiing to be done.

family having a ski break in Meiringen Hasliberg
Lunch break in paradise Meiringen – Hasliberg

But none the less, it has great on piste of course and there is a great mix of steep and narrow with long and wide slopes. We even found a freestyle park which of course was loved by the kids.

If you are a beginner you would like the Bidmi area which is right in the middle of the ski area.

Ski schools and beginners’ slopes will help you to enjoy a fantastic ski day in Meiringen – Hasliberg in the Jungfrau Region.

Meiringen -Hasliberg Ski Map in the Jungfrau region
The Ski and Winter hiking map of Meiringen – Hasliberg :: Photo credit Meiringen-Hasliberg

Meiringen – Hasliberg Sledging & Winter Walks

When we visited it was just after the whole of Switzerland had received an amazing quantity of new snow, and it certainly looked like the Meiringen – Hasliberg got a fair share of it. Throughout the Hasliberg there are alpine huts dotted all over, and it was amazing to see them completely covered and even buried in the fresh snow.

It has provided a lot of picture opportunities for sure.

The ski domain is not that large so why not swap your skis with a sledge and some warm winter boots one day during your winter holiday in Meiringen – Hasliberg?

winter images of Meiringen - Hasliberg in the Jungfrau Region
Winter Wonderland in Meiringen – Hasliberg

To get the most out of your sledging or winter walk we recommend the following route. You can check it on the map above.

  • From Meiringen head up with the cable car to Reuti. Then to Bidmi where you stay seated and finally arrive at Mägisalp.
  • It is here where our 1st sledge run of the day started. The surrounding vista is breathtaking and what we liked a lot is the ease of the run. When sledging with kids there is a lot to consider, but we can truly say the run down to Bidmi is fantastic.

ATTENTION. Near the end of your sledge descent and before reaching the station of Bidmi, you arrive at a junction where to the left is Bidmi and to your right is the path which brings you to Lischen lift. Walk along this open path, marvel at the vista and you may even see the Eiger in the distance. It is not a long walk but this way it allows you to then ride back up to Käserstatt and slide down the 2nd sledge run.

A perfect combination which does not involve a lot of walking and most importantly very little uphill walking. 🙂

  • The sledge run from Käserstatt to Lieschen has one section which is a bit steeper than the Mägisalp one. But as always, if in doubt, walk it.

We enjoyed both runs and the views all the way to Lake Brienz were stunning.

Both of these runs are also beautiful winter walks. When we visited there was no need for snowshoes but maybe better check with the Meiringen – Hasliberg tourist office directly whether it would be better to bring some or not.

family walking and sledging in Meiringen - Hasliberg the Jungfrau Region
enjoying a winter day in Meiringen – Hasliberg in the Jungfrau Region

Walk to Winterlücke, Jungfrau Region

Local Tip: We were not able to do this due to the lack of snow when we visited (end of season). It would have been possible to hike to the Schlittelbeizli Winterlücke without the sledge, but also the weather on our last day started to change and closed in.

However, I have been told by Meiringen – Haslital Tourism that this is a real MUST DO!

You can reach Winterlücke by hiking up from Hasliberg Reuti. It is 3km and will take you about one hour.

 Or if you have the liftpass for the Meiringen – Hasliberg ski domain, you may want to follow our plan.

  • Go up to Bidmi with the lift system and then walk-sledge down to the junction where the path takes you on your left to Winterlücke. ( See ski map)

This way you omit the uphill hike and get another sledge run in. For sure more fun for the family.

I have been told that the view all the way to the Schlittelbeizli (small Restaurant) Winterlücke is stunning. And the photos we have seen clearly show the same.

A shame we could not make it to the Winterlücke as a nice Swiss Fondue would have been the ideal meal to finish our amazing stay in beautiful Jungfrau Region Meiringen – Hasliberg!

Well we will keep this for next time, and if you have walked up to Winterlücke before us, let us know how it was in the comments section below.

Good to know: If you do not have a lift pass and don’t feel like hiking up, there is apparently an alternative. You can comfortably order the toboggan taxi on +41 33 971 66 33. 🙂

winter landscape in Jungfrau Region
Beautiful winder landscape in the Jungfrau region Meiringen – Hasliberg

Where to Stay in Meiringen – Hasliberg

We were hosted by the family friendly SwissPeak Resort in Meiringen Village. It was perfectly situated and only a 5 min walk from the lift station. We could leave our skis at the hotel ski locker room at the cable car station, which meant we didn’t have to carry our gear back and forth. Read full article.

There are other accommodation possibilities up at Hasliberg direct, such as the Hotel Panorama or even the Hotel Reuti which are next to the ski lift. But we liked being in Meiringen village as it has given the opportunity to walk around the village after dinner.

snow covered alpine huts in Meiringen and the SwissPeak resorts

Our Thoughts on Meiringen – Hasliberg, Winter Resort in the Jungfrau Region

From the beginning until the end we had a great time and felt the resort is boosting out friendliness. We felt super welcome and on top of it all Meiringen Hasliberg is in a stunning setting within the Jungfrau Region.

Yes, we’re a skiing family but we enjoyed our half day of sledging and walking as much as the one and half days skiing. Although the ski resort is not one of the larger ones in Switzerland, there is still plenty of runs to discover and as I have mentioned in the article, if you know the domain better there are some great powder runs and tree adventure runs to be discovered.

What we saw of Meiringen during this short time has impressed us. A laid back pretty village with a lot of sports facilities. The location of Meiringen is perfect to visit neighbouring resorts within the Jungfrau Region or even head down to Interlaken or Lake Brienz.

Will we be back? That is a big YES! We are even planning a summer trip 🙂

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I hope that the information provided here will prove itself useful when planning a trip to Meiringen – Hasliberg The perfect winter Resort in the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland.

If I have left anything out or you have a question, please ask your questions in the comments below so that other readers can join in the conversation and benefit from your queries also.

Note: This visit was in collaboration with Meiringen – Haslital  – Thank you again.
As always, you can be sure that we will express OUR honest views and enthusiasm here.

Thank you & Never Forget to Explore

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